Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Still no Good News!

At the beginning of the month I blogged an ongoing feature which continues unabated and entitled it 'Still no Good News'. Well here we are weeks later and matters just stumble from bad to worse. Frankly it is difficult to know where to begin. Our inactive, bewildered, incompetent government continue to press ahead with no plans to curb public spending and therefore no plan to protect our credit rating. There only plan is to print more money and then squander it by giving it to Islamic organisations which preach hatred.

Two of our major retailers have now exposed our ailing education system, often described by the government as 'world class', by bemoaning the fact that after at least eleven years in mainstream education far too many of our kids are illiterate and innumerate. That of course cuts no ice with Ed Balls who continues to fiddle at the edges while the schools drown in paperwork.

There are still no plans to crack dowen on crime and our judges continue to demonstrate their utter inability to meet the needs of the victims of crime. Needless to say our prisons are at bursting point as criminals take advantage of the wonderful luxuries available to them if they commit serious enough offences. As usual Jack Straw ignores everything and has no plans to build more prisons or even attempt to address the subject even though murder and assault are almost at epidemic levels on our streets.

Our banks who through sheer greed almost brought down the financial system continue to be given every advantage and have just been allowed to impose more charges on the customers who are in the greatest need of assiatance from them.

Another Iraq enquiry complete with loopholes and restrictions which once again will not come close to implicating the two prime offenders who ordered an illegal war. No doubt 'Teflon' Tony will turn up all smiles and apologies whilst apparently Gordon, who of course now loves our forces, won't even be called to expain why he sent the troops into battle with five bullets per rifle!

I could repeat myself over and over again and I haven't even started on Health, Welfare, Transport, the Social Services, Ofsted, Cumbria, Derby County, Foreign Aid or the European Union! Sleep well everyone!

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