Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tomorrow and the next day!

Well they are all here, the G20 group, and it has cost us £20 million pounds. Does anyone really believe that these people can come up with a plan to 'save the world'? What is it all about? None of these politicians will come up with a global plan because people like the Germans and the French will always insist upon an advantage for their own people.

We the British have long since given up that anyone will represent us. We have been bulldozed into Europe without a vote. We have police who ignore the criminal and target the taxpayer. We just pay up and hope that we can survive until tomorrow. Our poor grandchildren are innocently walking into the future not realising that there are ideologists who wish to rob them of their childhood and their freedom.

Tomorrow people will protest. What kind of protest? Will it be peaceful? If it is peaceful what will it achieve? It almost has to be to violent to compete with the French. There are apparently thousands of police waiting for it to 'kick off'. Where are these police when the burglars kick your door in? How can this government suddenly conjure up thousands of police to keep them safe?

I am too old to join in a violent protest but unfortunately I do believe that it is long overdue. These politicians are day after day treating us like serfs. We know that they are robbing us blind. In any walk of life these people would be in the dock and jailed. It is quite clear that the Gestapo (sorry police) have geared up for a threat.

It is time for a revolution but will it happen...oh for the sake of my grandchildren something tells me that...I hope it kicks off! I cannot fight with them but I will help to bury the dead!

Monday, 30 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

This year I have been opened a spreadsheet and each Thursday after the round of local by-elections I have been totalling the votes cast for each party. I have then divided them by the number of elections contested before calculating the percentage votes cast for each party.

I am doing this just to see if the polls conducted in the mainstream media have any merit or are they just fiction. After all the VMB poll is based on actual votes cast not just opinion.

I am also on the lookout for any significant trends and they are beginning to emerge. For example it hardly seems to matter what antics the Westminster politicians get up to the traditional battle lines are maintained. The minor parties cannot get a toehold even when the turnout is so horrendously low.

In Ettingshall a suburb of Wolverhampton for example NoLab polled more than their three other opponents put together. I suspect that once again that is an immigrant vote. In Jacqui Smith's Redditch they contested two districts last week. In Redditch Central the NoLab winner once again polled more votes that the total of the four opposition parties and gained the seat from the Tories! In Headless Cross and Oakenshaw however the trend was reversed with the Tories retaining the seat. Given the constant diet of sleaze dripped into the press by so many high ranking NoLab politicians I am baffled how they retain this vote but then if the immigrants or the benefit recipients don't read the papers then they probably think that nothing has changed since Keir Hardie!

It is still surprisingly tight between NoLab and the Tories and the only other point to note is that the BNP are still holding their share of the vote almost every time that they contest an election. here are the stats:-

Tories 25.37%
NoLab 25.12%
Lib Dems 18.77%
BNP 16.42%
Independents 6.5%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.33%

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Jacqui Smith

Does absolutely nothing shame this NoLab government? The Home Secretary's husband is allegedly claiming for adult movies at public expense and she continues in her position as if nothing has happened.

She has already been outed for false claims on a second home and her department continues to come under public scrutiny for under achievement but the Home Secretary does not consider resignation.

It is mind bogglingly unbelievable! It now appears that no standards remain in public life. Grab what you can, shaft who you want but no matter what, do not resign your position. Stand in front of television crews and apologise, even beg for mercy, explain that your actions have not caused the death of any individuals, do whatever you have to do but do not resign!

If you resign then you are shafted! If you don't resign then you are following the party line. You are supporting your PM, your colleagues, the government and absolutely to hell with the electorate. After all they still have another eighteen months left to gorge themselves at public expense.

They have lost all moral authority and yet the main stream media continue to court them as celebrities who have a right to preach to the rest of us as opposed to the scum that they actually are. Where will it all end?

Saturday, 28 March 2009


There is every possibility that next week the protests in London could turn nasty. There is no doubt that that the government will deploy as many police as they believe is necessary to maintain control.

But what happens if the 'Old Bill' fail to retain control? Where do we go from there?
What happens if the activists drive them back and I understand that the Salvation Army are amongst the aggressors.

Have we become so desperate that the Salvation Army has to protest against the government? Who will join this protest? Will we see pensioners and if we do what treatment will they get from Jacqui Smith's Gestapo? I fear that the government is so desperate to quell any semblance of disquiet that we may see scenes on the street of London that we have never ever seen believeable.

The character of this nation will never allow the Fabian Left wing to totally dominate us. We are ridiculously complacent. We never believe that anyone could threaten our pleasant little lifestyles but... it is happening. They tell us not to tell British cultural jokes. They tell us that we cannot repel thieves from our homes. They tell us that we are stuffed as Englishmen... but next week I really hope enough people have the guts to protest, quietly, with dignity against 'Mugabe' Brown.

Do you know I firmly believe that the 'Mugabe' police will overract and then the people will overract and then God help us! I sincerely hope that I am wrong but the police have been educated us to believe that they are the successors to the Gestapo, There are forces amongst us who want Civil War and I suspect, regrettably, that they will get their wish.

