Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Post Office

I cannot work out who is to blame for the current impasse between the Post Office Unions and the government/management. Somebody is playing a very dirty game and it will be the public who pay for it. I have never really trusted Trade Unions even though my father was a member.

My experience of Trade Unions is that they are blinkered, bullying and bellicose and the only people who seem to prosper from their activities are the Union officials themselves. We have all seen them living high on their membership fees and frankly ever since the days that Maggie Thatcher tackled Arthur Scargill their membership have been wasting their union fees.

In this case however I am not too sure. The name of Lord Mandelson continues to feature prominently and that is one man I could never trust. His agenda will never benefit the British public so we should suspect everything that he does.

It would appear that no matter what, under Gordon Brown and his mates, the public will inevitably suffer.

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