Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The New Labour Liars!

It is becoming increasingly clear that the NoLab Cabinet are bereft of ideas. They are groping in the dark for soundbytes which may or may not improve their prospects of re-election. It seem to be obvious that the finance of the UK has been destroyed by NoLab purely for their own political purposes.

They have given away huge sums of money to unproductive, committees, trusts and quangos for the past twelve years. All of these NoLab cronies have been rewarded magnificently for their support in ensuring that the ideas of NoLab and Europe are endorsed.

The trouble is that the employment of unproductive people destroys the economy and that is where we are today. People like Ed Balls, Alan Johnson and of course the unelected Peter Mandelsson try and convince us that they are on top of the problem. We all instinctively know that they have lost the plot. Even the Governor of the Bank of England is squealing like a stuck pig when he tries to square up our economy with the NoLab spending plans.

They have not got the money folks! We are broke! NoLab have bankrupted the country. Even worse they won't let anyone examine the books. In twelve years they have ruined us for a political ideal. The British economy deals with vast sums of money because we pay huge taxes. When the truth finally emerges I dread to think what we would like to do with Gordon Brown/Alistair Darling/Jack Straw or Tony Blair.

One day the truth will finally emerge even through the several layers of concrete which constitutes the brain of the average Trade Unionist and when it does...I will book a cruise to ...well anywhere really!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Iran and Armed Services Day

The situation in Iran could be getting serious. It is clear that the Iranian public did not vote for a strictly muslim regime (who would?) but have been cheated out of their victory. So who do the Iranians pick on as the weakest nation in the west? Well they had good reason after their 'victory' over the Royal Navy a couple of years ago where we had the dismal sight of young kids crying live on TV.

So who do we have to front up the Iranians... David Miliband! Do you know the sight of him wringing his hands and talking about their actions being 'indefensible' etc etc made me realise just how impotent we have become. All of these countries know that our real fighting troops have been deliberately tied up with the fatuous war in Afghanistan.

We have no defence left! Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ensured that when they involved us in unwinnable wars. They have committed the British Army to a war in Afghanistan which we can never win. We have been tied down in this impossible task which the generals have acquiesced to by their pursuit of knighthoods and pensions.

The generals allowed the NoLab government to close the military hospitals and did not protest over the lack of suitable equipment. They committed their men to impossible tasks. Subsequently the cream of the crop are either being killed and crippled or are leaving the army in droves to save their family lives. Many former soldiers are living on the streets mentally destroyed.

Yesterday we had 'Armed Services Day' which of course was ignored by this desperate government. They just allowed to to pass by and if it had not been for local actions then the day just may not have happened. I served with the colours for almost 30 years but I would have great reservations about committing to this lot of charlatans. However, what did our Generals do? Yeah they watched their knighthoods and peerages and in the main they too ignored 'Armed Services Day'.

If ever a government hated the services it is this crowd. If he could, Gordon Brown would destroy them because he fears that they may have the capacity to unseat him one day. Yeah... with the right leadership! Once again we need leaders and we used to get them from the forces.


I watched some of the political programmes today with a kind of detached disinterest because I believe that we are all in limbo. We have a government which is probably the most unpopular in history clinging onto the last vestiges of political power before they are forced to hold an election.

We have a Prime Minister who every day seems to come up with yet another soundbyte which everyone ignores because we have heard it all before. Today we had the Mr and Mrs Cooper show because both Ed and Yvette were wheeled out to attack the Tories. The problem is that they just ramble on with the same old dogma which we have all heard before. They refuse to answer questions and turn every question into a tractor statistic just quoting meaningless figures which nobody can be bothered to check.

Then they continually blabber on about the things that the Tories won't do! It is just rubbish politics that no intelligent person would consider credible but they continue to treat the British public as idiots (perhaps they are better informed than me). Maybe this type of nonsense does resonate with the public but I still doubt it.

So another day passes, another day when we grow deeper in debt, another day when people pour through our undefended borders and another day that we lack any form of government. So we heard the balls from Ed and his wife Yvette but I tell you what we heard more sense from Tommy Cooper than we did from this pair!

Friday, 26 June 2009


I get the feeling that a lot of people have passed me by ever since I took the radical step to support the BNP prior to the European election. I don't regret my writings because I still believe that the Political Classes need opposition and I really think that extreme politics is a solution.

The BNP got a lot of support in the local elections but when push came to shove UKIP won the day at the European elections because they found more candidates and the public mistrusted Nick Griffin. I have to concede that since those elections Nick Griffin has not come across well.

The BNP should never become a white only party. That is just as ridiculous as the racist 'Muslim Council of Great Britain' or the 'Black Police Officer's Association' both of which should be banned. That is of course the crux of the support for the BNP. The white working class (for want of a better name) feel that these racist 'black' groups should not be tolerated. They see that the immigrant communities are receiving preferential treatment and yet they have to sit and wait their turn for public services.

Every other culture has a voice but not the people who need it. We have to sit back and watch our taxes disappear into the oooloo! There are people who arrive into this country and are allowed to feast off our taxes without any redress.

The BNP will always have support until the Political Class realise that one of the so called 'Westmonster Three' decides to include the indigenous population in their plans and instigate a proper immigration plan. NoLab appear to be incapable of any form of constructive planning. If you brass off the electorate then you deserve to lose the election.

In the meantime Mr Griffin, you attracted a lot of voters with your common sense policies on Europe and immigration... however you must drop your white only crap because quite frankly this is not the 1980's and there are many people who are here legally who agree with you in all bar one that one crucial issue.

Andy Murray

On 03 Sept 2008 I blogged that Andy Murray was a foul mouthed brat who would one day win Wimbledon. I emphasised that he was the real deal because he didn't give a stuff for public opinion. Since then so much has changed and of course I don't know the details but I suspect that his girlfriend Kim Sears has been whispering in his ear!

The former foul mouthed brat has cut his hair, smartened his appearance and learned how to deal with the media. Win, lose or draw Wimbledon this year young Mr Murray is now the role model that we need. Make no mistake this young man is the best that we have ever had. In the highly competitive world of modern professional tennis Andy Murray is right in the mix to be the best in the world.

How he copes with the expectation, the horlicks that the British press write and the adulation is a wonder to behold. There appears to be a character flaw with so many of our young sportspeople. They cry far too easily! They whine at every setback, every bad call and every unfortunate circumstance...but not Andy Murray...he fights and everyone knows it.

