Friday, 30 November 2012

Care for the Elderly

This morning my 96 year old mother did what she has done frequently in the past 10 years...she forgot to use her walking frame and fell over.  The system then kicks in.  She is in a Nursing Home that she pays for but no member of staff is ever available to take her to a hospital.

In our case the nearest hospital is the notorious Leicester Royal Infirmary. Don't get me wrong the staff are really helpful but they have to deal with probably the most multicultural society in the UK.  They also have the most multicultural staff in the UK and probably would not survive without them

I arrived at the hospital at 8.30 am having battled through the early morning traffic and my mother was in X-Ray. By 11.30 no doctor had been near her...she is 96! A couple of nurses did their best to alleviate the situation but when a doctor did arrive he then decided that her skull required a scan.

I had to leave.  Four hours in A&E is enough for anyone and I could do no more to assist. So I had to leave her requiring a scan to see if she had fractured her scull (her head was spectacular). She has a sort term memory problem but communicates well. That means that she sounds lucid but in five minutes cannot remember what she has said! If you don't know that then she sounds remarkably good for a 96 year old. 

She has conned people for years with her act so it was no surprise when I get a call at 10.40 pm to inform me that she is being sent back to her Nursing Home. Outside the temperature is well below freezing. The hospital rang me to find out the telephone number of her Nursing Home (no directory?) so why are they discharging her now?  Can she not remain until breakfast?

I am pleased that she is not seriously injured. She is my mum but she is not the mum that I remember.  She is paying for care but they let her get out of bed without supervision. When they fail in their care they ring me. Can anyone tell me when this responsibility will end?  When do I become too old to care for my mum?  

Am I alone in this?  I suspect not but it is a problem that is part of the modern society which frankly sucks. Our elderly are being treated with contempt and what worries me most is that I will be next!  Sorry but this post came from the heart.

By Election Turnouts

So although UKIP did better than previous results they could not contest how the Labour party still manages to get their vote out.  Labour won all three of yesterday's by election so it would appear churlish not to congratulate them. However there is an underlying trend which is not being reported.

The turnouts in all three constituencies were abysmal.  In essence the three Labour candidates were returned to Westmonster by polling well under 20% of the electorate.  That means that over 80% did NOT vote for them and in the case of Middlesbrough and Rotherham it was 85%!

How can the Political Class expect respect from the public when they are claiming that they have won an election with the support of only 15% of the electorate. You can argue that it is the fault of the public for not voting but I do wonder if voting became compulsory what the results would be.

I do wonder how Nick Clegg can face his party this morning.  His stance on so many unpopular and unnecessary policies has wrecked his party. No doubt he is already lining up his next job within the European Union!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Leveson' versus Cameron?

In this image from video, News Corporation chairperson Rupert Murdoch appears at Lord Justice Brian Leveson's inquiry in London to answer questions under oath about how much he knew about phone hacking at the News of the World tabloid. (AP)
What has he started?
On the surface Lord Brian Leveson has come up with the perfect solution to the problems that beset our press. He states that we need an independent authority to regulate the press but we must ask ourselves who will appoint that authority? Who is so independent and so without question that we can trust them not to have an agenda?

On this blog I have asked many times who can we trust? I know that I trust my instinct. So for what it is worth I will explain my instinct. On one side we have the people who have been called before Leveson to illustrate a case.  The Dowlers (innocents), The McCanns (in my opinions questions still need to be asked) and the landlord of poor Joanna Yeates, Christopher Jefferies. are I think being used to illustrate a point Every one of these cases was deeply shocking but I believe that they are being used for an alternate reason. Then we have the celebrities who generally have an axe to grind.

We have within us a group of people who are being paid handsomely to change our society. They call themselves 'modernisers' and in old fashioned language they would be termed 'traitors'.  They are trying to change the fabric of the country. That is wrong, because they have actually done it as we can witness by  mass immigration, political correctness, health and safety, foreign aid, the European Union and so much more!

