Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Our huge Debt!

If the speech from George Osborne today at the Tory Party Conference is to be believed then this country is almost bankrupt and will be bankrupt if we continue to allow NoLab to run the country. It is quite clear that our National Debt is incredible which makes me wonder what formula Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling were using to lose so much money.

We are one of the most taxed countries in the world. We are crippled by tax and yet somehow they have managed to get rid of it all. How? Where has this money gone? Are they on drugs? How can a country which was so well placed now be so poverty stricken? How can the MPs spend so much money on themselves when we are in such a dire strait?

I say yet again why do we squander so much money on foreign aid? Why can't George Osborne declare that Foreign 'Aid', should it be 'Bribe', from Britain is no longer affordable. With regard to Europe someone once commented on this blog that we have to support the countries who have less than us. It was called redistribution of wealth so we have redistributed our wealth and now will we get anything back?

I personally have witnessed the huge expenditure in Spain. Now we risk being the poor relations of Europe. We now have massive debt partly due to our membership of the EU so when will the French and the Germans begin to support our debt. Don't hold your breath!

Successively both the Tories and NoLab have thrown our money at Europe. The policies laid out by George Osborne today don't even scratch the surface of our problems. If you really want to get this country back on track then the real answer is our foreign policy. We pull out of Europe, examine our roll in Afghanistan and stop all forms of foreign aid.

The poorer members of the public service should not be made the scapegoats for the money that our foreign policy is squandering. This is the crux of the matter. Barack Obama knows that we are no longer a world power. NoLab have proven that so why do we retain Trident, why are we playing such a leading role in Afghanistan and why are we subsidising the 'Pigs' (Portugal,Italy Greece and Spain)?

The politicians must understand that in order for this country to survive then we must become Switzerland. Our colonial past must be shed. We must become what we are; an impoverished former power who no longer can compete on the world stage. If we do that then perhaps out indigenous children have a chance of survival.

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