Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine Flu!

Every now and then, usually when a government has problems, along comes a pandemic. They are created by governments who have a problem. We have heard it all before. You know I remember Asian Flu, Bird Flu, and all these other flu's which always seem to come along when governments need breathing space.

It is very interesting that the couple from Falkirk who apparently brought the disease into the country were seen tonight to be returning home. They had flu' they may even had a virulent strain of man 'flu but they are alive and well.

Come on! What is going on? It is yet another political scare to divert us from the reality that encompasses this country. We have been driven to believe that we are now on level FIVE and yet there are only what... 12 cases!? Shit! Man Flu is a serious issue, we really suffer but it is not yet a pandemic case!


One of the blogs that I follow is written by 'Old Holborn' who apparently has ambitions to become an independent MP. His blog is really worth a visit even though he is aligned to 'The Ranting Penguin' school of blogging (you know lots of foul language). Personally it doesn't offend me but I don't include it here because my family read my blog and it is not necessary.

He did highlight an anomoly which shames our democracy. The Westminster Three, you know the NoLab party, The Tories and the Lib Dems, have stitched up the tax system so that only parties who can gain at least two seats in Westminster or if you have one seat then you must have at least 150,000 voters before you qualify for tax exemption.

Nice One!

Who is running the Country?

I watched the House of Commons TV channel this afternoon, in between visits to the World Snooker championships, how sad is that? Having said that it was an interesting debate because MPs were speaking who normally never get heard. It became quite clear that many of the MPs are extremely frustrated by the performance of the front bench NoLab members.

Speaker after speaker gave the impression that many of the MPs are frustrated at the antics of front bench spokespeople who were all, of course, absent from the proceedings. Where were they all? I get the feeling that this country is just lurching into oblivion.

NoLab MPs like Frank Field have complained that there is no programme of legislation. The public can see that the economy has been ruined because this government cannot divert from the New Labour Project by reigning back on government expenditure. The excesses of this government continue unabated even when we have a 'global' threat to our economy.

On and on it goes but there is a chink of light on the horizon. After 38000 people, more than ever before, demand the resignation of our PM 'Crash' Gordon, on a Downing Street Website, there is possibly a move by a former Cabinet Minister to challenge him. There is a rumour that a 'stalking horse' candidate is about to emerge. How long will it take them before they challenge the guy who has really no moral authority to run the country (so Badly).

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gordon Brown

The petition on the Downing Street Website asking Gordon Brown to resign has now reached over 30,000 and is the most visited petition ever on this website. No doubt his response will be to either gurn or throw a Nokia.

The bully boy and his henchmen have been exposed. It is unlikely that any other politician will ever be able to threaten a political party so severely that they can bully their way to power.

Today many of his own have at long last voted against him. The case for the Gurkhas has exposed the New Labour Project for what it is. The Marxist plot to destroy our country has at long last been outed. We have been flooded by any person who wants to arrive here and claim benefits (like Doctor Hook) but when legitimate asylum seekers like the white Zimbabweans or the Gurkhas then problems occur.

This is of course how the New Labour Project works and now we can all recognise it. Even at Prime Minister's Question Time it reared it's ugly head. If you have no cultural, ethnical or religious affinity with this country then you are welcome. The cost of bringing up your children will never be questioned because we owe you an opportunity to change our country. It will not matter who you are or where you came from because from now on you will vote New Labour.

However, if you have always supported the British people, if you have a cultural affinity with the British people, if you have lost your farm/job/career then whoops awfully sorry old boy but you are toast! You are not the type of person we want in this country because that is not what the New Labour Project is all about.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks. The BNP are not under physical attack for nothing. They are the only party trying to oppose the New Labour Project and the people who support the New Labour Project (Marxist thugs) know it. In the forthcoming European Elections to be held on 04 June do not waste your vote on the Greens, UKIP or the Lib Dems or any Independent. If you really want change then vote for the only party who seriously want to make a difference- VOTE BNP!

Justice at Last!

I could not believe that the Westminster crowd suddenly became ashamed of their government and a sufficient number of them found a conscience. A bit late in the day perhaps but better late than never. After sitting through the PM's shameless excuses during Question Time I think that most of us were disgusted.

Once again however, David Cameron gave Brown an easy time and it was left to Nick Clegg to become the lead attack on the Gurkha issue. I really have never had much time for Clegg but this time he bared his teeth and was very effective as Brown was left to repeat and repeat his lame excuses and lies about NoLab's policy regarding the Gurkhas.

Nowhere did he confess that the problem had only occurred after the Chinese took back Hong Kong. Prior to that the Gurkhas were allowed to remain in Hong Kong. When that ceased they had nowhere else to go unless they went home to a very poor country.

Full marks to Joanna Lumley for taking the lead role in the fight. She was splendid as were all the people who flooded the 'Politics Show' with E-Mails before and after the scenes in Parliament. Middle England have clearly had enough of Gordon Brown and the 28000 who have, so far, signed up on the Downing Street Website petition to see him removed is proof of that.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gordon Brown

He really has to go. The debate around the blogs which includes some of the Labour supporting blogs focusses on Gordon Brown who has proven himself way out of his depth. They just cannot agree on how he should go. The problem is that if Gordon goes then inevitably the Tories will force a general election.

Most people agree that it doesn't matter when the election is held because NoLab will be hammered. I personally believe that they have underestimated the NoLab political machine. So many people depend on the NoLab government for their jobs. Even in the relatively ignored local elections the Labour support has been holding up. It is actually unbelievable that so many people can disregard the performance of this hapless government and still vote for them but... if your job/benefits depend on them then is it any wonder?

In addition the Muslim community appear to have aligned themselves to the New Labour Project so don't presume that New Labour is dead. I believe that NoLab have plans to corrupt a General Election. The postal vote scam should be monitored very closely indeed. This has caused real concern in Scotland where questions have been asked about the validity of the Glenrothes By-Election.

Gordon Brown has no shame. He is without doubt the worst PM ever imposed on Britain.
He was never elected. He was returned unopposed, on the resignation of Tony Blair, because he had a team around him (McBride etc) who frightened off all the cowards.

Gordon Brown has been described as being 'psychologically flawed' and frankly that is being mild. He has demeaned the office of Prime Minister. He has surrounded himself with blaggards and he has wrecked the Labour party. If we have any members of the Labour party left who have the principles that my father had then they should demand his resignation. Come on you cowards get rid of this imposter!!