The Scots are not known for their competitive instincts. They generally fold easily but Andy Murray is entirely different. He has become a great player and yet he may not win Wimbledon this year. I think that he will but I cannot even contemplate how any of our leading sportspeople can cope with the horrendous British mainstream media.

He may not win this year but one day he will win again and again!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gordon Brown and The Economy

Hot on the tail of my blog yesterday the Governor of the Bank of England has also warned that we are sliding into unprecedented debt thanks to the incompetence of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling.

I remember blogging well over a year ago that if Gordon Brown was not the 'prudent' Chancellor that we had all been brainwashed to accept then the country could be in for a lot of trouble. Despite this he refuses to countenance cuts in public expenditure when it is clear that we cannot afford to maintain the wastage in our public services.

I suspect a five year old could save billions if public services were run on sensible and economic lines and not on party political survival mode. The Tories should have a field day but if what the Governor of the Bank of England has warned then it may still not be sufficient. In ten years this country has been socially and econmically ruined for political ends.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Economy and Gordon Brown

A new Speaker (who seemed to do quite well) but the same old Punch and Judy Show. This PM's Question Time is a waste of time because Gordon Brown doesn't get the concept. He should try to answer the questions instead of immediately launching into his pathetic oft repeated mantra blaming the Tories for the problems of the country after he has been at the helm for so many years.

It is clear that we cannot, under the current financial burden continue squandering the finances of the country as NoLab has been doing since they came to power. It is now clear that we have a real problem because of the policies of Chancellor Gordon Brown and PM Gordon Brown. His much vaunted reputation as a prudent Chancellor is in tatters.

We must cut public spending; that much is patently obvious. It is how we cut it that is important. We have been wasting public money on political objectives and this must cease. The country is more important than party politics. Gordon Brown has ceased to maintain the confidence of the public. He is ruining the country and yet nobody is demanding his resignation. Once again party politics is ruining the country. It is about time that the residents of Westmonster get their act together to save the country.

Tony Blair

I have always had one real desire since I began this blog. I want to see Tony Blair in court on the charge of war crimes. I don't actually think it will happen because he sure knows how to protect his arse but we are getting much closer to him.

The forthcoming Iraq enquiry is being forced into the open. It is ridiculous because we all know what happened and who was responsible. The problem arises in compiling irrefutable evidence. When Tony Blair was PM he seemed to excel in impromptu meetings where minutes were a rare luxury and parliamentary scrutiny something to be avoided at all cost.

The result was that we were dragged into a war which was frankly preposterous. It is always devastating in the military community to lose soldiers but to lose them for no good reason is a scandal. For the PM and a few close cohorts to plot a war behind closed doors purely to appease an American President is a disgrace. To falsify the evidence required to go to war is criminal.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Rubbish or Garbage!

The Daily Mail is campaigning against the wheely bin expolsion on our streets. They are indeed a monstrosity which are actually unnecessary. I cannot believe that our local councils are making this such an issue. I suppose that it is because they are only really responsible for waste collection. Everything else is now the responsibility of Westmonster or Brussels.

So what do we get for our money? We have to sort out our own rubbish. We have to decide which coloured bags contain which items and if we are wrong then we could be charged under some obscure offense which the NoLab government has introduced to gain more money.

Why can't we do what they do in Spain or the Canary Islands? It is so quick, clean and effective. They have public collection points at the end of each street. Everyone bags up their rubbish and then delivers it personally to the collection point. Everyone knows their responsibility. It is easy! It is so easy that our local councils cannot introduce it probably because it would rob them of income.

By the way the rubbish 'banks' are cleared out overnight, silently and effectively. So, so, simple and yet beyond the comprehension of our authorities. Destroy the wheelie bin and then make the citizen responsible for the delivery of their own rubbish.

Monday, 22 June 2009

John Bercow

So now we know that our new Speaker is John Bercow which of course means that in political terms the whips have won yet again. All the predictions were that the NoLab whips were whipping for a Tory purely because he was disliked by the Tories!

He is not a well liked MP. He has the reputation of being a chancer. I do not know anything about him but I just keep getting the whiff of conspiracy. Once again the two party Punch and Judy show seems to have won the day.

They are incapable of being impartial and objective. I cannot tell you why John Bercow is a bad selection but I just instinctively know that he is. Time will tell!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ayatollah Khomeini

Iran is a country in turmoil and the people know how to protest. Their protest against the engineered election results is magnificent and brave. Those people know that if they continue their peaceful protest they could and probably will be faced with an armed response. In other words they could be killed!

The esteemed Ayatollah yesterday accused the British government of being 'evil and treacherous'. Well hell I never, ever thought that I would agree with an Ayatollah but in this case he is bang on the money. Not for the right reasons of course but why bother with semantics.

The Ayatollah is trying to justify the electoral injustice in Iran but then our 'evil and treacherous' government is only trying to justify theft from the public purse.

So in Iran they face death when they protest. What do we face? We face apathy, cowardice, embarrassment, ignorance but as yet nobody will shoot at a protestor in England (give it time). If we do not get out onto the streets and close down London then I am sorry things will continue as they are. We are being treated as fools and of course we are fools.

I really admire the Iranians. You have all seen the pictures. If we do not take back our country from the EU and NoLab then we will all regret it. But then we all live such comfortable lives so we leave it to others. We do not yet have Muslim clerics telling us that we are 'evil and treacherous'. Give it time folks give it time!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The National Community Service

I have been waiting for a 'big' idea from Gordon Brown or any member of his Cabinet ever since he postponed a planned election so that people could see his 'vision' for the country. Now we know that the last thing that Gordon can claim is vision. He just has no imagination. Every week he trumpets the same mantra which he will parrot until the next election. Every pore of his body is tribal, vicious and predictable.

So let me give him a big idea. We have currently millions on benefit who are not contributing to the economy. Many school leavers think it is their right to leave school and sign on. They have no responsibility, no ambition, no commitment and crucially nobody expects it from them. More are desperate for jobs but cannot find them. Many are amazingly graduates who have no life experience but are desperate for it. Most do not have parents who can send them on 'gap years'.