Friday, 27 March 2009

A National Embarrassment

I have never seen the British spirit so extinguished. Everywhere we look we have become browbeaten and cowed to such an extent that it takes a Sri Lankan immigrant to stand up for us.

We mistrust and abhor our cheating, grasping, unworthy politicians. We have lost faith in the police and now actually fear their sense of fair play. We know that the Justice system under the CPS is failing us.

We cannot halt the mass immigration which is changing the face of our country to such an extent that the education of our children is being hindered and we, who have founded and paid for the NHS, now stand behind people who cannot even speak English. If we complain we are dubbed racists.

We have lost our natural leaders. The Aristocracy, the Royals, the Clergy and the Military have all been subverted, converted and neutered by the subversive and corrosive left wing ideologists. We see it everywhere that we look. We cannot find a leader who will challenge the Fabian left wing creeping paralysis. When a lone voice like Daniel Hannen tells Gordon Brown the truth he is hailed as a hero in the Blogosphere but is almost ignored by the mainstream media.

The BNP, a legal political party, stands against the European Union and is currently the lone voice advocating that the indigenous population of the UK should have priority for the services that they have generally manned, improved and paid for. In response they are reviled and recently have been physically attacked by thugs purporting to be anti fascist but in reality they resemble the Brown Shirt brigade favoured by Adolf Hitler.

Our Prime Minister is a national embarrassment. He continually grins like some kind of girning contestant. He is being attacked on all sides. He is the PM who cannot tie a tie who bites his nails and picks his nose in public. He is lacking style, class and charisma. His much vaunted reputation for financial prudence is in tatters and without that he is nothing.

When Daniel Hannen stood up in the European Parliament and revealed the truth about Gordon Brown he brought to mind the fable 'The King is in the altogether' because single handedly he stripped Gordon Brown of his cover. Suddenly the emperor was naked! This previously unheard of Tory MEP did the unthinkable. He told the truth!

Our Prime Minister is in fact a national embarrassment and the world will line up to give him a kicking. He is almost desperate (I cringe whenever I see them together) to ingratiate himself to Barack Obama because the US President is probably the only person to give him the time of day. If he loses that support then he is done for because his predecessor, Tony Blair, has all the characteristics that he lacks.

Tony Blair is smartly dressed, he ties a tie, he doesn't bite his nails and he doesn't chew snot in public. Of course we all know that apparently Tony Blair is a war criminal but in the litany of NoLab crimes that is probably small beer. Despite that we have to find a way to dispose of Gordon Brown. If we do not get rid of him and his crazy pronouncements on the economy then we will all suffer a fate akin to the Zimbabweans.

Please do not say that it could not happen here because everything else has and we have done nothing to oppose it.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Yet Another Police Apology!

I must admit I am getting heartily sick of watching some muppet dressed up in police braid apologising to the public for yet another example of police fecklessness. Time after time a dangerous felon has been allowed to prey on the public for months on end despite clear evidence that he should have been behind bars.

We all realise that in this day and age the police are only interested in political correctness,diversity and box ticking. The papers are continually crammed with stories of police not responding to requests for help from the public. As a result burglars and robbers are having a field day.

It will continue until someone rids each force of the 'Common Purpose' appointments. In the meantime the worst 'hate' crime is taking the law into your own hands because the police have let you down. It is always without exception the victim who gets charged. It is a joke but it is not very funny and we are paying for it some of us with our lives. We should not accept the apology and demand reparation.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gordon Brown - the end of the Road?

He is under pressure from almost everyone. He was pillaged in the European Parliament and the Governor of the Bank of England has had an unprecedented meeting with Her Majesty. The President of the European Union reckons that his policies are the 'the road to hell'.

The truth is that people who want to manipulate fact for political ends will never win. The European Union is a lie. It has not passed an audit for 14 years and therefore it is an illegal organisation. The Irish (the only people who have been given a vote) knew that it was wrong and yet their democratic vote will be ignored.

It costs us billions every year and we, the British, never gain a penny back because the socialist ethic behind this so called market insists that wealth must be redistributed. Why then do the three major parties in Westminster insist that the European Union is a viable proposition?

The only reason has to be that they are all in the same club. They know that it is their eventual salvation because when the country is done with them they will all disappear into the European sunset, like the Kinnocks did, and make a fortune.

Gordon has been rumbled! He has been rumbled by the public, the Queen, the Bank of England, the European Union and the United States. He is isolated but he cannot be replaced because the Socialists do not have a leader in waiting. Tony Blair who has in hindsight been so discredited won the last election because he duped the electorate by his acting potential.

Gordon will cling on to the last possible moment because he is addicted to the power but in the meantime this incompetent 'phoney' clings to the position when even he must know that his continual presence will ruin the country.

Gordon Brown is prepared to destroy the economy of a country because he will not admit that he is wrong. These charges that he is psychologically 'flawed' are beginning to strike home. We are all doomed until NoLab replaces this idiot. The trouble is that if Gordon Brown is replaced then all the other phonies are exposed to the electorate. If Gordon Brown is wrong then Ed Balls is wrong, and Jack Straw is wrong and then the Millibands are what we know they are.