The Real Racists

The race row currently being acted out in Birmingham has once again turned the racial spotlight on the NoLab party. They preach political correctness and equality but most of the nastiness emanates from the heart of this Gordon Brown led party.

I find it astonishing that the Muslim who insulted the white, Jewish, potential candidate has not been forced to resign his membership. He is of course denying that he told her that she was 'too white' and that the electorate would not accept a Jewish candidate even though she has a witness to their telephone conversation.

I do find is strange that so many Muslims appears to have aligned themselves with NoLab. Perhaps for many their lack of a democratic background attracts them to a party which practices so many of the 'black' arts of politics.

They eventually found the perfect candidate for this position, she was female, black and South African. How very New Labour!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Really Stupid!

I sometimes wonder what planet some of the cabinet are on. They are either unbelievably arrogant or just really stupid. Take the Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell who has been tipped for some of the top jobs, he left a flat which he and his girlfriend had occupied in such a disgusting state that the landlord withheld his deposit.

Now ordinarily that would be bad enough because surely nobody in office wants a reputation that he is a slob but in the case of Mr Purnell it gets worse. You see the NoLab types claim for everything and anything and of course he had claimed well over a thousand pounds for cleaning which clearly had not been spent on cleaners or cleaning. Now that is really stupid. Perhaps he spent it on the red wine which according to the landlord had found its way onto the walls of the flat.

Details of the expenses that some of these MP's have been claiming are soon to emerge. The advance rumours suggest that some of them are so scandalous that By-Elections may result caused by resignations of embarrassed MPs. If that is the case I would hope that prosecutions would also follow.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Gurkhas

Like most people I am ashamed that the Gurkhas have not been given preferential treatment regarding immigration and access to the NHS. I have long since held the belief that there are elements within the Home Office who have an agenda which is not shall we say of benefit to this country.

For years we have seen people encouraged by any means possible to enter this country even though they have no cultural, religious or ethnic link with this country. It has been a clear policy of trying to destablilize England in particular by allowing mass immigration. We have seen people from countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan all being allowed to circumnavigate our entry laws and take up residency.

Now the very people who have probably been our most loyal allies, soldiers who have earned the highest honours for valour and spilt blood for this country are ignored by this shameless government. Full marks to Joanna Lumley for supporting this cause but it does illustrate that somewhere at the highest level, there are people close to Gordon Brown who are trying to ensure that our culture, our heritage and our national identity are destroyed.

If ever you had any doubts that we are being threatened by forces close to this government then the case of the Gurkhas have proven it. It does not pay to have proven your loyalty to the British cause.

Why won't they sue Peter Oborne?

For the third week in succession Peter Oborne the Daily Mail political columnist has challenged the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the Employment Minister Tony McNulty to sue him. He is referring to them as 'thieves'. It is his contention that they have stolen money from the public purse that they are not entitled to.

It is unbelievable that a employee of the Daily Mail can openly accuse the Home Secretary of all people of theft and get away with it. She has to respond and if she doesn't then she has to resign. It is quite obvious that Peter Oborne is backing her into a corner because most of us think that she has taken advantage of the weak regulations governing MP's expenses.

If Jacqui Smith feels it unwise to sue then of course that presumes guilt. I am amazed that Gordon Brown has not pointed that out to her...but then no I'm not because none of this lot have any shame.

VMB's Election Poll

After a blank week last Thursday there were two local elections at Erewash and Redbridge this week. Once again it only demonstrated how confused voters are at the moment. In Erewash NoLab managed to persuade their core voters to the polling stations and to my utter astonishment almost 700 people think that NoLab is still worth their vote. I suspect that most of them owe their jobs or their immigration status to the government.

In Redbridge the Tories won comfortably but once again NoLab managed to pull out almost 700 voters. This tends to suggest that, despite the performance of the government, the idealists still believe the socialist dogma. It is frightening!

The big loser is these two elections were the BNP who failed to make any inroads in either of these constituencies. Once again UKIP polled miserably in the only election they chose to fight. It appears that despite not getting a vote on Europe, despite the horrendous cost to the taxpayer, despite the EU never passing an audit the public have been so brainwashed that they continue to vote for parties who support this mish-mash union of countries.

These are the updated figures:-

Tories 25.14%
NoLab 24.41%
LibDem 19.49%
BNP 16.66%
Ind 6.8%
Greens 5.42%
UKIP 2.3%

Remember these figures are based on how people have actually voted in the local elections since the beginning of the year. They are not the result of polls conducted by people who have a vested interest in promoting political parties.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Social Services

This is probably not a unique post because I imagine so many people are incensed by the story. When a lady took her mother out of a care home because she was not happy the Social Services and the police combined together to kidnap the old lady and place her back into the care home.

Under NoLab the secret Social Services and the secret police that have been developed in the past few years are synonymous with the system practiced behind the Iron Curtain in places like East Germany.

They have absolute power over the citizen and it has been proven in this instance where a well meaning daughter gave her unhappy mother a home and then discovered that the state took precedence. This is absolutely unacceptable and all concerned should be investigated and disciplined. There is something really nasty about this case and we must get to the bottom of it. The Social Services are obviously not only incompetent but out of control.

Another instance of the Ed Balls driven service failing in it's duty.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Intelligence and Terrorism

When top copper Bob Quick naively blew a major terrorist plot by revealing their names and addresses to the press we all thought that at least some of our police were on the ball and had their finger on the pulse.

You see many of us fear that the mass, unregulated, immigration policy of this government leave us exposed to any kind of terrorist threat. If the government cannot or will not instigate an immigration policy which would safeguard our citizens then is it any wonder that people turn to the BNP for comfort.

Then the announcements came today that the police got it wrong. None of the people arrested in the high profile campaign following Quick's faux pas have been charged.
What is that all about? Did Quick deliberately reveal his documents (it really was stupid) to divert attention from Jacqui's expenses.

We were all fed pictures of people lying on the ground being held by the Gestapo (sorry our anti terrorist police) and now we discover that none of them were plotting a terrorist act. They were of course illegal immigrants or at the very least people who had entered the country on unchecked student visas. It demonstrated that the lax immigration policies of Phil Woollas and his crowd could expose the British public to a terrorist attack.

Now we learn that the people who are there to protect us have no idea who is the real threat. That is really scary!