The last bastion of our society is a free press. Don't get me wrong the press have behaved disgracefully.  They have far exceeded their   brief but who allowed them to do it?  The politicians allowed them to do it.  Leveson got it right when he said that the politicians recognised that the press could win them elections. It was the politicians who gave the press their freedom! 

So what now?  The people who the Daily Mail believe are behind Leveson have powerful friends.  These friends are in a position to appoint the 'independent  committee' that they want to regulate our 'free press'. They are also aligned to 'Common Purpose'.

This is the aim of the 'Modernisers'. They want to regulate our press so that we might end up with Pravda or a French newspaper which cannot indulge in investigative journalism.  My main problem is that all the people who are against the decision of David Cameron are known modernisers and sympathisers with 'Common Purpose'.

When you work it out and realise that people like Nick Clegg (Lib Dem), Chris Bryant (NoLab) and Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough) are actually all in the same camp then you realise the extent of the corruption of our electoral system.  I won't even mention postal voting. This story has a long way to run and it is really important.

Take you want from this post because I will always say what I believe is right. That is my prerogative.  I just cannot square the stance of David Cameron because I believe he is in the same camp of the 'modernisers'. Perhaps they are playing with the public. 

Nothing would surprise me!


By Elections!

I have spoken about this before but today we have three by-elections being held in what have been Labour strongholds.  It always amazes me that, after their 13 years in government, any place could still be described as a 'Labour stronghold'.  Surely there are sufficient people with some common sense who realise that the modern Labour party stuffed with 'modernisers' is vastly different from the days of Clement Attlee or even Keir Hardie.

After the disastrous premierships of Messrs Blair and Brown how do the electorate still believe that voting Labour is not just a idea verging on lunacy? Take Rotherham, their former Labour MP has been sacked for misappropriating public funds and a council official punished a local couple for being members of UKIP by taking away their foster children! 

MP's in Westmonster prove time after time that once the party machines wrap their tentacles around the new MPs independent thought and representing their electorate disappears almost overnight. Today only a very small minority of MPs really have any power and the rest just do as they are told!

So once again the public can make a difference.  Once again they can give these political wasters a bloody nose. This is their chance to shake up the political scene and to make their votes count.  I still believe that if UKIP got one voice in parliament it could open the floodgates. 

Every time that 'normal people' gather and discuss politics they express disgust at the political system that we have been hoist with but somehow their bottle goes when they arrive in the voting booth. Will it happen again today?  I expect the results will stay the same and 3 more useless members of the party machines will be collecting their expenses and enjoying their subsidised meals and wine by next week!

I can only hope that I am wrong!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Common Purpose and Money!

I see that Lord Patten was today quizzed by a Select Committee and got a bit shirty.  I really am not surprised because Chris Patten has probably got a lot to worry about. On my recent cruise I read the Alan Clark book which I hated.  Alan Clark was everything that I despise in a human being but he hated Chris Patten claiming that he was nakedly ambitious. He called him a p***k and he was probably right!

Lord Patten is apparently a paid up member of Common Purpose but then he would be wouldn't he?  He was named in a recent Daily Mail exposure of Common Purpose and of course I am therefore not surprised that he allowed the former Head of the BBC George Entwhistle to walk off with a huge pay off.  A reward for failure.

This is of course how they operate. Have you noticed how all the disciples of  of the EU and Common Purpose are actually hosed with money that they have not earned? It is actually naked bribery. In every area that Common Purpose has invaded, salaries have gone through the roof!  It doesn't matter if it is Local Government, the Police, the European Union, the BBC or Westmonster they all survive on public money and none of them appear to be accountable. Whatever happened to District Audit?

Every one of them have their snouts in the trough. So where do we go from here? I notice that Nigel Farage refuses to have anything to do with David Cameron.  There is a reason for that. David Cameron leads a divided party (probably the only thing that young Miliband has got right) but more importantly his loyalty is not actually to the UK.  He is a europhile trying to con the British public into maintaining membership of the EU.

