Monday, 19 October 2009

Will anything ever change?

It will seem like an eternity until next May when we can at last kick Gordon Brown and his bunch of miscreants and shysters into the long grass hopefully for a very, very long time. The problem is that in the period that they have been allowed to corrupt the country from top to bottom they have created a generation of young people who have been virtually brainwashed to ignore politics.

At the same time a generation of sane and sensible people who remember when we relied on commonm sense, when we could give and take a joke without worrying about political correctness and when we believed in a sensible and moral society are dying off.

I don't recognise the people who are taking their place because the country that I have known all of my life is changing in almost everyway and none of it is for the better. It is the same with our politicians. We have always known that politics was a dirty game but the current breed have taken the House of Westmonster into the gutter.

I have constantly blogged that many of them should be in the dock but I strongly suspect that very few will be dragged into court and then only the minor players. Consequently I have lost my faith in the police, the law and in the Political Class. Where does that leave me in this modern world? I have considered just shutting down this insignificant blog and saying sod 'em but here I can voice my thoughts and feelings.

I care about what is happening to my little bit of this planet. I see a Prime Minister posturing on the world stage blathering on about climate change when he personally has almost obliterated the economy of the country. We still have seven months of him and his cronies to tolerate. I just wish that the tree huggers who over the weekend decided to attack Ratcliffe Power Station would turn their attention on Downing Street!

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