Thursday, 26 November 2009

Spitting on the Public!

The legal system and the NoLab government continue to spit on the public. The decision to treat the relatives of those slaughtered in the 7/7 bombings with the same partiality as those who caused the bombings is frankly callous.

It is also typical of the behaviour of the Political Class who continue to ignore common decency in order to implement some form of weird Marxist doctrine. This incessant obsession with political and legal equality has no basis in human behaviour. There comes a time when personal action breaks this equality doctrine.

We must, must, destroy this culture of legal doctrine. It is nonsense to ignore personal responsibility. We are all responsible for our actions. We are all adults and we all know right from wrong. The legal profession are now able to twist anything so it is time to rewrite the law. The day that those people who intentionally strapped explosives onto their backs and detonated them to destroy innocent commuters are treated with the same impartiality as those who died is obscene!

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