Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Police ... again!

Today a police officer was told to leave the court in Leicester after the judge saw him listening to a voicemail message! Do they not know the law? Have they no regard for fair play? Are they actually out of control? Are the British police above the British law?

Questions really have to be asked about their conduct. The Coalition government should really tackle this anomaly because the public have concerns about the conduct of the police. We have many concerns! When Robert Peel formed the first 'Peelers' with their emphasis on the protection of the public he could never believe that in the twenty first century they would purely be a weapon guarding the state.

Remember how we used to mock the East Germans? How could they submit to a totalitarian state? It would never happen in Britain! Well it has! We are in the hands of
a socialist state just like they were in East Germany. Forget the terms 'Conservative' or 'Liberal' they have conned you at the ballot box. I blogged many times that unless you forgot the Westmonster parties and voted for minority groups then you risked your freedom.

The Police force today is just like the Stasi or the Gestapo. They protect the government and refuse to protect the public. I don't blame the beat bobby but I suspect that they know their role in our society. Their hierarchy have their orders and that is why we have the Territioral Support Group (TSG) because they are the modern stormtroopers.

I regret that the police today are out of control. The prisons are in the hands of the inmates and the Justice System  bows to the European Human Rights Act which has corrupted our law belong belief. A country which does not have a fair criminal justice system bears comparison to any banana state. This is what we have become. We are corrupted beyond belief.

Why cannot the British public see what is happening? Two reasons!  The young have been dumbed down! The Unions bully and the media...who are principally to blame.. feed everyone a constant diet of bullshit. The elderly have become selfish. Many of them have pensions which will never be repeated so they sit tight and frankly many of us do not have the energy to fight a fight which the young should be fighting.

One day somebody will emerge. This person will not be clinging to a left wing agenda. This person will be a patriot and will possibly rally the people around the flag of St George. God knows I may live to see it happen!

The Modern Police Force

I have blogged on many occasions my unhappiness with the performance or lack of it of the modern British police force. I cannot help a mental comparison of the modern British policeperson with the local bobby of my youth. In the fifties everyone knew the local bobby mainly because his house had a large badge on the outside wall.

He patrolled regularly particularly where gangs of youths gathered so woe betide you if you cycled down a jetty or swore in public or dropped litter. He was not beyond a smart backhander either if you mouthed him back and nearly every policeman looked like a man who could handle himself in a crisis. Above all however, he was your friend and you knew that if you needed help you could knock on his door. Consequently and I lived on a council estate and we had an orderly area and a much admired local bobby.

Today I could not believe my eyes! Hard on top of yet another police apology this time to the Dowler family we had news that the police were 'selling' our personal details to local garages, breakdown firms, lawyers and insurance companies! What on earth is going on? How can the politicians allow this practice without sacking every Chief Constable involved?

This indemic misbehaviour seems to have been introduced ever since senior officers were introduced to 'Common Purpose' training courses. Slowly the character of the British police has changed. Many of the senior officers appear on television and come across more like social workers than policemen. The media liaison officers are almost all women. Nothing wrong with that but they don't look as if they have come up the hard way.

Then in the same paper comes the case of the police dog handler who left two dogs in his car on a baking hot day so that they died. Apparently he has since tried to commit suicide! He is clearly not very bright and not very brave and would you believe...he had done it before! But then the character of so many of our police appears to come into question. Hardly a day seems to pass without some ludicrous story emerging which indicates that many of the officers are simply not up to the job. They are however, remarkably bomb proof.

I just wonder who decided to change the ethos of the English police (I don't think that it is so bad in Scotland) so that in fifty years they have turned our force into the utter mess it is today!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

'We never said that it would be short and sharp' - Dr Liam Fox

No you didn't Dr Fox but I have predicted your every move ever since you committed us to yet another war in Libya. On 24 April I warned about 'Mission Creep' and I know this because we are committed to pulling out of Afghanistan (even though we have no chance of winning) and so many, many soldiers have been killed or maimed for nothing!