The Budget

I think that Alistair Darling was only a few minutes into his budget speech when I was thinking that he was once again spending money that he didn't have. His policies were all dependent on a huge borrowing programme. I am no financial expert but simple economics apply no matter what level is being operated. If you borrow too much and overspend as a result then disaster follows.

This government is in trouble because its attempt to establish an all controlling monopoly government requires vast sums of money. The employment of a huge army of people whose sole aim is to propogate the NoLab mantra does not contribute to the economy.

The highlight of the day however was the way David Cameron ripped into the hapless pair responsible for the mess who had to sit and listen to him dismantling them at every level. He exposed their ineptitude, their lack of planning, their inability to put ideas into practice and their lack of financial acumen. The whole of the NoLab front bench looked dumbstruck and Gordon's only response was to girn like a guilty schoolboy who had just been caught cheating.

Cameron should do more of this. He should stop being the Tory Tony Blair and start being the Tory leader. He has the skills and the target is wide open. He should continue to expose that the only answer Brown/Darling have to a problem is to throw money at it. The problem is that they never monitor where that money is going so it disappears into the atmosphere like money does if you don't account for it.

Take a deep breath we still have another budget to come from this lot!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I find it really difficult to understand how our PM, on the eve of a crucial budget, should appear on YouTube of all places announcing some kind of review of MP's expenses. What has happened to democracy? What has happened to parliamentary debate? Why is he refusing the request by the Tory leader David Cameron to sort out the mess? What is this hideous man up to now?

The video of this pronouncement is gruesome. Gordon is at his worst and it is quite clear that nobody could possibly trust a man who is girning on cue to the camera. He is obviously up to something. He has obviously got an agenda. He has pre-empted a report by the committee charged with investigating the abuse of the expenses and as such has neutered their investigations. Nice One Gordon...another blow to democracy.

When are we going to rid ourselves of this incompetent, useless, power crazy, fascist, leader who has single handedly ruined our economy and is encouraging mafia style electoral tactics. Gordon Brown is a wrong 'un. In years to come he will be compared with 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon and compared unfavourably I might add. His abject performance will ruin the country.

Time after time I blog that we must,in order to save our economy, pull out of the unaudited European Union, we must reconsider foreign aid and thirdly we must find a way to pull our troops out of the unwinnable war in Afghanistan. I have always suspected that this war in Afghanistan was concocted by NoLab to tie up the British Army so that they could not be used on the home front.

There is a reason for this but as yet I have not worked it out. Perhaps it is something to do with the introduction of a European force on British soil. You know something that Adolf Hitler tried to do. I know, I know, I am absolutely barmy and I have no proof, no evidence but I just have that uncomfortable feeling that there are forces trying to wreck this country. The Mayoress of Calais got it right when she said that the benefits handed out in this country were the reason that her town had been invaded by illegal immigrants.

Phil Woollas our Immigration Minister disagreed... who do you believe?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Family and Friends

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and family who attended my wife's birthday party on Saturday evening. It was a great evening which went without a hitch and she is still on a high that all her friends and work colleagues made the effort to turn out.

Our entertainer Mark Traversoni (01788 860433) began by entertaining the children with a magic show, before performing close up magic at each table. He then upset my grandchildren by putting grandma in a box and then attempting to force knives into her head! Despite their tears (!) I can thoroughly recommend him.

The food was excellent and everyone seemed to have a great night. Pride of place on my chart for special thanks goes to my daughter who once again played a blinder. She is such an accomplished organiser and I just knew that she would ensure that her mum had a great evening. Thanks also to my son who in the middle of his law degree finals drove 300 miles with his daughter so that everyone was there on the big night.

This is family in action. I know that it is my family but all over this country despite the trendy liberal/NoLab tendency to discourage marriage it is the cement which build this country together and there is no substitute to personal commitment. It is a lesson which needs to be learned and it is only learned through events like Saturday night. Grandma is very happy even though she hates the idea that she is finally not in her fifties any more!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Press and the BNP

For some time now the main stream media have ignored the BNP. You know the only party to oppose the policies emanating from Westminster. Today however, I notice that the tone is changing. For example in the NOTW the Deputy Political Editor has made up a column criticising the BNP for telling their activists to dress properly when they canvass. This is somehow construed as attempts being made to disguise the thuggish appearance of their supporters. Surely they have to do better to smear BNP supporters than this?

In the Mail on Sunday we have that much respected, supremely talented, Immigration Minister, Phil Woollas, you know the guy who has failed to put together any kind of coherent policy on Immigration but he does have an opinion on your vote. It goes like this...if you don't want to vote for me (who would) then...wait for Conservative!! Honestly he has a large article stating this as a valid policy.

I don't think that I have ever seen a better example of a Minister trying to protect the Westminster Political Class. I have always said that in modern times there is no difference between the three Westminster parties. Now according to Mr Woollass you can vote for who you want as long as it is a vote for us. Long live the Political Class!

He is confirming what the BNP website has reported. If they are any danger of losing out to a BNP candidate they are ganging together to protect their status. Anybody but the BNP and why would that be I ask myself? They are getting really twitchy because at the moment the BNP is strapped for cash and so they would find it difficult to financially support sufficient candidates to make a difference in a General Election.

The trouble is that the European Elections in June are run on the democratic lines of proportional representation. That means that the BNP will get seats according to the number of votes they receive. The Political Class know that if the BNP get just one Euro MP they qualify for big cash from Europe which could metaphorically put them on the map.

Now if the VMB election poll is even close to reality then they will get a lot more than one. I reckon the smear campaign that will be waged by the Political Class at Westminster on any BNP candidate will make Damien McBride's contribution to the Red Rag website seem very small beer. It will take courage to stand for democracy.

Food Parcels

I could not believe my eyes this evening when it was reported that one of the local pubs in my town was handing out food parcels to the needy. Full marks for their initiative and energy for them to persuade supermarkets to give them produce that was almost out of date but what an indictment on the government!

How can our local MP, Andy Reed(Labour), look anyone in the eye when he visits the town when the very policies that he has supported have resulted in food parcels from a local pub. His government props up the European Union to the tune of £37 million a day and hands out billions to African despots but cannot award our pensioners a pension that they can survive on.

There is no justification for a political class to continue to reward themselves and ignore the problems on the streets. Something must change but unfortunately all three Westminster parties will always vote to protect their own self interests. Come the next election they will arrive on your doosteps with their cheery smiles and shiny rossettes promising you the earth and after you have voted business will be back to normal.