David Cameron is part of the 'club'.  He was elected as leader of the  Conservative party to stop David Davis who is a conservative.  He has his loyalties but they are not 'our' loyalties. That is why he fitted snugly into the Coalition with a Liberal who is actually a Socialist. He is conning the country and Nigel Farage knows it.

David Cameron is happy to support the inflation of living standards which only support the supporters of Common Purpose.  The more that we pay for public services the more the salaries will increase.  He talks austerity but the only people who suffer are the general public.

Nigel Farage inherently knows that he cannot trust David Cameron.  He clearly wants a man at the head of the Conservative party that he can trust (Michael Gove).  UKIP is growing and will be the death  of Cameron's false conservatism.  In the end the public always win. It usually takes time (far too much time) but in the end the fraudsters lose. Lord Patten may think that he is a winner (he probably has won) but his legacy may eventually rival so many other BBC 'legends' like Jimmy!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Derby County

Will Hughes - Derby teenager Will Hughes attracts Premier League interest as he makes England debut
Will Hughes in Action

This is just a personal view because although, I cannot get to see my beloved Rams, I do still watch from afar. I cannot make up my mind about Nigel Clough or the board. To some extent I agree with their youth policy but then if you want to compete at the top level then you have to invest.

Yesterday evening I got my first glimpse of the new team live on SKY. I was well rewarded.  The Rams have uncovered a talent which I could not believe.  I was fortunate enough to watch the debut of Roy McFarland in a Derby shirt.  I went home and told my father that I had just seen England's next centre half. His reaction was derision but then he was a Scot!

Yesterday evening I watched Will Hughes who at 17 years of age is a sensation! He has everything, vision, timing, strength and intelligence.  This 'boy' controlled the game against Birmingham by his crisp passing and involvement in the game. His timing is amazing. He has everything and I suspect that gives the Derby board a problem.

They should keep him! They won't keep him because they are greedy and parsimonious. This American company are only in the game to make a profit so Derby will never get into the Premiership under their stewardship.

The next target will be Michael Jacobs.  What a great acquisition he will become from the nether regions of Northampton Town. Give this team just two seasons of Hughes and Jacobs and the Rams fans could be dreaming again.  My plea is to give the team a chance.  Someone has done a great job of scouting the lower leagues for talent. 

Please don't sell them before they have a chance to develop. Let the Rams season ticket holders enjoy a rare talent for a couple of seasons.  It is inevitable that Will will move on and so will Michael but that is the nature of the game.

So live on this blog let me announce the arrival of Will Hughes and Michael Jacobs. Hughes in particular will be a sensation!

UKIP against the Modernisers!

Something has to give!  UKIP has to defend their own and drag the officers of the Rotherham Borough Council into the courts.  This nonsense about defending the cultural and ethnic needs of the children hides a multitude of sins.  These people live on a different planet.  They are so obsessed with their 'agenda' that they care not a jot about the kids or the foster parents. 

These local government zealots are, in my opinion, the modern equivalent of what the German people had to tolerate in the nineteen thirties.  They have the  power and they are determined to use it.  Frankly I find them frightening because nobody in politics seem to be able to dent their shield.

I have always spoken about the hidden agenda of the modernisers.  I rail repeatedly against the European Union and Common Purpose and of course I suppose I am regarded as a conspiracy theorist who is verging on section but...what if I am not? What happens if these possible lunatics are really trying to enslave the public and create a Moscow type society in the UK (which they are)?

Apparently a minority political party can be instantly branded as being 'racist' if it does not agree with the agenda of modernisation. Racism is the new heinous crime that supercedes murder, rape and armed robbery.  The police will hesitate to attend any of the aforesaid but if you are accused of 'racism' then someone will press the 'manure' button and the whole pile will land on your head.

In my opinion UKIP has to defend their membership.  They must take Rotherham Borough Council to court and challenge their charge of racism.  This cannot continue but I suspect that UKIP know the courts are so skewed against the public that they would not win.

