Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Smearing of UKIP!

File:Nigel Farage Autumn 2008.JPGIn the run up to Thursdays' elections the gloves now appear to be off as the mainstream political parties, particularly the Tories, have recognised the threat posed by UKIP and are using every smear tactic imaginable.  A spate of stories are appearing accusing UKIP candidates of a variety of 'crimes' including an inability to dance!

Now I have to admit that UKIP have probably grabbed anyone available to stand in the local elections and amidst this miscellany of people there may be a few bad apples or at least people unsuitable for public office.  If so they will emerge under the spotlight and will be challenged. 

They also include a lot of people who are heartily sick of their country being run by faceless bureaucrats from Brussels.  I would far rather vote for someone who puts his/her country first, who is a conviction politician, rather than a group of people who at every turn are tearing the social fabric of the country apart.

The mainstream political groupings have suddenly recognised that they face a real challenge from the public.  Instead of these dubious smear tactics why do they not start listening? This country is in bits because of the policies of the EU.  The justice system is in tatters thanks to the Human Rights Act.  Our prisons are full of foreign criminals who have committed diabolical crimes and yet we cannot deport them. I could go on and have been for the past five years.

We cannot begin to repair this country until we disentangle ourselves from the EU and then put into place common sense policies which will get society working again. The mainstream parties are unable to do this.  We have had thirty years since we last saw a conviction politician in power (Margaret Thatcher) and look what has happened?

I am getting messages from UKIP asking for my help canvassing at South Shields.  They appear to think that they could challenge Labour in David Miliband's former impregnable socialist fortress.  Even as a septagenarian I feel that I should make an effort.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

British Horse Racing

For almost forty years I was an avid fan of British Horse Racing.  I loved the analytical challenge of studying form and I built up an extensive knowledge of stables and race patterns.  I had a local bookmaker and for over twenty years I patronised his shop.  My method was quite simple I only ever bet one horse to win.   I refused to countenance multiple bets because it was always difficult to find one winner never mind any more.

My theory was that if I backed three horses a day I should be able to get at least one winner and the method worked for almost twenty years.  It certainly kept me in beer vouchers and limited my losses.

In the last ten years, certainly since the introduction of the all weather tracks, form has become very unpredictable.  Some of the results were astonishing and the riding tactics of many of the riders became bizarre.  Don't get me wrong I do not mind trainers disguising the ability of their horse, because part of the fun was uncovering the true ability of a handicapped horse, but these people were blatantly cheating.

They have had enquiries and exposures and temporary bans but still the same suspects are allowed to practice their black arts. I once saw top jockey Keiron Fallon lead a race by 15 lengths turning into the home straight before he looked behind him.  When he saw the favourite so far behind he stopped riding and allowed the favourite to pip him on the post.  It was dreadful and was later investigated but he is still riding today. I am not passing judgement but it looked really suspicious.

In my opinion my bookie cheated me out of £7.50 and that was the catalyst for me to walk away from the sport.  It was not just the paltry sum but I had become disillusioned with riding tactics, trainers withdrawing horses at short notice, the manipulation of starting prices and nonsensical form.

Since I had my last bet we have had the Frankie Dettori suspension for failing a drug test and now the scandal involving Mohammed al Zarooni trainer for Sheik Mohammed ruler of Dubai.  It would appear that the trainer was routinely doping the Sheik's horses and got caught.  Somebody knew something but it wasn't the boss!

Of course it is all down to the trainer.  Nobody else in Godolphin (the name of Sheik Mohammed's racing organisation) knew anything! The Sheik is mortified.  He would not do such a thing.  Well OK he does have a lot of money which he ploughs into British racing but did I not read that in 2009 HE himself was banned for 6 months after a horse that he was riding in an endurance event failed a dope test!  It kind of shakes your faith in the great and the good doesn't it?

Friday, 26 April 2013


President Assad
I see that our mainstream politicians, all of whom are supporters of the European Union, are continuing to ratchet up the pressure on President Assad of Syria.  They are becoming increasingly desperate because so far all of their attempts to unseat Assad have been repulsed.

Now there are suspicious attempts to suggest that Assad has been using sarin (a chemical agent) against the 'rebel' troops even though so far he has had little need for desperation.  Assad denies it of course and so far he has not sounded desperate. 

What I fail to understand is why are our most important politicians are so, so, desperate to unseat President Assad?  What is it about Syria that is so bloody important? Who could possibly be behind a plot to  replace a relatively stable regime for another containing members of Al Qaeda and why would people like David Cameron and William Hague support them?