And you dear reader will probably fall for it all over again...let's face it this con has been going on for decades.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

NoLab in Ruins!

I have had a very busy day. My wife was sixty yesterday and this evening we had around eighty people in my local social club to celebrate with the family. We all had a great evening and I was so grateful to all our friends and family for giving my wife such a wonderful evening. I think most people realise after such an occasion that one has to wind down and so I logged into the blogosphere to read about the most recent revelations about the NoLab party and their political manoeverings.

I have to ask one question. Who the hell is running this country? If Ed Balls is briefing against his so called colleagues, if Jacqui Smith is dead in the water and if the PM has no knowledge of all the in-fighting in his party then who is running the country?

We are in deep trouble because our economy under the stewardship of Gordon Brown is in freefall. He is more concerned about his personal standing than the state of his so called party or even his country. When senior Labour party stalwarts like Alice Mahon are resigning because they are sickened by the performance of the Downing Street cabul then we have a problem.

Gordon has lost the plot but then we knew that and I suspect that the greatest backer of NoLab has also become exasperated with him. Rupert Murdoch controls The Sun and The Times and as such they both backed Tony Blair. In recent weeks these papers have been briefing against NoLab. Their columnists have been given license to speak openly about the corruption within the NoLab party.

Oops Gordon you can smile at the rest of us but if you have upset Rupert then you are in deep doodoo! This party is in ruins and as such they have no moral authority to continue with the nonsense that they inflicted on the rest of us. It is high time for an election but that means a fair election, not one where postal votes hold sway!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Jacqui Smith

According to Newsnight the hopeless, hapless, useless, expensive, appointed by Gordon Brown, Home Secretary, is about to be replaced! Is this utterly ridiculous female about to depart to the great kebab shop in the sky.

Who next for the 'Department Not Fit for Purpose'? Have they actually got another candidate to follow people like Charles Clarke, David Blunkett and John Reid?

How long before Gordon runs out of useless allies. How long before the NoLab party turns on their leader who has led them into oblivion? McBride has gone and so has Draper so who now will protect the son of the manse.

When the bullies have gone will the cowards rise?

The Poisonous Press

Guido Fawkes brought to the attention of the public the poison that Gordon Brown and NoLab can inflict on individuals if the government is opposed. Apparently this has been the norm within the NoLab party for some time. Unless you agree with Gordon then you are a non-person. That means that you are finished. You won't get promoted, you won't be supported and your career has been terminated.

A journalist from The Times (Alice Miles) wrote an article recently confessing that journalists had supported this policy of bullying which is of course what it is. Gordon Brown's inner circle have been briefing against anyone who opposed them. His principle 'Special Advisor' Damien McBride has been fed to the wolves to save the skin of people further up the food chain. The ridiculous 'Dolly' Draper has also been sacrificed.

Now my point is how would these same journalists react if asked to brief against the only political party to oppose the Westminster Three. How would these brave heroes react if told to oppose the BNP. The same principle applies. People who support the BNP are being sacked for their political views. That is wrong and gradually people are beginning to realise that it is just possible that the BNP are not 'odious' they are not 'racist' and many members are actually fighting for the 'human rights' of the indigenous British population.

Now we have witnessed how the national press can be manipulated by the Damien McBrides of this world is it any wonder that we doubt the integrity of the British main stream media. I am not a member of the BNP but I do read their website and I tell you what many of you would agree with them. If you work for the government however don't tell them that you are reading the BNP website. They will want your DNA.

Wasting Public Money!

I read that the Chancellor will be borrowing yet more billions when he presents his next budget. This of course threatens all of us and our children and our grandchildren becaused he has already demonstrated along with the PM that they do not understand basic finance.

When the European state was set up we were regarded as a relatively rich country. When we began the war in Afghanistan the economy was stable and when we began the foreign aid programme it probably had some relevance. With our debt mounting steeply every hour all of these commitments need to be reviewed alongside the huge government public expenditure.

They cannot continue to borrow money so that they can just give it away again. I read the other day that we are giving money to Robert Mugabe for instance! What is that all about? Then how about the fifteen million pounds handed to Uganda for 'gender equality'. In my opinion most of the money handed to Africa will never be accounted for.

In the meantime our pensioners, the very people who fought for this country and who have contributed into the exchequer all of their working lives, you know the very people who Gordon Brown claims to support (hard working families) are living in penury. What kind of government supports gender equality in Uganda before its own pensioners?

What irritates me even more however, is that the Tories have never announced plans to change anything that NoLab do. They will continue the wars, they will continue to fling money at Europe (even though it has never passed an audit) and David Cameron has stated that the Foreign Aid budget would be 'ringfenced'. I sometimes think that he doesn't want to win the next election and who could blame him?

The trouble is that unless someone in power is prepared to make serious decisions about the economy then we are stuffed. Our spending far exceeds our income. We cannot afford the grandiose plans of this hapless government but nobody appears to have an alternative plan. Nobody apart from the party that everybody hates... of course that is why they are hated.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yet another case of Police cowardice!

On and on it goes. Video after video illustrates that the police are out of control and need to be reigned in. There was a case in Florida recently where a woman saw burglars invade her flat and she rang the police who caught the burglars! I knew immediately that this had not happened in the UK. Our police would not attend a burglary without a risk assessment.

We have had case after case where the police could have arrested offenders but refused the opportunity. And yet if you, the innocent, the law abiding, the family man scrapes into the radar of the police then you will be charged. You will also have to submit your DNA even before you are found guilty.

This is not right but who is protesting?

Cowards or Opportunists?

They are now emerging from the shadows because they believe that the bogey man is under pressure. One by one they are sticking the knife into Gordon Brown. The Labour party who acquiesced to the bully boys who were employed by Gordon Brown are now turning on their leader because they believe that he has been weakened.

They allowed him to succeed Tony Blair unopposed because none of them had the guts to face his team of bully boys. Once one of them (Damien McBride) is exposed as a rogue they now believe that it is their right to break cover. These are the people who the traditional Labour supporters have supported and yet they have cowered in the background unable to represent their constituencies.

There are hundreds of MPs who have sat quietly in the background watching the mess that Gordon and his crew have made of this country and yet they have remained silent. They draw their salaries and of course their expenses and are rewarded for doing nothing. They are cowards and so when these nonentities apply for reelection just remember who they are and what 'Mugabe' Brown has done.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BNP News

You think that the chaos in British politics and the scandals of the PM's administration would be an opportunity for opposition parties to attack the government. It is happening everywhere apart from the BNP website. They more than anyone should want to attack NoLab but they steadfastly seem to refuse to get involved.