The NoLab bubble is wrong, the Common Purpose approach, the Quangos,the Trusts the Committees, they are now all exposed. The Fabian NoLab fraud will unravel if Gordon Brown is ever deposed so he is bomb proof! It will take an honest election to get rid of this imposter. We will never get an honest election if Gordon and his supporters get their way. They will manipulate everything because they are desperate.

He grins desperately at the European Parliament. He swans around the world hoping for support. Even the Queen is talking behind his back because he will never know what her and Mervyn King spoke about but I tell you what they did not meet because they loved Gordon Brown!

At Last - Gordon Brown has been told the Truth!

Old Holborn has an extract from YouTube featuring an MEP called Daniel Hannon roasting Gordon Brown alive in the European Parliament. This has not been reported in the mainstream media and in particular ignored by the BBC (are we surprised?).

Hannon told our PM exactly what we think of him and Brown had to sit and take it on the chin. He is shown with that silly grin on his face but this was the best speech I have heard for a long time. He was spared nothing.

Old Holborn is rapidly overtaking Guido Fawkes as the most radical blog in the land. So if you want a chance to see someone telling Brown what you have always want to tell him then watch it at Old Holborn. I was almost moved to applause.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

G20 Meltdown

I am reading that a huge protest by various groups is timed to happen on 1 April/2 April in Central London where the banks are going to be targeted. Firms in Central London have sent out warnings to staff to keep a low profile and it would appear that large scale violence is expected.

The protest which appears to be well coordinated appears to be four pronged where anti G20, Climate change, anti war groups and home repossession/pensions groups are marching together to change the country. The police appear to be taking this very seriously and this may be the reason why the government have been making secret plans to deal with civil unrest.

I would hate to see innocents being attacked on the streets of London but frankly I am not surprised. This government have been asking for trouble for some considerable time now. At this moment in time I do no know what to wish for. I don't think that there can be a happy medium and yet I baulk at a total breakdown of society.

Perhaps throwing Gordon Brown into the Thames should suffice for the time being!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Political Sleaze

So there we have it 'Mugabe' Brown has had to direct a so called 'review' into the pay, expenses and conduct of the so called 'honourable' Members of Parliament. NoLab, the party of the people, the party which attracts a core vote from the working class indigenous population which is second to none, continue to let them down!

Over the weekend we have the unedifying spectre of yet another NoLab Cabinet Minister being 'outed' for his abuse of the parliamentary expense system. I will never buy into the NoLab claims that 'they are following the rules' because we all know what is fraud and what is not fraud.

This government is unravelling at the seams. They have not got a clue how to run a country but then that is consistent with the Fabian ideology. Ideology will never run a business. Ed Balls cannot run a country because he has no hard experience and I pick on him because he is the epitome of NoLab nonsense. He was the architect of the Banking system which of course has almost ruined us. He imposes the targets which has cause the Social Services such a problem and remember he is the Children's Minister. The sexualisation of the children at such an early age is also his idea.

The real culprit however is 'Mugabe' Brown formerly known on the blogs as 'Macavity' because he always disappears whenever the going gets tough. His 'review' of the expenses fraud coincides with yet another example of a Cabinet Minister caught with his snout in the trough. I ignore the conduct of his mate who has been caught with his trousers down in the House of Commons on Remembrance Day!

'Mugabe' Brown cannot duck one charge and that is the charge of poor choice of friends. Everywhere we look the friends of Gordon Brown are letting him down. They have all got their noses firmly in the trough. Think of the Balls family, the Fat Lodger (Jacqui Smith), Tony McNulty and before them Mandelsson, Blunkett, and it goes on and on!

Judge your man on his friends I was once told. It is a very wise saying but we now know that NoLab politicians cannot be trusted but tell that to the voters of St Helens, Tameside and Newcastle who continue to vote for NoLab in droves. I am sorry but the destuction of the English education system is obviously now paying dividends. They are desperately thick!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I have now included the election results for 19 March. There were a total of five local by elections and no real surprises. As the percentages show the NoLab support in the large connorbations is keeping them in the race. It doesn't seem to matter how they perform (or don't), how many of them are caught abusing their privileges nothing can shake this blinkered core vote.

Today the News of the World carried an editorial once again attacking the BNP and warning that if they attract 5% of the vote then they could send seven BNP MEP's to Brussels. They are also warning that some large cities may also fall to the BNP. There is a whiff of fear in the air!

Conservative 24.27%
NoLab 24.18%
LibDems 18.5%
BNP 16.7%
Independents 6.5%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.33% (unchanged did not field a candidate)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Terrorism - who do they mean?

I watched the Fat Lodger (Jacqui Smith) on the news tonight talking about her response to terrorism. She was talking about calling upon European partners to help with the war on terrorism, It sounded so honest, so kosher, so up front but then I would not trust a word which comes out of that woman's mouth.