Personally I care not about the election of police commissioners but an election of judges may just bring the voters out! 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The European Union (again!)

Ever since I began this blog I have railed against the unelected and undemocratic commissioners of the EU.  The whole concept is absurd and yet every one of our mainstream politicians is in league with them.  It appears that in many parliamentary constituences an individual will not be supported for candidency unless he/she supports the EU.

In recent years the economies of almost every member state are on the verge of collapse.  In many of them the people have taken to the streets protesting about this cabal which has ruined their economy. Certainly in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain there are serious economic problems which cannot be disguised and now I read that one political party in the Spanish region of Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain if they win an upcoming election.

David Cameron continues to promote the preposterous theory that he can change the EU from within which judging by the recent arguments over finance seems to be a forlorn hope.  Up and up go our contributions to an organisation which has not been audited for something like 18 years.  There are a plethora of videos on YouTube featuring Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, berating the EU leadership.

Apparently we give over 50 million pounds a DAY for the EU to squander in any way that they want which is highlighted here by Mr Farage.  The EU today seems to be split between givers and takers.  We give and the grasping hands take.  Think what we could do with a legacy of 50 millions pounds a day?  Our pensioners could even get a decent pension.  I know that I am beating my head against the concrete brains of those who still vote Con/Lab/Lib but who knows one day common sense may prevail and perhaps the EU commissioners will end up in prison charged with the bankruptcy of Europe. I can only dream!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Modernisers against Patriots

I have banged on loudly about the campaign of the people who describe themselves as 'modernisers' but who, in effect, are trying to bring the country to its knees. Their goal is to tear down the fabric of everything that we 'oldies' believe is the ethos of the country which binds us all together. They are attacking our beliefs and our life style which has served us so well for do many centuries.

So let me examine their success and they certainly have succeeded! After this attack on our society, family trees will be almost certainly become extinct apart from those patriots who have instilled decency in their children. Believe me, in years to come cousins will marry cousins without the slightest idea that it should not happen. Hell brothers could even marry sisters and not know it.  Copulation reigns OK?

The female bishop row is an example of the modernisation plan in full flow. They have brainwashed the female brigade to believe that they can do anything and have it all. How foolish is that? Very few are super people and the rest of us just have to cope but many women believed the propaganda and have suffered as a result. If women get it all then someone will suffer in exactly the same way as if men try to have it all. Common sense rules OK?

The BBC has been at the forefront of modernisation. Their whole staff preach 'diversity' and 'political correctness' so that this influence reaches far and wide. Then along comes Jimmy Savile who it would appear was encouraged by the BBC and protected for decades despite a life style that disgusts most of us. 

In every living room in the UK the public disagree with what is happening. We hate the absence of British humour, we hate the mass immigration that has turned many of our inner city areas into alien civilisations (Leicester). We hate the absence of the police supporting the public. We hate that some of our doctors do not understand our concerns and they do not even speak our language.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that the 'modernisers' led by Cameron/Clegg/Miliband are leading us down a path which we, the people, do not want to go! So what happens? What happens is that people stop voting. We have just seen it with the recent Police Commissioner elections but that is what they want. If you do not vote, if you do not support anyone then the major parties will always win.

They were delighted with the turnout. There are no rules which discriminate on turnout. If seven people voted and a major party won they would rejoice. Not voting is not an option. FFS vote against them!  Corby had the ideal opportunity to create a precedence and they bottled it... Shmucks! Sorry that means bloody idiots! They had a chance to vote UKIP and they voted for a party which totally wrecked the economy of their country. You prats!

The people all agree. We don't want what we have got. The problem is that the Political Class has stitched up the voting system.  It costs too much to stand against the major parties so it would take a rather rich person to make a stand. We do not necessarily want a rich person because we want someone who understands what it is like on Planet Earth. 

Currently the patriots do not have a party. We used to call it the 'Conservative Party' and we don't really want to be 'BMP' but what is the alternative? Why can't we find a patriot that we respect?