Now imagine a National Community Service...any person claiming benefit must earn it. It would be run by service veterans... those people who have been wounded in action or served a decent number of years with the colours. Brave enough to face the Taliban and therefore brave enough to face down the scallies.

Anyone on benefit would report to the NCS where they would be put to work according to their capability. There are some fine people on benefit and they could be put to work serving the community. Those doing an exceptional job could be recommended to the local Job Centres for accelerated promotion into full time employment.

We would have a national army of people who could, if well organised (don't leave it to NoLab), be a huge asset to the national economy. They could earn their way to a trade, but more importantly they could clean graffiti, clear waterways, keep streets tidy the possibilities are limitless but...it needs organising!

Now what part of organisation does NoLab understand? Frankly nothing because none of them understand anything about organisation. They only do politics which means either wrecking the economy or blaming the Tories for wrecking the economy! If they put this proposal into the hands of say the British Legion then just perhaps we would get the level of national organisation that this project requires.

It would mean that if the sick, lame and lazy want to be paid from the public purse then they would have to get up out of bed and earn their money. Nobody would skive from the NCS. The veterans would ensure that the people who earned their benefit also got preferential treatment when jobs came on offer.

This proposition has unlimited potential. It could be developed and expanded to encompass so much of our national heritage. For example it would not include those who should not be here. They would be excluded from the NCS but then they should not be claiming at any rate.

Come on you politicians give us some hope for the future. Tell us that you understand our problems. The NCS would create jobs nationally for those who deserve them and would also uncover so many other underlying problems. For example the real dregs of our society would be required to get out of bed and report to the NCS. No report ...no money! It would save the public millions but then it is difficult to imagine the response from Westmonster.

Time that I copywrited this idea I think!

Yet More Sleaze from Westminster!

Listening to TalkSport on my way home this evening I hear that the Daily Telegraph are revealing that dozens of MPs have claimed more Council Tax on their expenses than they actually paid! How low can they get?

It has also been reported that the CPS has given the police the go ahead to investigate the activities of certain MPs with a view to criminal charges. Please excuse my cynicism but have we not seen witnessed this bluster before. Remember the blaze of publicity which accompanied Yeates of the Yard when he was arresting people for the cash for peerages issue.

I still do not believe that anything will transpire from this because once they start their investigations then it could lead to anyone and everyone at Westmonster. Spot the Freudian slip I typed Westmonster and decided that it was appropriate! There are some very prominent parliamentarians who should be investigated (not least Tony Blair who charged the public to shred his expenses)but I think they will escape. The Westmonster machine will ensure that strings are pulled, old school ties are brandished and favours are called in.

Only the expendable will be sacrificed at the altar of public opinion. Those who know where the bodies are buried will as usual slither onto the next election.

What a Day!

It had been a difficult day. I received a new modem in the post which allowed me, after a few problems, to get on line once again. Then our electrician arrived to sort us out a new aerial which caused some disruption.

Then suddenly everything changed! My son rang to announce triumphantly that he had achieved his aim of a 2/1 Degree in Law. Since he began his quest with, at that time, little support outside of his aim to change his life he has had to conquer many obstacles.

To achieve his goal he had to first attend foundation courses to qualify himself for university. He did this as a lorry driver living in a one bedroom flat in the East End of London. Once he gained his place he moved to Edinburgh where he got married and then along came a daughter. To pay the mortgage he had to drive through the night and study during the day.

Things got worse when the credit crunch arrived as the work dried up. He has therefore also struggled financially but today it all came right. Not only did he get his degree but he also got his first job with his degree. He has pulled out a real plum which I know he is really suited for. He has, at long last, got a career path and a future with a pension.

The Meldrew family are absolutely delighted for him! He has really earned his big break and I think that the mistakes in the past will benefit the Edinburgh public. I will not divulge the job but suffice to say that some of the less considerate members of the Edinburgh public may have a shock in store.

Well done son we are all so proud of you!

Lightning Strike

Last Monday we were hit by a lightning strike whic knocked out the electricity for a whole row of houses. In the Meldrew household we lost the TV, the Skybox and the modem. It brings it home hard how reliant so many of us are on the Internet and if you are interested in sport then Sky is also a must.

In the meantime so much sleaze continues to emanate from Westminster that the poor place now resembles a sewer! I don't know how our democracy will ever recover. NoLab have so corrupted our political, judicial and administrative systems that nobody can be trusted anymore.

The sheer gall of the blackened out 'published' expense claims and the extent of the fraud is far beyond ignorance and error. It is clearly criminal and should be treated as such but then who can we trust in the police? Who would have the courage to bring prosecutions? Who has sufficient stature to stand up for the rights of the public.

I blogged last month that I had only discovered one MP who had not been 'at it'. The rest appear to be guilty of degrees of contempt for the public. Some have been somewhat indiscreet but the vast majority which includes all three party leaders have taken advantage of a system which allowed them to exploit the public purse.

Paying back the money in hindsight does not exempt them from the original act.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Anna Ceska

Anna Cheska is eight years of age. She arrived in England about three years ago and her father works for Loughborough University. He is Rumanian and her mother is Russian and when little Anna arrived here she spoke little English. The local school in their wisdom asked my lovely granddaughter Emma to be 'her friend'.

Now we have known the Cheska family through my daughter almost from Day One of their English experience. Boris spoke really good English but Tanya did not and has had to learn. Boris then joined my local sports club where I play bowls and quickly became the club tennis champion.

Anna was first described to me as 'sporty' and I could relate to that because Emma is 'sporty' but that was where the difference left. Anna loves tennis and I once heard her say to Emma that 'I just like to play'. There is nothing pretentious about this little girl.

I then began to hear that my club had a little girl who was seriously good. From another source came the news that Anna was being taken out of school for national training at Solihull! We have all heard it all before.

Last Saturday Boris and Anna came to practice at the same time that I was playing bowls so when I could I watched! I could not believe it! This little girl has got such power and technique that at times she was driving the ball past her father who is no mean player. I apologise to Boris and Tanya (and to Anna)but I just had to be the first to spot such a prodigious talent.

I will be amazed if this lovely little girl does not move forward into the professional rankings and we will all reflect in her glory!

Mass Immigration

On Friday evening I travelled to Leicester for a bowls fixture for the first time in quite a long time. The route we took was through the Belgrave area which for the past 20 years has resembled a journey through Mumbai. It is here that we see the ultimate consequence of uncontrolled immigration.