If I didn't know better I would begin to harbour thoughts that   Cameron and Hague have allegiances that extend much wider than their loyalty to the British public! There has to be a hidden agenda because I do not believe that Assad would be stupid enough to use a chemical agent in the defence of his country (I could be wrong of course).

In the meantime Russia and Iran also continue to defy the 'regime changers' in Syria.  If Assad began to use illegal weaponry he would probably lose the support of this allies and that would be foolish. So I would suggest that any mention of 'sarin' should be verified before our mainstream politicians start scaremongering.

By the by, as I have stated previously, Syria is one of only a small handful of countries remaining who are not ruled by a Rothschild banking system.  Just a thought!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Food Banks!

Today in Westmonster they reflected that in modern British life we need food banks to keep some people alive. There was not a hint of shame from the front bench multimillionaires  when they had to acknowledge that, under their joint policy of support of the European Union, we now have people begging for food in this very wealthy country.  

This is the most shameful aspect of our mainstream politics. Our politicians all support the EU and they all support the 58 million pounds per day that we gift to the unaudited EU and they all support the unregulated Foreign Aid but now we are dependent on food banks in the UK for our own citizens!  How can our mainstream politicians stand for election in 2015 when our children cannot play safely in the streets and people need food banks to survive?

We must get back to basics. Our politicians must start to ask simple questions. Why do these people need food banks when immigrants are living in relative luxury? Why can our children not play safely in the streets? Why can they 'bung' the EU so much money and not guarantee the safety of our kids. 

Who do our politicians actually represent? What is their reason to support unelected commissars from the EU? Who is Herman van Rompuy who controls this country?  Why is nobody in Westmonster challenging the European Union?  Let us be in no illusion that the reason that they do not challenge the EU is that they are all receiving shed loads of wonga from that very source.

58 million pounds a day buys a lot of loyalty! It goes deeper and deeper and it penetrates our very society.  It has probably corrupted our local councils, ALL the quangos and most of our public services. The EU rewards its servants liberally because it can afford it. Common Purpose was launched in 1992 and has recruited cunningly from certain cities where poverty and immigration was paramount.

If you were the child of an immigrant and you were suddenly granted an opportunity to be successful beyond the wildest dreams of your family would you not grasp that opportunity?  Suddenly you are earning a huge sum of money and you also have a network of influential friends. You are also appreciated by your family and friends and you can, in addition, create  opportunities for your family circle.

Simple innit? 

UKIP is the only vote that will stop this evil. When the money from the EU suddenly stops then the corruption stops. When the money, our money, does not drain into the pockets of our politicians then they have no reason to support the EU.

Nigel Farage knows that he is onto something!

Oh Woe is America!

Who is He?
Since Barack Obama was astonishingly re-elected back to the White House there have been mounting tensions between the people and the State.  You only have to visit Youtube to witness countless of claims that the President is carrying out what they call 'false flag' attacks to cow the public into giving up firearms.

Following the Boston Marathon bombings the usual claims of 'set-ups' and 'false flag' accusations soon appeared on YouTube, this one is quite good! What one cannot deny however, is that at least one of the victims who died, Krystle Campbell, was laid to rest by her family.  We must always pay tribute to those who have lost loved ones even when we suspect that all is not well with the incident.

Now comes news that the man who could be termed, public enemy number one for the United States, Hamza bin Laden, was linked to the bombings and was actually injured at the time they detonated. The security authorities knew about him and intended to deport him back to Saudi no questions asked. Am I wrong about this?

I just don't get it!  Hamza bin Laden, following the death of his father Osama bin Laden, is probably, give or take Kim Il-Sung, the number one enemy of the United States.  How on earth did he get into the country?  He was probably using an assumed name but they have more technology than almost any other country in the world and immigration is SO tightly controlled.

I know nothing about the Boston bombings but I do know that something is just not right with life under the Obama administration.
In my opinion somebody, somewhere has an agenda which is not healthy for the average American.  I await with interest and quite a lot of trepidation for the future to unfurl.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What WILL the 2nd May Bring?

The politicians are now beginning the run up the the Council elections on 2nd May.  Personally I am disappointed that UKIP are not fielding a candidate in my local area.  It leaves me with a quandrum because I cannot bring myself to vote for any on the mainstream parties.  In my opinion they have all let the British public down and they have long since reneged on the basic principle that they represent their constituents.