This is all linked to the EU because that barmy sod Blair was on the Politics Show today and he slipped in a prediction that the war in Libya could be extensive. People must really be aware how these politicians operate. It is never what they say it is always what they don't say but every now and again they slip up. I concentrated very hard on Blair because he is vain and he also warned of a long campaign in Libya.

The UK is a very rich country and it has a large population who are massively overtaxed. Because we are complacent and compliant and won't riot like the Greeks, the French and the Spanish we cop for everything. So we overpay for cars and booze and fags and well almost everything really...which is contrary to what we were told when we voted to join the Common Market!

Now our servicemen are on the front line of every grubby little action that the EU wants to invent. Colonel Ghadaffi has been abusing his people for years but he has oil so in we go gung ho! It is absolutely nothing to do with us! We are not responsible for the rebels in Libya. Someone obviously stirred them up, gave them wads of cash and said 'Go attack the beloved leader'.

The one aspect of British culture that cannot be controlled is patriotism. Patriotism is not open for business. Patriotism is an inner feeling, something which cannot be bought or defined and patriotism is feared by the Political Class because it cannot be controlled. The lads and lasses who wear the uniform and are willing to sacrifice their bodies terrify the Political Class and the Bonus Class because they cannot understand it!

In the end the bankers will not rule over patrotism. That is why our boys and girls are fighting in Afghanistan and will be forced to fight in Libya. They will also be reduced and reduced until there are very few patriots in uniform. Hopefully they will be the first on the streets when the time comes....and it has to come...unfortunately!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

'Britain got better under Labour' - Ed Miliband

Yes folks he has just stated that 'Britain got better under Labour'. He said it live on SKY news at 12.25pm. I know that he is famed for lacking leadership qualities but this has to take the cake. They left the country drowning in debt, they lost control of our borders and allowed a sub culture to fester in council estates. Many of our inner city areas now resemble Islamabad thanks to Labour.

Social care in every walk of life was allowed to dissipate to such an extent that people who were paid to protect the vulnerable were allowed to devote their efforts to full time union work. The NHS developed super bugs which killed so many people.

Red Ed also stated that the extra police they put on the streets cut crime by 43%! I always knew that he was a politician with no real life experience but he clearly lives on a planet that most of us cannot imagine. This is the man who actually believes he has the ability and charisma to be a future PM. As usual he rambles on in his self styled 'La-La'
land dreaming about another Labour government and once again he could not commit one solitary concrete policy on how he would achieve this aim!

The modern Labour party, which I dubbed 'NoLab' because of the absence of any socialist principle, is led by dreamers and champagne socialists who have the money to allow themselves to play at politics.  They fail to realise just how disgusted the electorate are with their behaviour. By and large they are shameless chancers who still fail to realise that ruining the country was not a great achievement!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Milly Dowler - yet another police apology!

!Operations (shared images)/Ruby - Milly Dowler [Surrey Police].jpg

The conduct of the police and the court authorities in this high profile and distressing case has been nothing short of disgraceful. Her family have been put through the wringer by the defence counsel who should feel ashamed of his conduct. He should also be severely reprimanded In this country the victims are continually being harrassed and they must put their lives on hold to get justice.

Once again the police have been shown to have been culpable and frankly incompetent. Once again they have issued an apology. Personally I am sick of them apologising. I want them to do their job and if they can't (and too often they can't) then they should be sacked. The problem is that the modern police force had been politicised and clearly this has affected competence. If the system becomes corrupt then effectiveness is flawed.

The useless coppers know that most of them will be protected as long as they don't rock the boat. Levi Bellfield should have been caught months before but as usual the criminal was given the benefit of the doubt (no doubt he was also called 'mate').

Milly Dowler will always be remembered by her family but she will be remembered by the rest of us for judicial incompetence.  Just remember however, you voted for the people who appointed most of them so you share the blame!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Afghanistan so why were we there?