There has been a subtle difference though. For years the majority in this poor district of Leicester were Hindus and Sikhs but now it appears to have changed and it looks more like Islamabad. The white flowing robes were everywhere along with the beards and the little hats. Obviously they are all hell bent on integration with the British people!

Lord Mandelsson

It is being widely reported in the mainsteam media and on many of the blogs that Lord Mandelsson is now running the country. He has more titles than a book shop and apparently in a very short time he has built up a large inter connecting government department.

He has always been a ruthless opportunist and I was always convinced that the 'men in grey suits' had brought Mandy back to prop up Gordon when they realised that Gordon was in big trouble.

I look at the Cabinet now and shudder. There is not one that I would remotely suggest is honest and competent. This crowd will bring us all down but then we get what we deserve.

Friday, 12 June 2009

He will never learn...

On and on it goes, that is the obscene destruction of democracy in this country by the Political Classes. They were caught blatantly with their hand in the public purse but what has happened...nothing! We are still waiting for any kind of action from the police or even the government.

What else can you expect when they were all flipping and fiddling? We have had our elections but the public allowed the Political Class breathing space. Look at the horror of electing two BNP Euro MPs. Now I recognise that this does sit nicely with some of our citizens who do not need this kind of representation because they have decent jobs, independent means or like me, pensions which are not linked to interest rates, but what about the rest of the population?

Who in this rush to embrace the multicultural society is representing the white indigenous population? It was our country. The working class have nowhere else to go and yet they suddenly find themselves at the back of the queue for housing, jobs, education and health. Then suddenly the NoLab ministers like Harriet Harperson announces measures to ensure that the BNP must admit people other that white people to their ranks. Now I may be wrong but I never thought that this was a policy of the BNP.

These issues have been covered extensively by other blogs like Old Holborn but my beef is that parliament will not debate the themes that we the public want to debate openly without fear. We have young black lads who have been convicted and should be behind bars stabbing people indiscriminately. We have mental patients walking around killing innocent people. Jack Straw should be described as the Minister for Injustice because he ignores the pleas of family after family for justice and continues to preside over a 'rotten' system which rewards criminals for their crimes. He really need to be replaced but of course he supports Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown has stuffed his cabinet with 'cronies' from the House of Lords. It is unbelievably undemocratic. He is proving what we all know about him that he will do anything to cling to power and to renege on the very people who have been his traditional supporters.

Then they wonder that the BNP are getting seats. In my opinion the real wonder is that the tolerance of the British Public and the relentless attack from the controlled media prevented the BNP from getting more seats. The more the government refuses democratic and open debate on the vital issues which affect the British (English) public then at the next election they may encourage more support for the BNP!

Then there is the question of governance by Europe and the question of the Euro and the fact that they won't give us a vote on it. As I said they will never learn. I would hope that they would die at the next election but look what has just happened. A party which was condemned only twenty years ago has risen from the ashes but does not tell us what they would do to give us a better life. I detect that the Tories would actually give us more of the same. We need a revolution but then the young have been conditioned to accept everything that the state will give them.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Justice under Jack Straw

Have you noticed that under the Justice Minister, Jack Straw, there is none, Justice that is! He sits smuggly ensconced as the member of The Cabinet who has probably achieved less that any other Cabinet Minister.

Justice today is a joke. We have immense problems on the streets but the police remain generally aloof from the public. As far as most of us are concerned they do not exist until YOU come under their radar. If they can make money from you then be very careful but if you become a victim of crime then well that is unfortunate but what do you expect the police to do about it. Here is your crime number!

Jails are luxurious. They allow a career criminal a life which they cannot expect elsewhere. The facilities are unbelievable. They are designed quite simply to reward crime. It has been done quite deliberately to cause a breakdown of our society.

How many times have we seen grieving relatives parading before the cameras demanding justice? What happens? Absolutely nothing?

How many times have we discovered that the offenders have (a) been released early (b) not sentenced sufficiently or (c) given the benefit of the doubt! It has become a national disgrace but Jack Straw has no plans to overhaul the system because it is working impeccably if you are hell bent on destroying the country.

Do you know what I cannot believe is that after every hideous murder or stabbing the mainstream media do not pile the pressure on those who are allowing this to happen.
In addition how many times do the perpetrators suddenly become young black males! Oops here we go I have trodden over that invisible line which says that multiculturalism has been good for us! I am sorry but we should have the right to point the finger at the problem.

Public Expenditure

There appears to be a row brewing about public expenditure. It certainly cropped up at PM's Question Time where 'Mugabe' Brown appeared to be criticising the Tories for their attempts to curb public spending. Let's face it we must rein in public spending but that is only half the problem. We must monitor where the money is being spent and on what.

Under NoLab it would appear that they have just thrown money at any problem that arose and yet no attempt has been made to monitor where the money has gone. It has been frittered away on meaningless political gestures which according to good old 'Mugabe' is proof that he is 'getting on with the job'.

He quotes NoLab's huge public expenditure like a badge of honour as though it cannot be denied, it is sacrosanct and it must be maintained. This is much the same as the huge expenditure on foreign aid which even the Tories claim is 'ringfenced'.

It is patently obvious that with the debt that this government has accrued public expenditure will have to be curbed before we run out of money. We must get really mean with public expenditure so that people are accountable. NoLab has always spent public money wildly. It is a tradition where, like Robin Hood, they redistributed wealth generally to themselves and their cronies.

The most important question that 'Mugabe' Brown has to answer today is - what have you done with all our money?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What is happening to us?

Every day the state of our society seems to hit rock bottom. There are events happening on a daily basis which thirty years ago would have been earth shattering but today we have been brutalised to such an extent that we do not question the judiciary or the government about their part in this catastrophe.

Recently a pregnant woman was randomely stabbed to death by a passing 52 year old! Do not tell me that this person was not known to the authorities as a danger to the public. I will eat my glasses if we do not discover that he has been released from some sort of institution.

Now a nursery worker has been arrested on child pornography charges. The real shocker is that she is a woman! Good God where do we go from here? How can the families of the children who attended that nursery feel. What can they do?