Yes I know that many of them do take an active part in local affairs but their expenses are still extraordinary by normal standards, their bars and restaurants are hugely subsidised and they take long holidays often at public expense. 

Consequently the image of our front line Westmonster politicians has understandably suffered.  They are not trusted so that when a straight talking 'man of the people' like Nigel Farage emerges he is a threat to the europhiles.  This is because it is impossible to support the European Union and the British people.  We send something like £58 million  per day to the EU which has not been audited for 18 years.  That money could be used for our benefit.

The EU is the shady brain child of a banking cartel who pull strings in every direction.  I believe that it has corrupted almost our entire public service industry mainly through Common Purpose and the lavish rewards they have allocated to chief officers.

So what is the future of the the mainstream parties? It is a widely held view that David Cameron cannot now win the 2015 General Election.  The LibDems, according to the pollsters, are polling lower than ever and most of their leading members have been accused of 'sleaze' in some form or other. That leaves us with a Labour party led by Ed Miliband who according to the 'Blairites' in his party, does not have a policy worth hanging his hat on! He has also been reduced to fielding Italians in this upcoming campaign.

If we do not vote we leave the country at the mercy of the Trade Unionists and the scroungers.  If we do vote against our hearts for one of the others then we are apparently condoning politics that we don't like or support.  Remember if only 10 people vote and 6 of them vote for one party they will still return an elected member.  It would not matter that 50000 refused to vote because the system would still win.

I fervently hope that the electorate will turn to what I believe is the only 'honest' party on the hustings and that UKIP deliver the political explosion that our Westmonster politicians deserve!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Truth about Disability Allowance.

A lot has been discussed about our ailing welfare system.  We all know that we have an army of scroungers who benefit from public money when they should be seeking work.  This abysmal system has been abused for years and under the Labour  party it was clearly encouraged. It bought them votes and is one of the many reasons that I despise their pathetic policies.

Step forward Barry Rogerson, a 45 year old receiver of disability allowance from Morpeth.  This disabled man was photographed as a masked man punching a police horse in a riot which followed the defeat of Newcastle by Sunderland in a recent football match.

He is quoted as saying that he had drunk five pints of beer prior to 'accidentally' stumbling into the situation. He was masked because he had toothache! So let us examine his explanation!

He had drunk at least five pints (£15).  He had attended the game (at least £30). He had bought a replica shirt (what... you tell me... £35) and he must have travelled from Morpeth to Newcastle perhaps( another £10?) so this unemployed 'animal lover' who had tooth ache which was not bad enough to prevent him from attending a football match spent close to £100 pounds of his disability benefit and accidentally ended up punching a police horse!

I have a dear friend who is genuinely disabled and is concerned about the changes to her allowance. This total twat from Morpeth should have his allowance cancelled immediately. My problem is how did he get it in the first place?  That can probably be explained by the fact that he lives in the socialist state of 'Geordieland' where 
they are all entitled to state money as long as they continue to vote bloody Labour!

We have had almost three years of a Coalition government led by a Conservative Prime Minister and Barry Rogerson can still afford to drink himself silly and riot in Newcastle! When will this nonsense change? When will our government agencies tighten up this system? How can Barry Rogerson (with his tooth ache) overcome his disability so that he can ward off a fully trained police horse?

FFS get a grip! 

The World was Watching!

Margaret Thatcher's funeralWhatever the politics, British people put on an event yesterday that had to be the envy of the world.  Yes I agree that the cost was astronomical but the lack of any form of violent protest made that in some way justifiable.  Security costs money and in this unpredictable and unstable world it is worth every penny. I am just reassured that we still have the people who can keep us safe.

I have been a constant critic of elements of the Metropolitan Police who favour diversity over direction but yesterday was a great success for the country and so credit is due to everyone concerned.
In my opinion Margaret Thatcher was the last British Prime Minister who brought pride back to the country.  It is therefore fitting that the event which restored some pride to this beleaguered nation should be her final farewell.

Just one sour note for me. When we saw the politicians lined up it reminded me of probably the most prolific rogue's gallery in the history of the nation.  All the europhiles who stabbed her in the back had the temerity to attend. They were joined by so many who have subsequently and regularly sold the country down the river.
In a normal world the stench would have been overpowering!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Vote Rigging - Proof!

In Derby today four Muslim women have been charged with electoral fraud and one of them with misconduct in public office.  I have long been of the opinion that some of our results were suspect and now my suspicions have been confirmed.  I posted on this subject only 10 days ago!