Their message is always positive and online with their priorties. They want to tackle immigration (so of course they are racist) they want to reward families but more than anything they need to address all the problems of energy, social and legal cohesion and the need to generate finance to fight for British people.

Their website is a reflection of their attitude. If you don't believe me go to their website and listen/read to what they have to say. Then compare that to the panic stricken cries from Harriet Harman. Here are people who don't want to waste money in the unaudited European Union. Here are people who value family life and want the British people to get a fair deal.

They do not want all immigrants to return home. If you have contributed to this country and deserve to be here then you do not need to fear the BNP. They only want to get rid of the wasters, the spongers and the illegal. Judge for yourselves because they need your votes and in my opinion deserve them.

Legal Proceedings

According to Guido, Tom Watson MP who is another member of the Downing Street bunker is so incensed that he is being linked with the Damien McBride scandal that he has called in a famous law team to write to the Mail and the Mail on Sunday about their allegations that he was complicit in the McBride/Draper fiasco.

Now I am only guessing here but I believe that the Daily Mail have been trying to get the NoLab leadership into court for some time. If Tom Watson is so precious then perhaps he has committed the one error that the Mail have been seeking.

If they ignore the solicitor's letter then does Watson sue? If he does then he had better ensure that there are no dodgy E-Mails around and if there are then I bet Guido knows about them. If he doesn't then isn't he guilty at any rate?

You couldn't make it up and at the head of all this is good old 'Mugabe' Brown the man who changed our country and wrecked the economy. By the way is anyone actually governing this country?

Frank Field MP

I have just seen Frank Field on Sky television state that in his opinion Gordon Brown has to change his ways. He spoke at length that there had to be a change of direction in the Labour Party and that the culture of the Brown regime had to change. He believes that the PM needs a dramatic announcement to escape from the problems that Damien McBride has left him with.

What impressed me most was that he sounded like a politician. He didn't sound miffed, spiteful or malevolent and every word he uttered was measured and constructive. This was not someone ranting or raving but his suggestions were clear and constant. In his opinion Gordon Brown had to admit someone into the Downing Street bunker who was not known as a devotee of the PM. He suggested Charles Clarke.

I have been waiting a long time for someone in the Labour party to dare to raise their head above the parapet and indicate that they have a sympathy with the views of the wider electorate. When I see the wimps in the Cabinet the demise in the Labour party is obviously more serious because people like Frank Field are not part of their lead team.

This is the problem! Gordon demands absolute loyalty. He does not brook any opposition and will therefore never hear an alternative view. He will also attract people who for their own ends will bow and scrape but contribute nothing to the government of the country. His mediocre cabinet mirrors the flaws in the PM's character.

Monday, 13 April 2009

The Scottish Labour Party

We are now being asked to believe that the PM knew nothing about the activities of his very own Special Advisor, Damien McBride, who is paid for out of the public purse but is answerable only to the PM. This man has been loyally at the PM's side for some ten years but on this one occasion when he was caught acting inappropriately he was acting independently of his boss. Gordon of course is as usual clean as a whistle.

Now I doubt if there is one person in the country interested in politics who believes this charade. There is a precedent to the blog 'Red Rag' which was to be used by NoLab activist Derek Draper to smear some prominent Tories and their wives. It is called 'Leaky Chanter' and is used in Scotland to smear the SNP. NoLab have used this tactic extensively in Scotland. It is a dirty little tool which has no place in a democracy but is just one of the weapons used by NoLab north of the border.

One of the weapons of the Blogosphere are the comments attracted by the major blogs and the comments now arriving from Scotland are illuminating. It now appears that the disappearance of the record detailing the postal votes in the Glenrothes By Election (which NoLab amazingly won) from the Sheriff's office in Kirkcaldy is probably small beer. The Scottish Labour Party appear to be the master of the black arts of politics north of the border.

You do not need me to tell you how many Scots are welded to the coat tails of Gordon Brown in Westminster. He has stuffed the place full of them. Then when this little matter of an advisor setting up a blog with a well known political fixer becomes public we are asked to believe that Gordon knew nothing about it.

I would be a little more sympathetic to his case if his very own Special Advisor was charged with misfeasance and brought up before a judge. Yeah I know they don't do that do they? Never mind the Bloggers tanks are parked on the PM's lawn. Who is next for the trial by Blog?

Sunday, 12 April 2009

VMB's Election Poll

With only one local by-election last week the percentages have not changed very much. It is still very tight between the two major parties which still surprises me. Everyone is convinced nationally that the Tories will win the next election but these figures are predicting a hung parliament.

The BNP are putting up a good fight in fourth place but they will be hamstrung at the next election because of lack of finance. They do not appear to have the financial backing that the larger parties attract which is another blow to democracy. Only the rich can afford to fight elections in Britain today.

Anyway here are the stats after Moston Manchester.

Tories 24.9%
NoLab 24.33%
LibDems 19.29%
BNP 17.38%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.18%
UKIP 2.5%

Saturday, 11 April 2009

The New Labour Project

This is getting worse! Everything that we Blogists have always suspected but hoped were not true are now being confirmed as actual. Where do we start? The people who apparently run the country are being exposed as being almost the worst bunch of gangsters that we have ever seen in the history of the country. They are almost making the Mafia look good.

The press are challenging them on all fronts to deny that they are cheats and liars. Tonight the people who support the Prime Minister have been outed as being worse than that. Their sick minds are inventing lies purely to keep Gordon Brown in power. What do we do about this?

We now have a government who the public know are incompetent. The problem is that many intelligent people are employed by the government. What can you do if you are told to, for example, double the count of the postal votes? You are a teller, a counter, someone who has a family and your whole family depend on your income. They are shameless... no it is worse than that... they will do anything to remain in power.

If we ever get an election just remember that these NoLab people will do anything to win. They will fiddle, fix and flannel and we all know it. When the time comes guard your ballot boxes folks because even your best friends may need the money to feed their families.

Just remember today, the Nolab Mafia are prepared to initiate a blog to smear their opponents so that they remain in power. They have miscalculated just one thing. We are not stupid! We know the Blogoshere and you people do not understand it. Long live the Internet!

PS They cannot smear the BNP! They have been smeared to hell and they are still polling well. That is your legacy 'Mugabe'.