We are living in a country which insists on controlling sex education to the very young. Most parents do not know what is being implanted into the minds of their kids. The result has been an explosion of child pregnancies, young girls are being exposed to a knowledge of the sex act without any explanation of the responsibilty of child care. This is of course all under the umbrella of the 'Ed Balls department'.

The government has supported an explosion of unwanted children. The government has supported the plethora of same sex alliances. If people want same sex partnerships or marriages then that is their business but I do not feel that this should be force fed to kids under ten years of age. That is a perversion that they should discover later in life. I know that some people are different and I respect that. There are same sex partnerships all over the country and always have been but it is not the norm. Let's live and let live but I really object to my granddaughters even thinking about it.

Our society is in danger of anarchy. Yesterday elected representatives were unfortuntely attacked by people funded by NoLab. Everything that is rotten in our society can be traced back to Gordon Brown. He is our problem!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Derby County

This blog has become something far more serious and political than I ever envisaged. With that in mind I want to lighten things a little. My real passion over 60 years has been Derby County and I tell you what that is a test of loyalty.

We now have American owners and to be honest they do not seem to have the wealth of other American owners in the big league. Derby County are because of their amazing support and their facilities amongst the top twelve clubs in the country. The supporters are paramount. They spend vast sums supporting their club and they are the heartbeat of Derby County.

We have welcomed into the club 'son of Brian' Nigel Clough and he obviously has very strong ideas about the direction of the club. Despite some of the best support in the country Derby are not in the game of big prices. Nigel obviously believes that there are players in the lower leagues who can advance. He is signing players from the lower reaches but one has to ask are they the people who will take us into the Premiership? His Dad did it because he discovered Roy McFarland, Archie Gemmill, John McGovern and Roger Davies. Can his son do it? Only time will tell.

The People have Spoken!

One of the worst betrayals of NoLab was the refusal to allow the people a vote on the European Union. The reason that we never got a vote is that we are an independent, spirited country and these federalists knew that intrinsically we would never vote for foreigners telling us what to do. Despite our instincts, our loyalties and our so called democracy we were railroaded into this unholy alliance.

Since that time our democratic principles have been consistently and constantly revoked. We are a pawn in the hands of a few people called the European Commission in which a nonentity, an unelected female called Catherine Ashton, is our sole representative courtesy of one person, Gordon Brown.

We have all recently voted and we are now sending 72 candidates to Brussels. It is an interesting mix because if the Tories stick to their election promises (if) then the majority of our Euro MPs are not in agreement with the federalist grouping. We are sending in a bunch who are going to challenge Europe and it needs doing.

NoLab and the LibDems are happy to tuck their forelocks to their European masters but to their credit the Tories are looking elsewhere. UKIP and the BNP would pull out tomorrow so in effect we have 39 Euro MPs elected by us who could challenge the concept of the European gravy train. The BNP will benefit most because they will gain the most massive boost to their campaign fund that they have ever had.

I look forward to the challenge against the European Union. It is undemocratic and fraudulent. They buy off the elected MPs by showering them with unbelievable wealth. I just hope that when Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons arrive then they reward their supporters. I also want to hear from UKIP. I want to hear from Nigel Farage loud and often. He has claimed unbelieveable expenses from the EU and now we want to see him earn them.

Monday, 8 June 2009

A Challenge to Gordon?

There are unconfirmed reports that James Purnell is going to mount a challenge to Gordon Brown. I can only say that it is about time that one of these politicians stands up and prevents 'Mugabe' from destroying their party. It has to be done! They must forget their own positions because they have generally brought it about themselves.

The Labour Party, the 'real' Labour Party before Tony, Mandy and Gordon got hold of it had principles. They represented the people on the streets. They were the party of the people and now they are reviled by the very people who once worshipped them. This is the fault of a very small cabal and the cowards who have allowed them to destroy the party of the people.

The Labour party were wiped out yesterday because they have betrayed their supporters. Gordon Brown and the people who he has surrounded himself with, the liars, bullies and 'troughers' have betrayed the working class. Maybe if they got rid of these awful cheats then the public might just give the Labour Party a second chance.

The architects of the New Labour Project have to be destroyed! Only Labour people can do it. Gordon, Mandy, Jack Straw, the awful Balls pair, Darling, the Kinnocks, McNulty, the Millibands and so on and so on must be sent from whence they came.

If the backbenchers got themselves together and remembered why they joined the Labour Party in the first place then they just might save their ideals. They may lose their seats but they might save their party. They must exhibit courage and win back their party. The question remains, how many NoLab politicians really want to win back their party?

What now for the country?

The electorate has spoken, not always what some of us wanted but they have spoken and what is now crystal clear is that the electorate do not want Gordon Brown and his discredited party. They lost up and down the country and even in Wales and in Scotland which at one time were NoLab heartlands.

It is the white working class who have rebelled because they see their housing and job prospects being intentionally hampered by a political class who seem wrapped up in themselves.

As usual Gordon Brown is hanging onto power for the one reason that he likes the perks. He holds onto power through fear of a General Election. If they get rid of him
they must face the electorate yet again and they all now know what that means. If they keep him the fear of a General Election is postponed for another year. That gives them more time at the trough.

The Westminster NoLab MPs are a craven shower whose cowardice has cost many hard working local councillors their seats. It has always been clear that Gordon 'Obama' Brown is not up to the job. His ambition far exceeded his ability. Now the nation is in a state of paralysis until his time runs out and heaven only knows how much we will be in debt by then!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Well the BNP have now got one seat in Europe thanks to Yorkshire. That is one prediction which came true. If Yorkshire votes that way then what will happen when the East Midlands and the North West results are declared? NoLab have lost Wales! That is almost impossible and it means that only Gordon Brown could lose Wales for NoLab!

NoLab is in meltdown and we all know why. Only the NoLab traditional loyalty is saving the worst PM that we have ever seen. We all realise that this European backed nonsense is unravelling and NoLab are suffering because of it. The public are not stupid. Well most of the public are not stupid.

The BBC are at the time of writing predicting that the BNP will get 2 seats. Hm really?

The European Elections

The top blogger Iain Dale asked his mainly Tory sympathises to predict the results of the European elections which will be announced later this evening. Most of them predicted the BNP as polling four or five per cent.

Eventually an anonymous contributor could contain his frustration no longer and commented along the following lines;- 'The BNP will get only 5% of the vote? That's right shut your eyes, put your hands over your ears and start to sing la-la-la-la-la because if you think that you are in for a shock!'