She talks about terrorists. We all assume that she means the extreme Muslims who have always threatened our society. We would always assume that any measures to curb their activities would be welcomed, But then does she really mean them? After all this government has bent over backwards to accommodate the Muslims who really threaten us. We all saw the pictures of the police defending the Muslim extremists who thought it right and proper to abuse our returning troops from Afghanistan when they paraded through Luton.

So it is hardly likely that she means the Muslim extremists so who is she afraid of? Does she really mean people who disagree with the NoLab government... you know people like you or me? Is she building up to confront you and me? Would she really call upon the Eurocop to subdue any protest by you or me? That means the armed Eurocop by the way.

Are we the terrorists that NoLab fear?

Short Term Detention Project

One aspect of blogging that I have to admire is the ability of some of the contributors to see through the antics of this discredited government and uncover the hidden agenda behind innocent looking pronouncements.

The Blog 'Old Holborn' is a great example because some time ago he spotted an advert searching for Project Evaluators for a Short Term Detention Project. Apparently the Home Office is looking to reopen mothballed Police Stations close to Motorways and city centres. For the details check out his Blog because he deserves your patronage.

He then noticed a tenfold rise in the capital expenditure for the local police authority in his Council Tax and queried it. He was initially informed that it was for a refurbishment programme but after pressing for more information it was admitted that it was to build detention centres.

The project is to be completed by June 2009. Why do they think that they will need these facilities this year? Do they expect civil disobedience? What are they going to do to create this social tension? Are things SO bad that they know the people will take to the streets?

I hate my thoughts. There is no need for any strife on our streets. All we want is fair play for everyone. All the British have always wanted is a fair deal but there are those who are not satisfied with that. I seriously hope that Gordon Brown is not preparing for some kind of civil war but I am afraid I continue to mistrust the Political Class.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Our Country at the Crossroads!

Since my post yesterday I have had some education. I have toured up and down the net being passed from website to blog trying to discover the menace in our society. I have long believed that England as a country was under threat from within Europe but I never believed that the threat was so far advanced and so well planned and so imminent.

Like most other people I believed that the threat of the Communist/Marxist lobby had died with the demise of the Soviet Union/East Germany where the socialist experiment failed miserably. I also thought that the days of the well-heeled traitor, those born with their silver spoon stuck firmly in their mouth who have enjoyed the best of educations but who are quite prepared for idealogical reasons to renege on their birthright had also disappeared.

I was wrong. They are still here and they are working tirelessly to destroy our country. They have already destroyed the democratic process and unless we wake up very soon and start to play hard ball then we will sleepwalk into a European Super State ruled by a Political Class which we will never get rid of.

Freedom is never won easily and in our case I am beginning to believe that it will eventually be won on the streets. If you are in doubt about the extent of the problem then visit the 'Stop Common Purpose' site and then visit the comments responding to the articles on the BNP site.

I have come on the scene far too late. Like so many others I have tolerated the global warming nonsense, the lack of a referendum on Europe, the destruction of the justice system, the sexualisation of our young kids and the rise of the town hall mafia that now I won't believe anyone.

I have tiptoed around the BNP problem for some time but now I have come to the conclusion that they are the only salvation/opposition to the Common Purpose/Westminster/EU brigade. I have read enough today which makes me believe that Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Nick Clegg are one and the same and have no love for the English people.

We are at a crossroads people but have we the stomach and the fortitude of our forefathers if push comes to shove? When our government asks for help from the EU because the British are protesting peacefully on the streets and their police cannot cope how will you react? Remember our troops have been distracted to Afghanistan so it would be justifiable to ask for armed help from the EU! If we ever let armed EU police onto our streets then we may have well capitulated to Adolf Hitler because the result would be the same.

Sorry folks but this is purely a personal reaction to what I have seen coming for some time but like most of you I have ignored it. To some people this is not a game because they are playing for keeps. They have swamped us with immigration and we put up with everything because to be honest the British Public have lost their courage. However don't we owe it to the 150 soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and the thousands who have returned injured to start to fight back?

We all know that what is happening is wrong. We talk about it in every household.
Every time we open a newspaper we are disgusted. Now is the time to stop burying our heads in the sand. Prepare to defend your nation for the sake of your kids and grandkids.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Common Purpose - a major threat to society?

Have you noticed in the past few years how many people at the 'Head of Department' level, who fail in their mission/job, are invariably allowed to resign from their position. They then walk away with huge pensions intact, lump sums in compensation and even when their actions have been criminal they never face charges.

They appear to have an invisible aura around then which suggests 'untouchable' and nobody appears to be able to penetrate this barrier. It has left me thinking who creates the barrier, who installed the 'untouchable' tag, why can't anyone penetrate the protective screen and why are these people never charged?

About a week after I began this Blog I visited an area which had caught my attention and frankly more than a year later nothing has emerged to explain the workings of an organisation called Common Purpose. If you Google 'Common Purpose' then they do have a bright, shiny, website but frankly it tells you pretty much nothing. They apparently recruit promising individuals for positions of authority (as long as they do as they are told).

