Saturday, 10 October 2009

Tony Blair

I don't know why Tony Blair thought that it was appropriate that he should attend the Service of Remembrance held yesterday following the end of the Iraq War. If I had been one of the injured soldiers or parents of fallen soldiers I would have reacted exactly the same as the father who refused to shake his hand.

We now know that Blair has been accused of committing perjury in the House of Commons. His interpretation of some dodgy intelligence caused us to follow George Bush into Iraq for regime change (and probably some dodgy business deals as well).
Our troops were despatched to war ill-equipped with no plan for peace.

I suspect that the Blairs are rapidly becoming one of the most hated couples in the country. Most of us would happily see him desptached to The Hague to answer charges of being a war criminal. Instead we are likely to see him fill his boots yet again when he is appointed President of Europe.

A president of Europe who would hardly dare set foot on any street in Britain is a very poor advert for the European Union. I just really hope that sometime, somewhere events will catch up with the Blairs because they have milked every situation for their own ends. One day, one day.....

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