What a Night!

I don't think that I have ever seen anything like this. The Blogosphere is electric because I believe that they have at long last found a path to exposing 'Mugabe' Brown. At the centre of the scandal 'Smeargate' are the principle blogs Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale who are stoking up the exposure of the Downing Street spin machine.

In the middle is the hapless Mr Kate Garroway (Derek Draper) who frankly is a really nasty bit of stuff. He has been exposed for his ridiculous attempt to drag marxists into the twenty first century by hosting a blog which was only meant to promote NoLab lies. He has form. Guido went to Berkeley in California to expose that'Dolly'
(as he is known in the political circles) had claimed qualifications from the renowned Berkeley University when he had only attended some back street college and even then he had been kicked out.

Despite this he has been embraced by NoLab as someone fit to promote the message. It just illustrates how this Marxist crowd of losers know nothing of modern technology. They hope to control everything. They are controlling everything apart from the Bloggers and the BNP. Heh that is enough...enough to ensure that democracy is only being maintained by the Bloggers and the BNP.

They will not win so three cheers to people like Guido Fawkes who continually challenges the spin machine which has served 'Mugabe' Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair so well. These people will eventually be exposed as venal but at what cost to the country?

The Blogoshere

It is on days like today that the Blogoshere is at its best. When the big stories begin to break and one or two of the arch bloggers are involved then one just has to sit back and smile.

I still do not yet know just what the hell it is all about except to say that civil servants/advisors very, very close to Gordon Brown have been sending out extremely nasty E-Mails trying to smear some leading Tory MPs and Guido Fawkes got hold of them.

Apparently the News of the World is going to publish them tomorrow although Guido says that they didn't get them from him. As a result one Damien McBride has resigned from his position this afternoon. Now frankly I had never heard of Damien McBride but now I discover he as as close to Gordon Brown as anyone can get. He was at the heart of the Downing Street bunker and apparently the E-Mails are so toxic that they are the product of a sick mind.

To my mind this is something that leads directly to the Prime Minister. This McBride works for him, he has been alongside Gordon Brown for a long time. It is inconceivable that he would be working on projects without the knowledge of his boss.
There is no way that 'Mugabe' Brown can escape guilt by association.

I have long suspected that the PM is one of the nastiest politicians at Westminster. One only has to look at his associates to reveal his mindset. If these E-Mails are as nasty as is being quoted then he should join most of his useless cabinet in the dock.

The problem is he won't hold an election until he has utterly ruined the country. He won't resign even when faced with conclusive evidence that his policies are ridiculous. That being the case he will never resign on moral grounds because he doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Friday, 10 April 2009


I see today that 'Mugabe' Brown has responded to the problem of the Pakistani terrorists who have invaded our country on student visas and then plotted to blow up parts of Manchester by...blaming Pakistan! Is that not just typical? It is of course nothing to do with him. He is not responsible, the abject Home Secretary is not responsible and Phil Woolass, the Immigration Minister, is also not responsible. No it is all the fault of Pakistan.

Now don't get me wrong; if I was to construct a league table comprising of people who I love to hate then Pakistan would probably lie in the bottom one but... to blame these hapless people for our porous borders is going some, even for Gordon the Moron. His Marxist allies who have done almost everything to bring this country to its knees should really front up and confess that they have subverted the Home Office to such an extent that they have no control over our borders.

We are probably the only country in the civilized world who welcomes anyone and everyone because our government cannot be bothered to safeguard our citizens. One day it is inevitable that our anti terrorist force, who are obviously doing a great job will miss something.

Can you believe it? For a political ideal they are prepared to sacrifice anyone! There is nothing to prevent an effective border control. They could introduce it tomorrow if they had a mind. Only the BNP would introduce it because only the BNP want to place ethnic British citizens first. Are they wrong?

Jacqui Smith v The Daily Mail

Two days ago I posted an item highlighting the editorial campaign in the Daily Mail which had stated in print that our 'Honourable' Home Secretary was a 'liar and a thief'. They are back on the attack again today, this time they state that she has 'blatantly committed fraud with her expenses'. Now they are referring to the Home Secretary, the person responsible for law and order in this country.

It does not matter that she is doing an unbelievably poor job the position means that she must maintain her integrity and her dignity. She cannot allow a national newspaper to call her a liar and a thief. Her very position means that she has to fight back and that means she must sue them!

Now I have scoured the news items waiting for the headline 'Home Secretary sues the Mail'! Three days have now past and there has been not a peep out of the Home Office. What can we deduce from that? Does she not care that she has brought her office into disrepute? She refuses to resign but is happy to allow the office to be debased in such a disrespectful manner.

Come on Home Secretary stick up for yourself! Be a woman! Don't let them treat you with such disdain! Give us all a treat and drag the Mail into court - I dare you!

BNP News

Yesterday there was only one local by-election held in the country. It was held in Moston a district of Manchester generally regarded as a 'safe' NoLab seat. It provides three councillors for the Manchester Council all of them NoLab and the MP is also NoLab so not a place to go searching for BNP votes one might suggest.

The result was as follows:-
NoLab 1353
BNP 815
LibDems 696
Tories 558
Greens 79

The BNP gained 23.3% of the vote in this Labour heartland. This is a staggering rise in the number of people who are prepared to turn their backs on the Westminster mob and vote for the only real opposition to the current disgraceful Parliamentarians from all parties.

The BNP activists also have to be brave because they are coming under attack from all sides of Westminster. They are also physically threatened on a regular basis and routinely face intolerance and abuse largely brought about by people who read the propaganda printed by the mainstream media most of whom have a political agenda of their own.

It makes the coming European elections so very important. This is the only chance this year to let the Westminster politicians know how we feel about their behaviour. Their only credible opposition and the only people to stand up and snarl back at the ballot box are the BNP. I think so many of us must now look hard into the mirror and practice how to snarl.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I am watching the Pakistani High Commissioner trying to blame us for the problem of the Pakistani terrorists. He actually blames us because we do not vet these people effectively. He is of course right.

We all know that Pakistan is the international state of terrorism. Everything revolves around Pakistan. We more than any country in Europe,have a massive population of Pakistanis in this country. We are therefore so vulnerable that it is only a matter of time before someone dies because NoLab have a project.

Today anti-terrorist police, who normally target people who overfill their bins or place their kids in the wrong school finally got it right. Eleven of the suspects arrested were from Pakistan on student visas and the last one was a 'British' national.