Since I wrote my little piece more Blogs have also approached this subject because some very important people belong to this 'secret oganisation' and the BNP claim to be the only political party not tainted by Common Purpose.

Back in January 2008 I wrote the following:-

"I can only tell you what I have read on the Internet because I have never read a word about this organisation in the press. All these crusading journalists who will expose all manner of political corruption and not a word on an organisation which appears to be subverting our law enforcing bodies. It reminds me of the immortal line in the film 'Fight Club' you know the one; "The first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club".

Now I am beginning to understand who has imposed this invisible barrier around the incompetents and miscreants who appear to pervade the government, the law, the police, the NHS, Social Services,Education, Local Government and la-la-la almost everywhere else.

When one of their own commits gross misconduct and is exposed to public scrutiny the process swings into action. They are suspended on full pay pending an 'independent' enquiry. They are then allowed to resign which ensures their pension rights and they walk into the sunset clutching their lump sum. They are almost invariably on huge salaries and during the tenure of their position they have probably syphoned off large sums of public money which the government throws at its public services.

If you are reading this Blog I don't need to describe the effect that this insidious organisation has had on our Public Services. We have all experienced the problems.
Common Purpose is inexorably linked with the European Union. I have long thought that deep in the depths of the EU there are people who are working to destroy England. This is how they are doing it. If anyone can revoke my theory I would be glad to withdraw my allegation but you know the rule about the first rule of Fight Club!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The NHS (Stafford Style)

Can anyone credit the conditions reported at the NHS hospital in Stafford? This abhorrent episode is a disgrace to a western democracy and yet how does this government respond? It is not their fault of course and it is the fault of management. The management responsible of course had a board of governors...you know the Trust of whatever else they are called, who should have had people monitoring the management.

Did the Trust members never walk down a corridor and check up on the treatment that the patients were receiving? Were they so complacent, so comfortable, so arrogant of their position that they cared so little for the patients?

As usual 'Mugabe' Brown will promise his 'independent' enquiry but what are really needed are jail sentences! Every member of the management and the Trust should face prison because that is the only way they will learn respect.

Honesty, Integrity and Trust!

Every day as a news junkie I watch the final days of probably the most inept government ever slowly grinding to a faltering close (unless you live in St Helens of course). Today the leader of the jittery opposition was ordered by the speaker to withdraw the comment that the PM was a 'phoney'!

'Phoney'! I can think of a hundred names worse than 'phoney' to describe 'Mugabe' Brown the worst Prime Minister this country has ever been saddled with but who we have thoroughly deserved. We have sleep walked into the twenty first century with a complacency of people who have been so arrogant that we refuse to believe that our nation, our traditional ideas, our heritage has been destroyed in twelve unbelievable years of treachery and incompetence.

When I grew up I had a network of support and trust which I knew would not fail me.
I had two parents of different sex and I also had grandparents who I knew loved me. They were all in employment and always had been. None of my family drew benefits but none owned their own house. I was the first person in my family history who owned his own house and my son is the first who has been educated to degree level and he is past 35. There are no silver spoons in my family!

So my eldest granddaughter has just turned eight years of age and who can she trust? She is very lucky because she has a very supportive family but who else can she trust? Can she trust her education? Can she trust the police? Can she trust the Civil Service to safeguard her personal details? Can she trust her MP? Can she trust lawyers or the CPS to give her a fair deal? If she is ill can she trust the NHS? Can she trust banks to safeguard her money?

Are you getting the picture? The United Kingdom is riddled with corruption and unfortunately political corruption is at the height of the agenda. We actually cannot trust anything or anyone. They are all 'at it' and with the collapse of the financial services which will affect us all it is difficult to know who or where we turn to.

We now have the government printing money like Mugabe does in Zimbabwe. Everything else is collapsing and we have to sit back and watch 'Mugabe' Brown trumpet his tractor statistics every Wednesday at PM's Question Time. Cameron should have refused to withdraw the comment 'phoney'. He should have substituted another expletive like 'traiterous F****** Bas****' and then walked out before he was named. That would have won him the next election! As it is he refuses to place the ball into the open goal because only by absolutely embarrassing 'Tractor' Brown will he prick the bubble.

Gawd help us!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wanstead By-Election

The Westminster Three have apparently combined against the BNP in the forthcoming Wanstead By-Election for the Redbridge Council. They have united to condemn the only party who disagrees with their discredited policies. The local newspaper has deleted all the comments supporting the BNP and only published those who support the Westminster Three.

It is this rampant discrimination which is forcing people to vote for the BNP. How can they ignore their own perceived differences purely to attack a minor opposition party. The word 'fear' comes to mind. Hopefully the electorate in Wanstead are not as hopelessly blinkered as those in say St Helens.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the three Westminster parties are in league with one another in an attempt to stop any withdrawal from Europe. The European Union has not passed an audit for fourteen years and yet none of our politicians think that this should be challenged. We continue to pour billions every year into this 'illegal' organisation which only favours a political class.