With the rise of corruption emanating from the EU with its reluctance to face an audit it was only a matter of time before people began to explore ways to corrupt elections.  Once again however, it is the Muslim community who are under the microscope and can you blame them?  They understand that power corrupts so they will find ways to access that power.  

They, despite all the rhetoric, have people within their community who, because of their traditions, will order corruption.  I do not believe that it is a coincidence that all four charged are women.  It appears that one of them was a council worker who traditionally regard the position of teller as a perk of their job.

It is not yet an 'English' trait but give it time.  We must now tighten up our electoral processes.  Postal voting must be overhauled. The position of teller or electoral administrator should be investigated.  Anyone with links to candidates or parties should be disqualified from counting.

For the record last year in the Arboretum ward of Derby the Muslim standing for Labour beat the Muslim standing for the LibDems by 14 votes.  They have caught four of them but I do wonder given the closeness of this contest how accurate the result really was?

I am particularly concerned that in the case investigated in Derby it appears that it was fratricide but what would the three disgraced Westmonster parties do to stop the rise of UKIP?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Will Next Wednesday Herald Armageddon for Londoners?

Photo: Getty Images
Will we see a repeat of this?
I am concerned that the State Funeral of Lady Thatcher will be used as an excuse for thousands of feckless young people to descend on the capital and repeat the activity where pictures of London in flames were flashed around the world.

Margaret Thatcher became one of the most controversial political figures in modern history.  Her state funeral will be used as an excuse for protest by very many socialist organisations.  I agree with peaceful protest but we all know that it won't stop there! Groups like 'Black Bloc' see themselves as political vigilantes who are not happy until they have caused damage.

I understand that all police leave has been cancelled on that day and that many are being drafted in to maintain security but it will never be enough.  The TSG (Territorial Support Group) are only ever effective facing people who do not fight back.  When they are faced with a violent, hardened, group of activists they will probably be discovered up a side street doing a risk assessment.  You will remember their absence during the previous riots in London!

This is the excuse that the left wing activists have been waiting for and they will use it.  I predict mayhem again!  They will focus on this event and even the troops lining the route could become targetted. 

The social antipathy that exists within our society today when no politician wants to take a 'harsh' decision means that vigilante gangs exist in all major cities.  The police do not 'police' anymore and increasingly give the impression of being social workers that mop up after the crimes have been committed. I realise that this is a sweeping statement and that we do have brave police officers but they don't always get the opportunity to face the criminal.

It is with this in mind that I would have limited the size of the funeral and made it much more low key. This would be in the interests of common sense because of the potential of serious danger when so many people are hell bent on Armageddon! I do hope that I am wrong.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Socialism Laid Bare!

The vitriolic rage following the death of Margaret Thatcher has laid bare the hatred that many in this country have for our country.  Their bile and their haste to demonstrate their ecstasy has actually uncovered their ambition.

Take  Dave Hopper for example, he is General Secretary of something called the Durham Miner's Association who is quoted as saying 'It's a great day...she did more damage to us than Hitler did.'

The difference is that when he speaks of 'us' he does not mean the British public, he does not even mean the British worker who he purports to represent, he actually means the Socialist movement.  The crime that Margaret Thatcher had committed was actually to make the British people feel proud of themselves again.

These marxists or elite socialists live off the state. Their whole aim is to destroy society so that they can prosper.  That is why it has almost become a crime to be a patriot or a nationalist.  You are immediately labelled fascist or racist and condemned as something disgusting.

I have often quoted Ralph Miliband, father of the 'toxic' brothers, because he is probably the best example of a Marxist.  He fled to this country to escape Hitler and then condemned the country that had saved his pathetic backside by exclaiming that we were the worst nationalists that he had ever seen! You see that word 'nationalist' is a huge insult when used by the socialist movement determined to torpedo normal society.

Margaret Thatcher relaunched us onto the world stage.  She was respected everywhere and took us into the last war that our troops could possibly win. Ever since then our troops have been on a hiding to nothing.   Contrast that with the political pygmies who have followed her. We have had a succession of Socialists in various disguises because anyone who tolerates the unaudited EU has to be labelled a socialist.

The only reason that the BBC (what an abject and bitter organisation) and other leading socialist parasites hate Margaret Thatcher was that she was onto their little game so she hit back on behalf of the public.  Yes I know that some members of the public became collateral damage when she declared war on Arthur Scargill and his like but that was inevitable.  The miners allowed their communities and their families to be used by the socialists.  They still do not understand that their community could not have priority over the country.  Their suffering and they did suffer was caused by socialism.  Socialists only care about 'the movement'.