Afghanistan War Casualties

Today it has been announced that we will withdraw from Afghanistan and President Obama is predicting that the American forces will also withdraw according to a timeline. What the hell is going on? We are at war ...we either win or we don't. This is not a computer game because too many families in this country have lost loved ones. Even worse so many have been the cream of the crop!

How can they decide on a date to end the Afghan war? We have lost so many good men! Does this mean, as I blogged so many months ago, that this war was contrived to keep the army out of the UK? (Dr) John Reid who originally sent our troops into Afghanistan with his infamous statement 'In and out without a a shot being fired' should now be held to account.

The Political Class who willy nilly sacrifice the lives of British soldiers are moving on. They realise that the Afghan war cannot be won so they are moving onto Libya. All the time they are reducing our armed forces because the EU ( our political masters) know that the British army is a threat to their ultimate domination.

Believe you me the British Army is our final weapon. Anyone who signs up to the colours in this day and age is a patriot. A patriot is the antipathy of our Political Class. They really fear British patriots because these are the people who love their country and are prepared to die for their country. Hell they don't want people like that!

So I find it repugnant that our PM can predict the timeframe for our withdrawal. I also find it repugnant that President Obama can follow up with his own plans for withdrawal. Have we fought this war for a reason? Have we fought this war to defeat the Taliban/Al Quadia/local insurgents/tribesmen or what? Have they ever defined the opposition and how come we can drop bombs on them/ use heavy artillery on them/ or push our best troops against them and not make a dent in their armoury?

I am sorry but we have lost too many brave men who must be honoured before we pull out in ignominy. We cannot pull out without a result. Too many of our troops have lost their lives to support what appears to be a lost cause. This Political Class have no shame so it is no surprise that when they called for voluntary redundacy in the British Army they got double the volunteers!  

Come home guys and fight on your own streets. We will soon need all the patriots that we can muster!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I had to show you this one!

Apparently Fleggards is the Danish equivalent of Tescos or Morrisons. They obviously decided to promote an ad which would catch the attention and advertise Siemen's Washing Machines. This is what they did and I bet it had an impact!

I just love these European commercials!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Where has all the money gone?

You do have to wonder what has happened to the healthy economies of the Western European countries who were lulled into membership of the European Union? Of course top of the pile is Greece who are actually in such a debt mountain that they will never recover. Most financial experts concede that Greece will never repay their debts.

So what happens now and how did it happen? If Greece goes broke despite the billions that have been pumped into it then who is next? The obvious candidates are Ireland and Portugal closely followed by Spain or Italy and after that then we are next in line! Frankly I suspect that Gordon Brown and Ed Balls left us in such a mess that we are probably closer to bankruptcy than George Osborne wants you to know!

All of these countries had healthy economies before they entered the EU. The public have been robbed blind by a socialist and banking elite who seem to have a plan to change the world. They continue to dream up ways of wasting money (and lives) and if we just hesitate for one minute and forget the hyperbole we should reflect on the cons that successive EU governments have thought up to squander money!

In this country we have been inundated with stupid excuses to spend money. We, are, according to David Cameron, hard up courtesy of the Labour government. That means as far as I am concerned  that we cannot lavish Foreign Aid on African despots. We cannot lavish money on the discredited climate change farce. We have no need to bomb Libya or wage a useless campaign in Afghanistan.

It goes on and on! We need in this country a common sense approach to finance which the public can understand. Our elderly in particular have been abused by successive governments and it is difficult for the public to understand how we can pour cash into politics but never have we real money for the taxpayers.

We are heading into the abyss. If we cannot reverse this trend then in a few months the UK will be the Greece of 2012. We will host and pay for the Olympics but few of us will be able to get tickets to the main events. They are spitting on us but who cares? The British are the most gullible of people and eventually we will pay for it. No, we will not pay for it but our grandchildren will! One day they will hate us for our apathy.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Libya! How can we waste more money?

So now we are bombing women and kids? Do we never learn or should I say do our politicians never learn? If you drop bombs from sky high then the innocent will, sooner or later, get hurt.