How can we get this message to the electorate in general. I have yet to commit myself to the BNP but they are the only party left who have the guts and the organisation to take the battle to the enemies of this country. Westminister used to be the home of democracy. After 60 years of NoLab versus the Tories (supported by the token LibDems) it is time we shook the place up. The problem is that if we do, then those who really run the country (not the elected MPs)will ensure that we have a bumpy ride.

The money men will not release their grip on our politicians readily. Our young people may have to get ready to fight for the country within the country. I know, I know...I am talking rubbish...it could not happen here...this is England after all...so why should our three main political parties forget their perceived differences to squash a minor irritation like the BNP in a local by-election?

Why indeed?

Continuing Mass Immigration

The useless Immigration Minister (Derek Woolass) appeared on GMTV this morning and was given a soft time by Kate Garroway (Mrs Derek Draper NoLab Spinmeister). Even she however managed to pierce the sham of our immigration policy when he was forced to admit that this government still has no accurate figures on immigration.

We have queues of migrants lining up in France and being encouraged to pass straight through and head for Britain. There are thousands of them, some so young that they could not work in this country and would have to be supported at state expense. It is chilling.

This government has no definitive plan to control immigration. When asked about the problem the Immigration Minister likened our situation to that of Mexicans trying to get into the United States. He conveniently forgets that Mexico has a very long border with the United States and that the USA has an extremely tough attitude to immigration. Our immigrants are coming half way across the world to live off our taxpayers. He lives in a world of spin and thinks that we are all as naive as he is. NoLab has plenty of targets but no active policies.

At one time I worked in an Asylum Appeals Centre and when we began our work in 2000 there wasn't any kind of cohesive computer system to monitor the immigrants. To be honest there was no organised system anywhere in the country. NoLab has always been technologically incompetent. They do not understand modern science probably because most of them have never had a job in industry. Shop stewardship does not qualify.

This is a major issue and yet we still cannot get NoLab to take it seriously. I hope that they rue the day soon. A year ago I blogged that by the time we get rid of Gordon Brown it may be too late for the country. I fear that I was right.

Government Targets

Ever since Tony Blair bounced triumphantly into Number Ten some 12 years ago this country has been plagued by government targets. Every aspect of government is ruled by targets and it is immaterial that a job demands professional expertise because the New Labour Project commands that the targets take precedence.

Today we can read that even the CPS is hamstrung by ridiculous government targets to such an extent that the law is unable to function. The Baby P case admirably demonstrated how target based authority will never care for children or the elderly. In many schools education is failing because of the constant meddling with the targets.

Every Civil Servant knows that government targets constantly interfere with his/her ability to work unfettered. Common Sense, initiative, problem solving and drive are all stifled at the altar of the government target.

The NHS in some areas has almost been destroyed by government targets on the day that yet another hospital has been exposed as a germ infested hovel staffed by incompetence and ignorance. How many more before the targets are changed in favour of hygiene and staff training? Iam sick of people saying 'sorry' I want sackings and resignations!

Ah but there is the rub you see because if the targets are changed then it exposes that the imposer of the targets was wrong in the first place. You know people like Ed Balls who has so many qualifications in Education and Child Care (for those who think that I have lost my mind this is called 'irony') that he can tell all the top professionals how to do their jobs.

This is not however the real reason that this government imposes targets. They are only a means to an end. The real reason for targets is power. If you impose targets on the professional then someone has to ensure that they are imposed; more people are then needed to ensure that they are rigidly adhered to, even more needed to verify the results, more to monitor progress and so on ad infinitum.

That is the reason that 'The Guardian' advertises those ridiculous jobs with the nebulous titles and the huge salaries. If you have passed the 'Common Purpose' (look up Common Purpose if you have never heard of it) course on abject servility then you will be eligible to join the gravy train.

This is the army of people who have all but shattered the British economy. Oh I know that the Banks were allowed to gamble recklessly without government restraint but it is the vast government spending plans which have also contributed to our downfall.

Not until this country puts the national institutions back into the hands of the professionals who are qualified and experienced will we ever get back onto a sound footing again. Teachers teach, doctors cure, nurses nurse, carers care and people like Ed Balls does none of these and never has done!

Monday, 16 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I recently added in the election results which took place on 12 March. There were seven of them in total and once again they were a really mixed bag. I must admit that I am surprised because I expected that the electorate would want to give Gordon Brown a really bad kicking but there is a hard core of NoLab voters who despite everything continue to vote Labour.

They have seen the economy crash, unemployment boom, soldiers killed, mass unaccountable immigration, disastrous Social Services performance, the breakdown of law and order in many areas, the corruption of the Police, the politicisation of the Civil Service and Labour MPs taking every advantage of a system that they created and yet they still vote Labour! It is incomprehensible!

Take the city of St Helens. Now I know that it is a fairly sizable municipal borough on the outskirts of Liverpool and I realise that, in the past, when we had a manufacturing base these large northern cities were the bedrock of NoLab support. Today however this has all but evaporated. NoLab does not represent them anymore but the message just has not got through.