Out of curiosity I visted the full results section on the Leicestershire County Council website just to see how the BNP polled in my home county and I must admit I was really surprised. All in all over 26,000 people voted BNP and in NW Leicestershire they got a councillor in at Coalville (27.7%). In villages close to Coalville which was once red hot Labour territory the BNP polled 25.9% in Ibstock and 26.1% in Whitwick.

This around 20% share of the vote was not just confined to the Coalville Area it also happened in Enderby, Syston (two wards), Thurmaston, Earl Shilton, Measham and South Wigston. Maybe the Leicestershire electorate will not reflect the voting habits of much of the country but these people are straight talkers who don't like being messed around. I know because I play bowls with them.

Time will tell but I just think that there may be some shocks this evening. I really hope so because if not we have missed a major opportunity to scare the Political Classes witless!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

BNP News

I see that the official BNP web site is hoping for four seats in the European Parliament when the results are announced tomorrow. Forecasts indicate that they may get one in the North West, one in Yorkshire, one in the East Midlands and one in the West Midlands. Only time will tell but they polled quite well considering the campaign waged against them by the mainstream media.

In Leicestershire alone the mainstream media have uncovered 26000 odious/vile racists
most of them living in Coalville formerly a NoLab stronghold. Perhaps it is the impact that the mass immigration has had on Leicestershire which has caused this reaction. As the NoLab government closed down most of the provincial hospitals in Leicestershire most of us have had to travel into Leicester for hospital treatment and then one can really experience the full impact of the mass immigration.

There are areas in Leicester where it is difficult to spot a white person. You can sit in a waiting room at the Royal or the General and feel like a stranger in one's own country. I know that they may be decent people, that many of the excellent staff are immigrant related but has just gone too far!

I am not a racist! Throughout my working career I worked happily alongside people of all creeds and many were good friends. When I was seriously ill my absolute favourite surgeon was Asian and he was a lovely man. I am happy to work and befriend anyone but and it is a big 'but' because the prisons are stuffed with the dregs of the world and we do not seem to have any redress. They apparently cannot be sent home. We have to pay for them to stay in the luxury prisons which NoLab have created for our murderers, thieves and vagabonds.

It is ridiculous but none of the Westminster Three has a plan to reverse the trend. The reason is that we cannot debate immigration or justice. The Justice Minister (Jack Straw) is, as we all know, one of the architects of the New Labour Project which was designed to destroy our traditional way of life.

We need the BNP to keep our mainstream politicians honest. Up to now they are almost the only party which has the power to poll a significant number of votes which can challenge Westminster. Tomorrow I am expecting a large UKIP protest vote but remember they are also a sleazy outfit who generally have acceeded to the EU bribe and grabbed the money.

I really believe that we English are fighting for our ultimate existance because someone, somewhere has a plan to dismantle our culture. I know, I am ignorant but I know what is right and what is wrong. The European Union is evil, undemocratic and we should have nothing to do with it. We are giving billions to other countries and yet when we want a decent pension for our people who fought for democracy they spit in our faces and say that there is no money.

Just remember at the next election when you have a vote that... every day we give £38million to Europe, every year we give £6 billion to 22 other countries including Pakistan, India and China and our MP's award themselves £50 million purely on staff expenses. Our taxes are being squandered on people who do not serve this country.

There is an agenda here that we cannot understand. So many are involved in the rape of our country. The media are complicit, the banks are complicit and worst of all Westminster is complicit. OK don't believe me but just google 'Common Purpose' or the 'Bilderburger Group'and then wise up.

Adolf Hitler could not have done worse than the European Union. We have been usurped by a European group who undemocratically have seized power and now run a huge show which the public don't like but which, certainly in this country, we cannot vote for. Their only opposition in this country is the BNP and that is why they are subject to the constant media harrassment.

If I am wrong I will close this Blog down and disappear into old age. This is my last throw of the dice for my grandchildren. The vote for the Tories in the County Council Elections was the result of media involvement. They know that you and I are sick of Gordon Brown and NoLab so heh presto let's reintroduce Dave and his Tories and you all fell for the con trick.

Nobody reads this blog so let me educate the blogosphere, it does not matter if you vote NoLab, Tory, or LibDem because they are all in the same Euro Club. It is an illusion. It is a con trick. You think that you are voting for a different party but they are all the same. They are pro European Union and the BNP are anti European Union. Go to their web site and look at the comments!

There are no 'Ranting Penguin' comments, none of the diatribe which Guido attracts, no obscenities, no 'c' words of 'f' words on the BNP website. I know that you don't believe me but go and visit because the people on it are actually just like you and me. They are not 'vile' or 'odious' they are people who really want to save their way of life.

Gordon Brown - Delusional!

At long last The Daily Telegraph has outed Gordon Brown as being as bad as any other of the MPs that he criticised when it comes to 'flipping' houses and claiming trivial expenses. I particularly liked the one where a piper turned out at a function in Kirkcaldy and Brown bunged him £30 for his time and trouble. He then claimed it back on his expenses so that we the public paid for his bloody piper! Now I know that the Scots have got a reputation for being mean but that is some mean spirited Prime Minister.

One by one all of his infamous claims are being destroyed. So the one about the expenses scandal offending his presbyterian upbringing has now bitten the dust and resides in the trash can along with the 'no boom and bust' and just 'getting on with the job' claims.

The man is an outrageous liar who is gradually being torn apart by the media and he deserves all he gets. Guido has long thought of him as being delusional and I am afraid he demonstrates the traits admirably. He seems to earnestly believe that he is the only person in the universe who can solve the problems in this country when it is evident that he has caused most of them.

Someone has got to get rid of him!

Friday, 5 June 2009

A Cabinet of No Talent!

I had a birthday today and so it has been a bit hectic. Grandad's birthday coincided with this momentous afternoon when we saw Gordon Brown cause incredulation in the press corps. In between a BBQ and strawberries and ice cream I watched openmouthed as the PM stretched everyone's imagination to the very limit. I watched the press who had been earlier briefed by the PM's henchmen that both Alistair Darling and David Milliband would be replaced in the next reshuffle look on in astonishment as he denied his intention.

