Tuesday, 29 December 2009

On the verge of the 'Teenies'...who will arise from the Council Estates?

Well one of the most disastrous decades ever embraced by our beleagured country is about to end. We enter the next decade, already being the dubbed 'the Teenies' as opposed to the 'Noughties' (who thinks up this rubbish) and we must start to recognise that we have a real fight on our hands if we are to reclaim the hereditary lifestyle that we have all taken for granted.

You know things like, freedom of speech, our home is sancrosanct, we are responsible for our family, we have freedom of movement and we are a democratic country. Let's just take all of these native born rights and bring them up to date.

Freedom of speech...our native humour was always based on the ability to take the mickey out of each other. Jokes about, Jocks, Taffys, the Irish, and every regional stereotype were the backbone of the country. We roared at Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army, Blackadder etc etc and all would now be condemned as unsuitable. I even winced at some of the repeats of the 'Two Ronnies' which shows the state of British comedy!

There are also reports that armies of government officials are being trained up to invade our homes so that they can decide what tax they can demand from us. Let them try!

The schools are forever, under the watchful eye of Ed Balls, forced to adopt government rulings particularly with regard to sex. We have no control what they will force feed our kids in the name of education. Our kids are no longer being educated they are being indoctrinated. We, of a certain generation, already know that the general knowledge of this generation and the previous generation does not equip them for the challenges which will face them.

This abysmal government has welcomed into this country, during the past decade(and even before that) all the enemies of society. All the brothers of Islam have wandered in under various guises and been openly welcomed by NoLab politicians anxiously seeking votes. Surprise, surprise people of 'British' nationality are trying to blow up planes.

We, the ordinary traveller, the real British citizen (as opposed to the world traveller who only adopts British citizenship when their crimes are discovered...China...?) now have to submit to undignified searches (who is winning this war?) and yet I could detect any potential enemies of the state. Well let me rephrase that... I could tell you who was not a threat to the state.

Finally the threat to our democracy... well that disappeared years ago, actually about the time that Ted Heath sold us out to Europe claiming that it was 'only' a Common Market. Ever since then we have never been in control of our country. It is a plot by the former marxists who enslaved the eastern half of Europe for many decades and are now targeting the western half of Europe with the same aims.

Their economic policies failed in the east and are now failing in the west. We are a fantastically wealthy country! Really we have riches beyond our dreams. Every one of us should live our lives out in luxury if we had a half decent political system. Nobody in Britain should live in penury. If we had a government which had policies advocated by the BNP then we may see a return for out taxes.

I am sorry to say but people will have to take to the streets before we reverse the trends. When someone arises from the 'benefit class' who realises that they are being condemned to perpetual poverty by the policies of the Political Class then our country will die.

One day soon a clever kid from the sink estates will rap him/herself in the flag of freedom and off we will go again. I just hope that I live to see it!


Anonymous said...


Check out www.sortofpolitical.com The date of 2009/12/22 has some interesting reasons for the global bs regarding climate change. The actual climatologist four part video is worth it alone. The follow the money link explains the rest to my satisfaction.

Please let me know what you think.


bryboy said...

Hello Lyle, Tks for your interest. I checked our 'Sort of Political' and I really appreciate you steering me in that direction. It is mind boggling. I must admit that my knowledge of the Stick Market and high finance could be written on the back of a postage stamp but the scientific evidence provided by Prof Bob Carter is conclusive. This a frightening scam and I will post my thoughts on it. Tks for your help!