Does that mean that the next time that I fly to see my mates in the Canary Islands from East Midlands Airport I don't have to remove my shoes? I doubt it!

Hit Counter!

Wow! Suddenly my hit counter has been ignited and I can once again see that people are visiting this humble little site with no gimmicks. Thank you all. I would still be voicing my thoughts even if nobody dropped by because it is the only way that I know to relieve the stress of modern society.

My generation can still remember our youth and frankly we could never have believed that Britain would descend into a cesspit where the police would act like the Stasi, the government would mirror the governments of the old Rumania and East Germany and there would be no viable opposition.

I have been rather cowardly because I really should join the BNP. They are the only alternative opposition to the Westminster Three who are conning the country and filling their boots at the same time.

I have provided for my old age and I have been lucky. Anybody who served for 22 years with the army, when I did, will never starve. I really feel for the people who thought that they were doing the right thing and because the banks got greedy they are now suffering. This is disgraceful government. I don't mean the people who banked in Iceland or who grabbed the equity from their house because that is a gamble and you lost.

I refer to the savers who reasonably expected that this NoLab government would protect their interests and now discover that the benefit claimants, the crooks, the quango members have more rights than they have. I hope all you NoLab supporters who once were Union members and thought that Keir Hardie was still alive and well now recognise that Gordon Brown does not give a flying **** about you and neither did Tony Blair. You have been conned and if you continue to vote Labour then you will continue to be conned.

Yet Another Police Apology!

Do you ever get the feeling that the whole NoLab Project is unravelling in front of your eyes? The problem is that we are the people who will end up paying for it all.
I cannot believe after all the previous problems about the handling of sensitive documents that these NoLab cronies still think that they are bomb proof.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick steps out of a car and waves details of an anti-terror plot under the cameras of waiting photographers. When I had access to secure information there were definite rules about their transportation. All these rules appear to have been torn up by the NoLab group who are constantly taking incompetence to new levels. It is not just incompetence but a degree of arrogance as well.

They evidently believe that they are so well place and connected that nothing will happen to them and in most cases they are regrettably correct. Quick may have resigned but he keeps his pension rights. It is always amazing that behind the scenes the people who commit these gross errors of judgement are never punished.

The Metropolitan Police Force these days is shambolic. They are never far away from the next headline and the conduct of their senior officers is a disgrace. It raises the question, who appoints them, why are they appointed and are they by any chance linked to the mystery organisation 'Common Purpose'?

The Fraud Act 2006

This morning the Daily Mail carries an excellent editorial whereby it quotes the provisions of the Fraud Act 2006 and names Jacqui Smith, Geoff Hoon and Tony McNulty as being in contradiction of the Act.

It continues by asking why these MP's have managed to avoid prosecution? I think the answer is quite simple. No one individual is powerful enough to take on the vast number of MP's who appear to be guilty of the type of fraud outlined by the Daily Mail. Yesterday the same editorial called Jacqui Smith, our Home Secretary, 'a liar and a thief'.

I get the feeling that someone is trying to pick a fight so why doesn't the paper go the whole hog and take out a private prosecutiion against the people that they consider to be in breach of the 'Fraud Act'. As I see it only someone as powerful as a newspaper, or the representative of one, would have the resources to see it through.

What I would give to see this lot in court under oath defending their actions!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Killed by the Police?

The Guardian has a video shot by a man from New York showing the moment when a member of our riot squad at the G20 protests struck an innocent man from behind (who had his hands in his pockets)propelling him violently to the ground. It was a cowardly and despicable attack from which the man never recovered.

As I suggested yesterday no police video has been presented but there were so many people around that this time they have serious questions to answer. It is very easy to claim police brutality but when it is obvious it must be addressed.

It is further evidence that the role of the police in this country has changed since NoLab came to power and that they no longer protect the public they protect the state. Their role is now akin to that of the Volkspolizei in the former German Democratic Republic. Once the police have been subverted then democracy is dead.

The police have already lied with their version of the aftermath of this incident. How they deal with the follow up will speak volumes for the state of the country. I believe that corruption is now endemic in this country. I hope they prove me wrong but then I won't hold my breath.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Political Sleaze

Where is this all going? What can we do? We now know that even the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer have been fiddling their expenses despite the quite clear fact that one cannot change a primary home overnight. The very moment that they were granted grace and favour homes run at the public expense then they changed the location of their primary homes.

This is fraud! Our PM is not an honourable man, in fact none of them are honourable because those who change their designated homes are only doing it to claim money that they do not deserve. If the PM is doing it then hell what next? No wonder that they all believe that this type of behaviour is acceptable. They are led from the front and the worst excesses are those on the front benches.

If our politicians are corrupt, if our bankers are corrupt, if our police are corrupt then where do we go next? Who can we trust? I guess that our society is lost and that nobody is powerful enough to correct it. I may as well pack up this Blog and do the gardening. Then what happens to my beloved grandchildren?

We have a government who we know is frankly so, so, out of control that they are laughing at the electorate. By the time that the bastards are forced to hold an election then we will be bankrupt as a nation. They know it and we know it but nobody does anything. The problem is that so many people rely on this bunch to provide them with a living. They have corrupted the public for heaven's sake!

So many people depend on corruption to maintain their standard of living that the country is in dire straits. How can people vote against NoLab when it will end their scrumptious pay check. We now have thousands of people who have their snouts in the public trough that they cannot deny it. We have all been corrupted by the state, be it the British State or the European State.

This is fine unless you have a full order book, the workers depend upon your full order book and the corrupt banks who have been bailed out by the corrupt politicians won't give you the money to buy the raw materials which will enable you to fulfil the orders.

Oh I almost give up!

Another Death - Another Police Apology?

On 26 March I blogged about the regular apologies issued by our Police after yet another cock-up and how sick I was of hearing the apology but never seeing those responsible reprimanded or sacked.

Now we hear that a man who was walking home from work got tangled up in the G20 protests and apparently was attacked by the police. He subsequently died. Initially cause of death was announced as natural causes but unfortunately and rather inconveniently there are witnesses who recall that this man was set upon by police.

Now we all know that there were so many CCTV cameras in action and dozens of police cameramen recording the 'action'. What is the betting that all of them were pointing in the wrong direction when this poor man was assaulted.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

MP's expenses

Hardly a day passes at the moment without more MPs being exposed for outrageous breeches of public trust. I realise that their 'rules' entitle them to exploit the public purse but never would any of us believed the extent to which these rules have been twisted, bent and maligned. Some of these MPs are so corrupt that the term 'Honourable' has become a misnomer.