This is how it stands overall as at 12 March:-

NoLab 24.61%
Conservatives 24.02%
LibDems 19.24%
BNP 17.19%
Greens 5.77%
Independents 6.85%
UKIP 2.33%

According to this Gordon could almost risk an election but the stats are often misleading. The reason for this lead is purely down to heavy polls in certain areas. The hard line union vote still exists in the heartlands. The immigrant population also realise that only NoLab would probably put them first before anyone else so they also know where to place their little cross.

The rest of us seem confused. Three parties are grabbing 60% of the vote which almost guarantees a hung parliament. Somebody has to make a major pitch in the coming months to garner that vote. I believe that the party which may be squeezed in the run up to a National election are the LibDems. They traditional poll well at local level but when the chips are down their 'protest' vote evaporates.

The real choice appears to be do we vote nice or nasty? Do we really want change or are we scared of it? Are we yet desperate enough to think the unthinkable or will we continue with the same old slags who have let us down so often and so regularly?

I will continue to update on how we are voting every time we get the opportunity.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Family

Yesterday evening my wife and I attended a wedding reception. The event was to celebrate the wedding of the youngest son of our friends. The bridegroom's mother is my wife's best friend and her husband is as fine a chap as I have ever met (I hope the old rogue doesn't read this). We served in the forces together and so our families grew up under similar circumstances.

Yesterday evening was a lovely occasion with a group of normal, respectable, like minded people gathering out of friendship. For a brief moment the problems of the country receded but underlying the party people were talking quietly and there is no doubt that everyone is concerned about the state of the country. On more than one occasion I heard people say, "I only want a fair deal but we are not getting one."

This is the frustration of decent people. These people are not bigots, racists or political activists but they are beginning to look at any alternative to Westminster politics. Oh for a leader; if you don't show up soon Winston we might just get Adolf. Mind you Adolf versus Mugabe would be a much more interesting sideshow than the current Mugabe versus Cameron.

The Social Services

Throughout November and December of last year the country had to live out the nauseating details of the 'Baby P'case where the Haringey Social Services demonstrated their wanton incompetence by adhering to government targets rather than protecting their vulnerable kids.

I write at the time that I could not believe the antics of Sharon Shoesmith who was supposedly in charge of this charade and paying handsomely to cock it up. I don't think any of us could believe how she continued to trumpet the NoLab mantra and seemed unconcerned about the suffering kids.

Today, predictably, she is now trying to sue Haringey Council for anything that she thinks that she might get away with. At the moment her NoLab lawyers have come up with sex discrimination. As I said before she should be in jail but no doubt she will walk away with thousands in compensation for failing in her duty.

The trouble is that she is only part of the problem. She was actually only doing what she was told to do. There are thousands of these NoLab slaves earning huge sums of our money for doing what they are told to do. The real problem is of course Ed Balls because he has imposed the targets on these muppets so that common sense is replaced by dogma. I often wonder how he can sleep at night but then like President Mugabe the lives of the taxpayer is cheap. What matters is power so why the children of the nation die the NoLab project continues apace bowing to no man despite the tragic consequences.

Do you know I can almost understand them but what I really cannot understand is how a family man like David Cameron has never announced plans to dismantle the NoLab machine and get us back to common sense. Come to think of it neither has the LibDems but then Nick Clegg is really only a cardboard cutout. Where will it all end?

Friday, 13 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I just updated the Victor Meldrew's Brother Election Poll. I have now included the results from local elections held on 26 Feb and 05 Mar and the total number of votes cast for each party so far this year is as follows:-

Conservative 24498
NoLab 19054
LibDems 15658
BNP 6458
Greens 1901
Independents (Combined) 2627
UKIP 367

As I explained before I then divided the number of votes by the number of elections fought to gain the average number of votes polled in each election which I then converted into a percentage of the vote that each party gained.

Conservative 569.72 25.33%
NoLab 501.42 22.3%
BNP 430.53 19.14%
LibDems 401.49 17.85%
Independents 164.19 7.3%
Greens 135.78 6.04%
UKIP 45.87 2.04%

This is how people have actually voted and not what the professional pollsters are trying to tell you. Nowhere has it been reported that in real terms the BNP are overtaking the LibDems. It is also significant that the European Elections are fought on the terms of proportional representation. This means that each party will receive seats in line with the percentage of votes that have been cast for them.

Muslim extremism!

I expect that my brother screamed his now famous expletive, 'I don't believe it' when he read that the only arrests made by our facile police force during the Muslim intervention against our returning troops at Luton were predictably two white people incensed by the demonstration.

I do not know which craven politician directs the actions of the police these days (I bet Jack Straw has something to do with it)but whoever he/she is they must be mindful that they are driving thousands of frankly pissed off indigenous Brits into the hands of the BNP.

This is the politics of madness particularly as it has been revealed that one of the protestors works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport! I'm sorry but in this day and age there has to be some jobs off limits to muslims and baggage handler has to be one of them.