Nigel Farage?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christians 1 Politicians 0

I am not a Christian but my beloved daughter is and so are so many of her lovely friends.  They all follow the teachings of the bible. They believe in their faith and their bible is their faith. Apparently the bible says that only males can be 'bishops'. Please excuse my ignorance because I do not know the intricacies of this subject but if you are a Christian surely you follow the teachings of the bible?

So today the motion to circumnavigate the bible was defeated. Most thinking people know that committed Christians in this country are actually under threat. The undercurrent of political pressure ensure that people who follow the scriptures are today a political target.

How many cases have we seen of Christians who insist on wearing their crosses at work being victimised? How many cases are brought against women wearing burkas?  They are even allowed to pass through airport security. It is a joke! 

Today common sense prevailed. So much wailing from the discredited BBC but of course the public now know (courtesy of Jimmy Savile) what their agenda is! At long last Christians have fought back despite the protestations of the politically correct high profile politicians (just how many politically correct, female, black vicars exist in the Church of  England?).  So at long last the Christians defeated the Politicians! Not before time.

Plea Bargaining in the UK?

Yesterday I commented on the plight of the SAS Sergeant who had been sentenced to 18 months in a military prison at Colchester for importing an Iraqi pistol illegally.  Today his father spoke out on SKY news and intimated that his son had been a victim of 'plea bargaining'.

This has become a major part of the American legal system and it means that if you plead 'guilty' you may get a much reduced sentence. If you do not plead 'guilty' and get found 'guilty' then they throw the book at you for being uncooperative.

I cannot believe that a British army military court would use this method of extracting a conviction and if they did is it legal?  I admit that I am speaking from a platform of legal ignorance but there is so much slithering going on in our courts which would not have been tolerated years ago that I think it should be challenged.

I don't yet know how this case came to court.  The pistol arrived in a box packed by Sgt Nightingale's mates. Apparently he did not open it for 2 years.  He intended to present the pistol to a museum.
So what was wrong with a wrap on the knuckles for a technical breach of the rules? He has served for 17 years and is an elite soldier so why is he being treated in this abysmal manner?  I still believe that there is an underlying reason for this sentence because it is blatantly unfair!

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Law and the Services

I have posted about this before but there appears to be an undercurrent of antipathy from the Home Office or the UK Border Service towards any individual who has a service background.  Time after time a person who has any type of service background is treated unfairly when involved with the law. It is just as if an edict has been secretly issued that anyone who has a service background is not likely to one of 'us' and should therefore be taught a lesson.

Currently there are two cases in the public domain. A survivor of the 7/7 bombing, Professor John Tulloch, a 70 year old university lecturer was told that 'as a British subject without citizenship' he was no longer entitled to remain.  His crime appears to be that his father served as a major in the army and he was born in colonial India! He has been in England since the age of 3 and can trace his family back to the 14th century.

Considering the number kids (including my own) who were born while their parents were serving overseas do they all have to worry now that they are 'British subjects without citizenship'. Professor Tulloch almost had to beg for justice which, considering the number of potential terrorists we have in our prisons and on the streets, is hardly reassuring.

Then we have the case of Sergeant Danny Nightingale an SAS sergeant currently banged up for 18 months for apparently being in possession of an illegal firearm! He didn't even bring it into the country himself. Now he may have technically committed a crime but for heaven's sake...people get less for violence!  He has served with the colours for 17 years but now his wife is forced to publicly plea to the PM!  Something is very wrong in this country. There are very evil people in our midst and we should all be on our guard.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Health and Safety in Cairo!

Health and Safety Egypt Style!
I just had to show you these two photographs that I took from our tour car on the route from Port Said to Cairo!

I could not believe my eyes particularly when I saw the little girls wedged between the two helmetless lads on the motor bike!

The standards of driving and road sense were largely non- existent.  I'm afraid the tragic accident where all the kids were killed at a level crossing further to the south of Cairo did not surprise me.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Low Turnouts!