They appeared to think that he had totally lost the plot. He just seems to deny the unpalatable truth. He has done nothing since his self appointed coronation and his party is is meltdown. No party in history has lost so many seats in one day. He continues to parrot that, 'People want him to get on with the job and sort out the expenses scandal (which he created)'. Which people? Everybody wants him to get the hell out of 10 Downing Street and disappear up his own backside!

His Cabinet is appalling. We have already spoken about Darling (appears fraudulent) and Milliband (out of his depth) but look at the rest. Jack Straw remains despite attempts by a French family to sue him for his appalling department who caused the murder of two young Frenchmen. Ed Balls fresh from his triumph over Baby 'P' affair when members of Harringey Council followed his set of guidelines which meant that they all failed the little mite.

Lord Mandelsson is apparently now the Deputy PM. The same shyster who had to leave the Cabinet twice before for wrongdoing. Peter Hain returns to the Welsh Office only months after being forced out for running a slush fund to back up his campaign to run for Deputy Prime Minister. Then the appointment that made Iain Dale apoplectic, the appointment of Glennys Kinnock! What kind of progress is that?

If this shower continue then I would not be surprised if the people of this country don't storm Downing Street! It needs to be done. We the people have spoken and yet as in Europe elections count for nothing. NoLab now have no influence at County Council level throughout England. They have no mandate to run the country.

Just in case you think that I destroyed my birthday to watch the politics we all ended up watching SKY news because it was rivetting. I have a wonderful family who I adore and they all know that I care about them which is one of the reasons that I continue to BLOG for sanity. All of my generation know that this country must reject the New Labour Project and return to the values that we in Britain have always espoused.

My dream is that my great grandchildren enjoy the childhood and education that I had which has been denied to my children and grandchildren. I dream that they enjoy the freedom and the confidence in authorities that we once had. Unfortunately as soon as I think that I suddenly see pigs flying past my window!

While the adults watched SKY news my two granddaughters were playing their own game. The six year old sat on the garden swing and was trying to drop kick the eldest eight year old who was protecting herself with a cushion! We should possibly wonder where these two 'gentle' girls get their ideas!

Punch and Judy Politics

It appears that the British public will get what they want, another dose of Punch and Judy politics. Firstly we get NoLab and now we are getting Cameron and nothing changes. We hardly know what David Cameron stands for but off they go like lemmings voting for a party we were desperate to be rid of 12 years ago.

Meanwhile the scale of the NoLab meltdown and the lack of LibDem progress has frankly astonished me! How can the public believe that the Conservative Party are not just as guilty as the others of swindling the public purse. Somehow David Cameron has convinced thousands of people that his moat cleaners, manure spreaders and house flippers were not as guilty as the NoLab cabinet members.

Meanwhile Gordon clings on stubbornly refusing to answer questions from the press at a press conference and doggedly repeating the same old mantra. They will have to pick him up and carry him out of Number 10.

His much vaunted 'reshuffle' collapsed when the two people that he really wanted rid of, Alistair Darling and David Milliband 'refused' to go and he didn't have the courage to get rid of them. All around him Ministers are resigning but on and on he goes even though they have lost (currently) 290 County Council seats. NoLab do not now have a single Council throughout England. To anyone else it would be a catastrophe, a signal from the public that they don't want him but he just doesn't care. In fact he just ignores democracy but then what is new from him.

He has now stuffed the Cabinet with many people of a previous dubious past and has had to turn to the House of Lords to fill the many positions vacant after the plethora of resignations. I look forward to the many challenges from the back benches.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jack Straw

Once again Jack Straw is in charge of an incompetent ministry. Typically he blames the management and just as typically the response is that the management was underfunded. This is classic NoLab administration but when it happens to Justice in this country then it is dangerous and so it has been proven.

Clearly the Probation Service is incompetent and so is the CPS. The shadowy people who make crass decisions about the suitability to release prisoners into the community have once again be seen to be out of their depth. The problem is that they make obscene decision after obscene decision but we never know who 'they' are. They are anonymous and so cannot be brought to book for their mistakes.

Once again the modern Civil Service is exposed as being administratively incompetent. The traditional technique of dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's has been abandoned for young, trendy, mostly female, grinning idiots. They have no idea about attention to detail, sense of priority or even a semblance of authority.

The result is that people are dying horribly because we have people on our streets who have taken advantage of the NoLab policy to free dangerous prisoners onto our streets even though it is clear that they are convicted and lethal members of society.

Make no mistake ultimately Jack Straw is culpable. He has always been useless but he knows where the bodies are buried. He has seen crime rising particularly involving the people we have 'welcomed' into this country. If you have a free for all and welcome unlimited immigation then you will release unlimited crime. They are all laughing at us.

Two young French students were tortured and murdered by people who should have been behind bars. The people who released them should be named and shamed and top of the list should be the useless Jack Straw who has been so culpable. He has destroyed the British democratic legal principals by his allegiance to Europe. He has refused to build more prisons and then refused to abandon the legal system which has obviously failed the public.

Jack Straw should be ashamed of himself because he killed those two poor French boys as sure as eggs are eggs. His policies killed them because they support the criminal and not the victim. We have to change the system!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Reshuffle

Predictions are dangerous because unless you are really in the 'know' then there is a very good chance that you will end up with egg all over your face. That is of course unless you are in the Racing Press who write articles day after day on the merits of horses who ritually fail to live up the expectations of their hopes.

Gordon Brown has a major problem on his hands. He cannot find a Home Secretary! Jacqui has (thank God) followed so many other NoLab Home Secretaries. In fact they have never had an MP who has been able to cope with the office and that is no surprise. The job has always been too big for anyone other than Superman.

He also has two Cabinet Ministers who he really wants to replace but Alistair Darling and David Milliband do not want to stand aside for Ed Balls and Peter Mandelsson. Now this is the crunch because Gordon is a ditherer. He is not a man of courage and so he must choose between the immovable and the intractible. This is what you get if you are indecisive.

I dread to think who we will get as Home Secretary after Gordon's reshuffle because he has few options. This is not a joke appointment it is crucial to the security of the country. He has hundreds of MPs to select from but they are not suitable. Has there ever been a more a greater indictment on the paucity of talent on the NoLab benches.

Everyone knows that Gordon is a loser. They do not want to be associated with him. He cannot have a reshuffle because nobody wants to be shuffled and all those he wants to reshuffle don't want to be shuffled. It is a mess created by indecision and a total lack of leadership.