Arthur Scargill never suffered he prospered. He even lived in a luxury flat in London courtesy of the NUM. All major union officials have nice houses, large cars and huge salaries. They live off the earnings of the workers.

The Labour party is not the same party than my father and grandfather admired.  The Labour front bench are all millionaires, public school educated and career members of the Socialist movement.  There is not a scintilla of similarity between the lives of the Milibands and the members of the Durham Miner' Association.  What does Harriet Harman know of the working class or Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper or Gordon Brown for that matter.  Born to privilege all of them!

Modern socialism is all about power and control.  It is rotten through and through and will remain only as long as it takes the working class, particularly the union members, to realise that they have been 'had' time and time again and unless they too can get on the gravy train they should look elsewhere for political alliance.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher RIP

The death has been announced of Margaret Thatcher, who in my opinion was the last time that this country had a proper leader.  Unlike any of her successors she really did bat for Britain and actually put this country back on the map following the rise of a sordid socialist class of europhiles which were threatening to bring the country down.

They have of course succeeded since she left office because nobody in the Conservative party has come anywhere near to filling her shoes.  Most of them have followed the easy route to success by jumping on the EU bandwagon which pays them to be good little boys and girls.

It takes courage to be a conviction politician and defy the bullies. They eventually won and history will record the people who sold this country out to the European Union and treacherously removed her from office in a cowardly backstabbing. We all know who they are and how much they hate this country.

She is hated by the left because she kicked them all around the country.  Their hectoring rhetoric, their dogma and outmoded mantra lost every time she swung her handbag.  We are still waiting for her replacement and just perhaps he is on the sidelines waiting for the May elections.  This country is waking up to the dangers of the bankers, the Unions and the EU.

In 30 minutes I shall disappear to my local and quietly raise a glass to the last great Britain.  For a famous period in history she wiped the floor with the array of traitors that surrounded her.

RIP Maggie!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Paris Brown sums up our Politicians!

Paris Brown
Paris Brown
The appointment of a sixteen year old as a youth crime commissioner in Kent by their female PCC Ann Barnes probably sums up politics in this country. It has taken less than a week for the mainstream media to discover the background of this disreputable young girl. 

Did nobody in the police look at her twitter account before appointing her.  In case you don't know what I am talking about she uses just about every profanity in the dictionary alongside terms such as 'fags', 'illegals' and 'pikeys'. Her terminolgy and lifestyle would get most of us locked up but PCC Ann Barnes gave her a job and a £15000 a year salary at 16 years of age!  A full report is here.

If I remember correctly the organisation 'Common Purpose' plays a very prominent role in the Kent Police force and I would just wonder if this appointment is another example of their duplicity?
If you are going to appoint a young person (why would you?) then surely it should be someone of impeccable character and Paris Browns' comments on twitter clearly betray her.

My concern is the thinking of PCC Ann Barnes.  Perhaps the voters should remember this when she comes up for re-election! 

UPDATE: Is this poor, weeping, creature really worth £15000 of taxpayers's money? Who chose her and why? What is REALLY behind this ludicrous appointment?  They could have selected so many good examples of youth but they selected Paris Brown!  It beggar's belief!  Poor girl has now tasted public life. I hope that she has learned the lesson.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Is Someone Rigging Elections?

I have often wondered, giving the state of the nation, if someone, somewhere, has found a way to rig elections?  I must admit I suspect that postal voting is not as rigorously chcked as it should be.  I read a report that UKIP actually won the Eastleigh by election on the day but the Lib Dems won the count because of the postal vote. Nigel Farage later admitted that the speed that the election was called meant that UKIP did not have time to organise their postal vote!  Surely that is not a fair system?

I also well remember a surprise victory for Labour in an election involving Glenrothes in Fife when the voting register containing details of the postal vote disappeared from Kirkcaldy Town Hall.  That is of course the same constituency that allows Gordon Brown to retire on full MP's pay and expenses.

I believe that the current postal vote, brought in by Labour, is open to abuse as has already been proven in a case in Birmingham in 2004.  I have recently watched an American TV series called 'Scandal' where they 'elected' a President on a rigged vote! 

The reason that I raise this question is that right across the country there has been a reaction to our useless politicians.  For example in many areas south of Birmingham Labour has been wiped out.  They only exist in areas of the large cities that are primarily occupied by immigrants.  Labour potentially ruined the economy of the country the last time and yet many are predicting that they could win the 2015 election!