When I left this country for a 30 day cruise my voting cards had not arrived.  When we returned a day after the elections for Police Commissioners we had a huge pile of mail but nothing explaining the difference between the local candidates. Nothing about who they were and what they stood for so not only did we lose our vote we would have had little knowledge of the candidates even if we had stayed behind!

This has been a political conspiracy to defraud the public. It will not matter who gets elected we will only get more of the same and guess what...the public know it.  Clearly right across the country the public have ignored this farce.

I cannot think of one credible modern politician. I can think of many that should be in prison.  They are exposed almost daily and Dennis McShane is just the latest example of politicians who appear to have helped themselves to the public purse and then escaped the full force of the law.

So what do the public do?  They ignore these farcical elections and what do the Political Class usual they ignore the public. Some time ago I posed the low does the turnout have to go before an election is declared null and void?

In Leicestershire today they elected a public official when only 16% of the people had voted. Surely that does not give the winner a mandate to rule and if it does how long before it gets less?  Bloody hell 16% that means his friends, family and probably his dog managed to get him a very powerful and lucrative public position.

In an age of so called austerity the Political Class thought up a plan which cost the public a shed load of money.  All the public want is protection from the criminal element.  We don't want crime numbers for insurance purposes we want crime stopped!  The police have become a state sponsored force more interested in diversity crime than violence.

If I ever see one of these newly elected Police Commissioners change the Common Purpose/EU policy of no police on the streets then I will sit up and take notice.

When will the news outlets and the politicians realise that the public have rumbled them.  The turnouts will continue to tumble and when they do they humiliate the idiots who follow the Common Purpose/EU diktat. I say humiliate but frankly they don't care.

On holiday I read many books and one of them was 'Alan Clark-the Early Years'. It is quite staggering that this individual was elected for a Plymouth seat when he hated his constituency and was a serial philanderer. I have never read about anyone so vain, spoiled and so utterly devoid of moral principle.  The problem was he also fingered so many politicians who were made of the same moral fibre. The people that he wrote about exist today.

These Eton and Oxford rich kids know nothing.  They are born to privilege but then in modern terms the Labour front bench are almost identical.  So we now have two parties of identical class who are engaged in their own private debating society. The days of Keir Hardie are long gone.

That is the reason that the public cannot be bothered with the latest idiotic waste of money. You won't find that on the news.

Common Purpose...Exposed!

I have just returned from a 30 day break cruising round the Eastern Mediterranean with my wife.  We had a wonderful time but it was very difficult not to post a comment when the bad news continued to beleaguer the Political Class.  Anyone who has remotely followed my ramblings in the past five years will know that so many of my least favourite topics have been exposed as being rotten to the core.

Today however, the Daily Mail broke the ultimate taboo when they exposed Common Purpose which was one of the main reasons that I began this blog.  In a huge investigation they have outed Sir David Bell and Julia Middleton and to my knowledge this is the first time that a national newspaper has exposed the involvement of Common Purpose in our public life and the extent of their influence.

I have to admit that it takes time to wade through it all as their investigation is very thorough but it also 'outs' some of our major public figures.  Some of our most respected (by some) politicians appear to be involved with this secret organisation. The Mail investigation mentioned Lord Patten, Chris Bryant MP (he of the underpants pose), Cressida Dick of the Met (remember she headed the Jean Charles de Menezes shambles and got promoted).  Her sometime successor Sue Akers and many other high ranking police officers are also implicated in involvement with Common Purpose. 

I have never before seen a mainstream newspaper tackle this insidious organisation but it would appear that the Mail is suspicious that Lord Leveson is being manipulated into creating a situation where Common Purpose supporters will get an opportunity to impose their own terms on the freedom of the press. I have long warned of just how powerful they have become but if the Mail has been forced into this exposure of Common Purpose then someone, somewhere, is finally albeit belatedly, realising the threat!