Apparently the details of these expenses are due to be publicised shortly and the advance reviews indicate that we could be in for a shock! I don't think that this is acceptable. These people all know what is reasonable and honest and what is theft from the public purse.

I think that prior to the publication of the expense details every MP should be given one opportunity to repay items which on reflection were claimed on a false premise. We all make mistakes.

After that however, they should all be under scrutiny from ,as Harriet Harman put it, the Court of Public Opinion. She used this argument on the Andrew Marr Show when she was criticising the greed of the bankers. Well our MPs should also answer to the voters and as Gordon Brown (the unelected PM) refuses us an election on almost every issue of importance then every unreasonable claim should be contested.

For example it is obvious that people like Geoff Hoon and Jacqui Smith have manipulated the rules to their advantage but it also quite obvious that these rules should be unlawful. Everyone instinctively knows why expenses are granted, what they should cover and what in most walks of life be regarded as outrageous and immoral.

Frankly if the don't take an opportunity to pay back the indefensible they should face jail!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 and Gordon Brown

On 02 April I blogged that I was surprised that the G20 meeting had come up with some positive outcomes. I was amazed because the press had been full of disagreement between Gordon and the French and Germans. Angela Merkel the German leader had openly criticied Gordon's fiscal stimulus policy without regulation of the banking industry as 'burning public money'.

It now appears that if we scan the blogs and some of the more serious political commentators that much of what Gordon claimed had been achieved by the G20 was smoke and mirrors. He has once again spun the outcome to be much greater than the actuality. Is that not just pure Gordon Brown? The champion girner who spent the entire time almost slavering at the feet of Barack Obama spins everything he does. He must be seriously deluded and has come to be scared by the truth. Perhaps he is doing us a favour because we would probably be scared if we knew the truth.

The problem is that one day the truth always emerges. In this case it may be too late to save our grandchildren from a very miserable life.

VMB's Election Poll

There were only four by-elections last week and in three of them the Lib Dems beat NoLab. The NoLab vote contunes to hold up in their traditional heartlands (the cities)which helps them to maintain a challenge to the Tories. In the rural areas however they are polling poorly.

As I said yesterday the BNP had a great result in Leeds and continue to pick up votes almost everywhere that they field a candidate. If these results hold up in the European elections then they could establish more than a toehold. What is being established is that the Greens and UKIP are not powerful enough to feature and generally a vote for them is wasted. Independents rarely make a significant impact and sometimes cut their own throats by opposing each other.

These are the current standings

Tories 25.7%
NoLab 24.6% (down 1% in one week)
LibDems 19.9% (up over 1%)
BNP 17.31%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.5%

If the people who do not vote for the Westminster three got their acts together then a fourth party could emerge. Most of these people do not want to join the corrupt, unaudited EU, most want some limit on immigration, most want a justice system that cracks down on the criminal and protects the law abiding. Most are family people who care about their children and are concerned about the future of this country. They just have to decide how best to show their disgust with Westminster politics.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Women in Parliament

Did you know that women first got the vote in 1928? I learned this recently and then I wondered what they had done with it? In this modern world we older, white heterosexual males are constantly reminded that we are out of touch with our feminine side, have no role to play in the upbringing of children and frankly the 'ladies' do not need us. We are the useless, superfluous, one dimentional generation who have nothing to contribute to modern society.

In our place we have the exalted female politicians. Do you remember the Blair Babes. The women who were going to change the world. Now just bear with me because I just wish to recall the women who made it. Now let me see... Jacqui Smith... Tessa Jowell... Harriet Harman... Hazel Blears... yeah OK you get my point.

So let me take this point one step further. Name me three female politicians who have made their mark in the past ninety years? I concede Margaret Thatcher!

VMB's Election Poll

Yesterday saw another round of local by elections which is the only opportunity to gauge how the public are actually voting. I have consistently maintained that the BNP vote is much larger than the mainstream media want you to know about. Now those of you who have followed this poll will I am sure concede that if I was mistaken then after three months of recording the actual votes my error would be discovered.

Yesterday in the Temple Newsam Ward of Leeds MBC the BNP finished second to the Tories polling 1502 votes (23.6%) ahead of both Labour and the Lib Dems. This is a band wagon which could be gaining momentum. If the public begin to doubt the stories circulated by the three Westminster parties that the BNP are purely a bunch of racist bigots then support could grow.

Perhaps they are a group of racist bigots (they don't sound like it on their web site)but they are also the only party who will guarantee to keep us out of the European Union, who want to put British families first and who do not support the political madness which has invaded our society.

I will update the VMB Poll once I have done the arithmetic.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

What is Happening?

The Blogosphere is a free market. It is something that NoLab disciples, notably people like Derek Draper, does not understand. I know that I do not please everyone but my opinions are honestly held and you don't need to agree with me. The great thing about blogging is that you can tell me that I am talking rubbish.

I have had some really interesting comments over the year or more that I have been blogging but suddenly everything has stopped. My visitor account has been frozen! Nobody loves me anymore! So.. if you are visiting me please let me know so that I can sort out the problem.

G20 Decisions

Time will tell if the G20 decisions will save the world from calamity but I must admit my first thoughts are favourable. I am really surprised that all the major countries have come together to carve out some enterprising initiatives. I never thought I would live to see the day that countries like America, Russia, China and the European conglomerate would agree on a way forward.

I am particularly heartened that the Gordon Brown way forward was discarded in favour of a common sense policy of financial stimulus accompanied by restrictions and regulations on the banking industry. The fact that it even addressed the problems of tax havens was an added bonus.

Angela Merkel was correct when she announced that financial stimulus without regulation was 'burning public money'. How Gordon Brown can face the public proclaiming a triumph when his policies have been ridiculed I do not know. If he and his hapless Chancellor, Alistair Darling, had imposed any form of regulation on the Royal Bank of Scotland then 'Fred the Shread' would not be walking off with his obsene pensions. They knew all about it even if Gordon Brown's appointment of Lord Myners as his city representative has proven yet another own goal.

I have just seen a financier on BBC Newsnight question the decisions complaining that they are a bit 'light'. He looked as though he knew what he was talking about and I must admit that I would not trust Gordon to walk my dog across the road.