I am no lover of violence but I have to say if the BNP had fielded a few of their more belligerent types at Luton and cracked a few heads then I would have stood up and cheered. If the police are refusing to do their job then one day mark my words the public will do it for them.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I don't know about you but I always have doubts about the professional companies who produce the election polls. I often wonder who they ask because I have certainly never been approached and apparently never have any of my friends of family.

I therefore decided just for a bit of fun to see if the most recent 2009 local By Elections have produced any kind of evidence on which to hang our hats. I therefore produced a spreadsheet and fed in all the results. The results themselves were not surprising but when they are analysed for trends then there are some significant examples.

To begin with turnover is risible. The Westminster politicians with their history of sleaze and dishonesty has switched off the electorate to such an extent that on average only some 28% of the electorate thinks that it is worth turning out. Now I realise that these elections are comparatively minor but 28% is shocking for a so called western democracy.

Significantly when the BNP field a candidate the turnover rises on average by almost 5% which could be interpreted either that people are turning out to vote against them or it is more likely that the BNP candidate has been welcomed in many areas as a viable alternative to Westminster politics.

The other minority parties are irrelevant according to this survey. UKIP field few candidates and get only a smattering of votes whilst the Greens are virtually ignored outside of London.

So what about the Westminster three? Here are the bare totals of the votes which they have gathered so far this year:-

NoLab 15900
Conservatives 18469
Lib Dems 13819
BNP 4088
Greens 1632
Independents 1917 (This is a total of all kinds of independent)
UKIP 263

So on the face of it no real surprises but the bare figures only tell part of the story. For example the Westminster three fielded candidates in 26-31 of the 32 elections but the BNP and the Greens only fielded candidates in 10 elections. If one calculates an average poll for each party by dividing their total votes polled by the number of elections attended then suddenly things close up considerably.

In this respect the results are a follows:-

NoLab 611 24.15%
Conservatives 595 23.51%
LibDem 512 20.24%
BNP 409 16.17%
Green 163 06.44%
Independents 174 06.90%
UKIP 66 02.60%

So much closer eh? But there is more; the bulk of the NoLab vote comes from the poor immigrant areas in London where they poll amazingly well. If we subtract their London votes then they barely finish in front of the LibDems and the Tories have a substantial lead. Outside of London they still poll well in their traditional heartlands but they are getting almost wiped out in the rural areas or the better class urban areas.

This year the BNP have obviously cherry picked their elections but if they can field more candidates for example in the European Elections this summer it is obvious that they are not far off from making a significant impact.

I am aware that there are lies damned lies and statistics but I think that this is much closer to the truth than the professional polls are showing because it has been done without prejudice. Time will tell!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslims insulting British Troops!

I am just watching ITV news and I am absolutely incensed that a small vocal group of Muslims have been allowed to insult our troops on the streets of Luton. As usual our useless police allowed this group to protest unmolested when at the very least they should have been arrested for insulting behaviour.

Personally I think it would have been better if the the police had quietly left (like they usually do when the going gets rough) and allowed natural justice to take place.

That said all the participants have been clearly seen on camera and so I expect that arrests will soon take place (Yeah and pigs might fly) but if the roles had been reversed then we all know the consequences. It is this unfairness and inconsistency which shames us all. It is the reason that the BNP are flourishing in many areas and our Justice Minister(you remember Jack Straw) should now take the appropriate action.

There is only one snag his position at Westminster depends on the votes from the Muslim electorate in Blackburn. Oh well... so how about that bit of natural justice because until we shut them up they will think that we are cowards and of course they would be right. The more we are forced to ignore them the more they will gain strength. It is time for action guys.

Monday, 9 March 2009


The one feature of leaving these shores for a week is that it gives one a fresh perspective on life in general. Having just spent a week in a bungalow with only Sky News and Euro Sport for company it gave me a lot of time for reflection. For a news junkie like me the morning trip to the local Supermercado for the newspaper was probably the best part of the day although reading it in shorts and T-shirt in 26 degrees also had its advantages.

Gran Canaria seems to be home to more Germans than British, certainly at this time of year and my years in the former West Germany often pays dividends because there is little doubt at times that the Germans are better thought of than the British. To be honest I can understand why. Many of the elderly are of course respectable and well behaved but we are cursed with the ignorant,foul-mouthed, chain smoking, overweight, heavily tattoed yobs and that is just the women. Throw in the beer bellies, shaven heads and the out of control children then the overall picture is far from pretty! It therefore often pays to initiate the conversation in German and then let them discover gently that you are kidding them on.

Apart from that Gran Canaria is most of what England is not. It is clean and tidy, public services operate efficiently, the people are generally obliging (restaurant staff invariably speak three languages) and apart from sidestreets the roads are well maintained.

Having said all that I am always pleased to come home particularly when we are met by my grandchildren and their mummy who always has that little extra welcome for us.
I am sat here freezing as the house warms up but there are lots of little home comforts that I have missed. So much has happened in this week that I began to regret being so far from the blog. I will soon catch up though...now then where is that recipe for green custard?