How? For some reason they still hold sway in areas of the north where dependency on welfare probably reflects the economic climate.  They still have a good grip in Scotland and Wales (both countries also have their own Parliaments) for probably the same reason which means that the English voter is not being correctly represented.

The millionaire mansion dwellers who lived in metropolitan London and sit on the Labour front benches have little in common with South Shields and yet somehow they keep being elected! How?  It does not add up and if it does not add up then I believe something is not quite right.

If the LibDems can win Eastleigh courtesy of the postal vote then perhaps we should be looking at modern electioneering and while I am at it how is it that the organisation and administration of elections is the sole domain of local government officials?  It would be quite simple to manipulate people whose jobs depended on following orders. Just a thought.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Everybody Knew and Nobody Reacted!

Here in the East Midlands the mainstream media has been consumed by the Philpott case where a notorious husband and wife hatched a plot to frame an ex girlfriend who had walked out of 'the family home'.

The plot tragically backfired and they killed their six children.  Yesterday they were found guilty and today they will be sentenced.  That is the bare bones of the case but the background goes much, much further.  All the 'care' authorities and the police were well aware of this family and so were the local council.  They lived in a council house and had repeatedly asked for larger accommodation to house their family.

He had even appeared on the 'Jeremy Kyle' show and had also entertained Ann Widdicombe for a programme the name of which escapes me. He was very well known to everybody who should have cared for this family.  The government has repeatedly maintained that we must reform welfare in this country which is evident to anybody who has a brain.

In every city in this country we have hundreds of 'Philpott' families and we all know it.  They are 'scum' and they all have large families which guarantees good income.  Many have an Irish connection because they have a tendency to live close to the edge of the law.

I am penning this because like most decent people we have watched the growth of this cottage industry which has been 'encouraged' by the modernisers in Westmonster.  Everybody knows a scumbag family who for generations have never worked.  Everybody knows that their kids arrive at school untutored and ill disciplined.  They disrupt the classes and warrant additional attention and yet nobody does anything!

These are the families that MUST be tackled by the welfare system and the law.  Child neglect should not be tolerated and the schools are at the forefront of this problem. They know who the problem children are and yet there does not appear to be a hotline from the class room to the court room. 

The welfare system has encouraged and supported these families. They are still doing it.  The ridiculous capping of welfare at £26000 is far too high. In my opinion unemployment benefit should be limited to a time period.  Child benefit should stop after two children.  If you want more pay for them!

This case as horrific as it has been has illustrated the fact that everyone knew about them and nobody did anything.  We have people being paid huge sums of money for not tackling the problem. We have politicians bickering on petty party political issues when amongst us down here on planet earth we see the real problem and it is huge!

Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fool's Day!

It is the First of April the day when, traditionally, indigenous members of our society play tricks on each other to demonstrate British humour.  In recent years the BBC and some of the mainstream media has taken this to new heights, some of which are funny. So when I read that the Police Federation together with some 'ambulance chasing' lawyers were encouraging their members to claim 'compensation' for minor injuries whilst on duty I immediately thought aah April Fool's Day!

I should have known better.  It is true and it is not just a few rogue officers who are abusing the public purse it has apparently risen like a new cottage industry.  It is costing us, the taxpayer, some £20 million pounds a year! What on earth has happened to British law and order? How can the Police Federation get away with this? Well I suppose it is the same way that all Public Service Unions appear to be operating against the general wishes of the British public.

It does not matter where we look, it does not matter who proposes reform of any branch of Public Service up will pop an aggressive union rep to pour vitriol onto any proposal that might benefit the public.

It is not just the police. Look at the decline of the NHS where some hospitals have actually become dangerous!  Look at the fiddling of the marking fiasco which has all but ruined the integrity of the Education system.  Look at the way the public service unions embraced the ridiculous health and safety rules which has often made our emergency services a laughing stock.

It is no surprise to me that Ed Miliband stabbed his brother in the back with the connivance of the Unions.  They seem to have immense power which they wield against the public at every opportunity.  None of them bat for Britain.

What I find difficult to understand is why none of our Westmonster politicians stand up against them or even expose their evil motives. We have a 'Conservative' PM who has failed miserably to combat the unions.  We have a Tory Education Minister who is trying to make a difference but constantly meets with union opposition and seems unable to make a dent in them.

Many of our traditions are being usurped but April Fool's Day should remain because it applies to all of us who allow this Political Class, which includes the public service trade unions, to impose a system which is slowly turning the public into a slave class.