A Momentous Day - 04 June 2009

Nobody actually knows how the public will vote tomorrow. I actually believe that the NoLabs still have a hard core of supporters who are so entrenched in history and so intransigent that despite all the proof that they have been betrayed they still do not see it. There are also all the people who need to protect their jobs. I still think that it will not be meltdown.

In fact perhaps it will get worse because the only party who may lose votes are the Tories. If the core Labour votes, the boneheads, continue like automatums to vote 'like their father did' and the public take their spite out on the Tories and the Liberals we could have a very interesting result.

Some parts of the country will vote UKIP but they have been discredited because news of Nigel Farage's European expense claims prove that he has to be a suspect politician. The Greens will never get sufficient support and then there are all the new parties like the Libertarians, the Jury Party and many others who have not yet got the organisation to be a potent threat.

This leaves us with the BNP, who are well organised and large enough to field sufficient candidates to challenge. I don't think that the BNP will cause a major upset but they have the capacity to do so. It depends just how deep the public anger has reached. There is just a chance that they will rebel against the whole political class which includes the media who have systematically abused the BNP.

As I have blogged before, the European elections are actually a non event but they are a barometer on just how angry the public are. The County Council elections however have a little more significance because if NoLab are wiped out then there is little connection betwen local government and Westminster. In effect, once again, NoLab will have no support outside of the Westminster 'bubble'. Tony Blair won them their elections and Gordon Brown has destroyed the whole party in two short years!

I have never before looked forward to the results of an election because the public are angry. Just how angry has yet to be revealed!

Catherine Ashton

Catherine 'Who' I hear you ask so I will explain. I am well aware that although there is a huge trumpeting of the importance of the European elections tomorrow they actually have no relevance. You see the only people who have any real power are the 27 European Commissioners and we don't get to vote for them! That is where I found Catherine Ashton because she is the single European Commissioner that emanates from Britain. Her portfolio is European Commissioner of External Trade so in effect, with the exception of the Queen she is the most influential politician that we have.

Well how did she get the job I hear you ask? Simple innit if you follow the Gordon Brown school of democracy HE nominated her to replace 'Mandy' when Peter came back to Westminster. Yes the only person who got a vote was Gordon! I say the only person because with his exception nobody has ever elected Catherine Ashton for anything anywhere. She has never faced an electorate!

She is a mystery woman who has spent her entire life slithering up the pole of power by serving on Quangos and committees. If you read her CV I have never seen anyone sneak her way into power like Baroness Ashton of Upholland. She is one of the Labour 'cronies' that we read so much about that were stuffed into the House of Lords where she 'steered' the Lisbon treaty through the upper house.

She is a fine example of the utter contempt that the EU and Gordon Brown in particular view the democratic process. ELections are after all so tiresome and vulgar!

The Beginning of the End Gordon?

At long ,long, last the Cabinet and the parliamentary NoLab party are standing up against Gordon Brown and in the last hour Hazel Blears has resigned from the Cabinet following the resignation of Jacqui Smith and other prominent NoLab politicians.

I know very little of how these politicians operate but it smells to me of a plot to get rid of Gordon. The Chipmunk has really sunk the knife in his back by the very timing of her resignation. An hour before PM's Question Time and the day before the European and County Council elections could not have been timed worse for the PM.

It could also be a plot by the female side of the party to destabilize Gordon. It only needs Caroline Flint to resign and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they have done him in. Whatever, it is obvious that he has lost control of the Cabinet and the wolves are circling.

If Gordon is forced out then is that the end of the New Labour Project and can we all get back to sanity and proper accounting and accountability. Is it really too much to hope for?

Monday, 1 June 2009


I have been pondering over the problems that we have in this country prior to the elections on 4th June. I have been trying to put my finger on what NoLab has brought to this country since they came to power. I have come to the conclusion that their most telling contribution has been 'secrecy'.

Nobody is ever responsible for their actions. Nobody is to blame. Nowhere can we find a culprit, a poor decision, a dodgy transaction because today, government is a smokescreen. Listen to Gordon Brown, he a master of evasion, he never answers a straight question with a straight answer. He does not understand honesty because if he was ever honest, just for a second, he would have to face the truth.

Beneath him are layers of deceit, obfuscation and greed. It does not matter where we look because behind every corner of NoLab government is a layer of secrecy designed to prevent you from discovering the truth. Nobody is ever elected anymore and even when they are then we are learning to doubt the validity of the vote.

They are earning more from the public purse that any generation before them. The sums are vast and yet nobody ever knows who voted them their pay rises. If you are in the stratosphere then you are there for life. It does not matter how badly you have fouled up because once you are part of this disgraceful cartel then you have it made for life.

What I want to know is who selected these people and why? As a member of the public who coughs up the taxes to pay their wages then I would like someone to answer these questions. 'Mugabe' says that he wants to reform the system that he helped to create. The problem is that he specialises in secrecy.

We the public should vote/be informed of every major appointment which carries a salary of over £100,000. We should know why the high earners are earning their vast salaries. We should see their CV's their experience and their suitability. I don't care about the private sector but I do care about the public sector. It is reported that the management of the NHS has burgeoned out of control. This government has thrown money at the public sector to buy votes.

This is a tactic used by the European Union and it has been adopted by NoLab. It has been widely reported that the MEPs have had money, unlimited money, thrown at them. They have been coerced to keep them onside. Bribe them with enough money and they will not ask too many questions. 'Mugabe' learned the tactic from Mandelsson but the problem is that they have been outed by the 'patriot' who gave the Daily Telegraph the disk.

Now we all know what is happening so what do we do about it? Clearly we cannot abdicate this responsibility to the political classes but who supercedes parliament. In this country we actually only have one person who is neutral of politics and who is trusted by almost everyone. I just wish that Her Maj would speak openly about the state of the nation. I know that there are conventions but these are extraordinary days. This government is ruining the economy of the country because of their policy of bribing their supporters.

It is naked corruption but then we will only rid ourselves of it when we have total transparency. That is what we should be voting for on 04 June so if you can find a party who advocates it then please support them. The European Union is a corrupt, undemocratic, unaudited abysmal assembly of thieves and vagabonds supported only by thieves and vagabonds like Brown, Cameron and Clegg. Vote for change!