Nobody can conduct a military operation from above. The American forces napalmed the hell out of the VietCong and still lost the war. The Nato forces (us!) have entered into this conflict believing that we can change the outcome by bombing Tripoli. It is a cowardly way to behave and always ends in disaster.

Of course the only thing that matters is that the British waste more of the taxpayer's money. A billion here, a billion there what does it matter? The intention is to impoverish the British nation. We are taxed to the hilt and yet so very little is spent on us the public. We know that we are actually a very rich nation. Our taxes are enormous but our politicians have for years squandered our inheritance.

The EU supporting politicians cannot throw our money away any further. They have thought of every possible reason to spend. They are like prostitutes in Bond Street! So let us think... global warming...yep that will cost...mass immigration oh goody...Foreign Aid...yep let's bung the African despots millions and then their wives can be flown by private jet to shop in Paris...can we fund the Indian Space programme...good idea guys...a war in Afghanistan well that could blow a good wad...dropping bombs on Libya...yes great idea we could squander billions on that...now let's see public toilets in Loughborough...what you must be joking...we must cut costs and it is all the fault of the last government!

Are you getting the picture? You are being shafted by the Political Class! They are laughing at you. The mainstream media have conned you into believing that democracy exists in the UK. Believe you me I personally think the the British public are so apathetic and ignorant that they deserve to be shafted but I want this blog to be testimony to my granddaughters that I really tried to make a difference.

I am too old to face the Territorial Support Group (TSG) but one day the young unemployed will have to face them if they want jobs and pensions. The Unions are conning their members because they are fighting the wrong fight. They owe their existence to the EU so they are just pawns in the socialist game. Their officials are all on the take so any strike action will just squander more money.

I began with Libya but I will end with David Cameron. He had so many hopes pinned on him but he is letting everyone down. His wife is an Astor and unfortunately they are major players in the New World Order. I wonder if he was selected to corrupt the Tory party and bin the nationalists because the right wing (nationalist) voice of the Tory party has been silenced. Suddenly they no longer exist. What has happened to the traditional  Tories?

Our mainstream politicians are all in thrall of the  EU. The EU pays extremely well for faithful servants. Look at the sums that the Lords Mandelson, Kinnock and Prescott have creamed off ! It is a scandal but because it pays so well they are all at it. That is why our contribution to the EU is so high and that is why certain Lords will always renege on any attempt to reform our commitment to the EU. Simple innit!  

We used to have a word to describe them...

Lord Kinnock on the Andrew Marr Show
Lord Kinnock
Sir Liam Donaldson

Two stories appeared in the mainstream media this morning which when linked epitomise the deline of the nation and the reasons for it. They also named the leading politicians and public servants who in this age of austerity for the masses continue to ignore the economy and steadfastly drain vast amounts of public money into their own bank accounts.

One headline in the News of the World' screamed '£32 billion Fat Cat Pot' and detailed the pension pots of the top Civil Servants. Now I would not normally admit to reading the NOTW but in this instance everyone is aware that some 'elite' public servants have somehow created pension pots which pillage the public purse. If we the public will have to work longer in the future surely there is a case for the government to sit these people down and talk some sense into them. Most of them have actually presided over the ruination of the nation and contributed to it. They are no friends of ours!

The 'Mail on Sunday' concentrated on the story of how a cabal of peers have defeated any attempt to allow the public a referendum on any further constitutional changes which emanate from the European Union. All of these disgraceful peers apparently still receive huge pensions from the EU to guarantee their loyalty. Once again most of them have been instrumental in handing our sovereignty to the unelected unaudited commissars of the EU. We used to have a word to describe them and in the years after the Second World War it was perceived as an unimaginable crime. Today amongst the Political Class it is almost mandatory.

One thing is guaranteed...it will not now change until the public changes it. You will not see the government addressing any of it. I suspect that David Cameron knew that his Europe Bill would flounder in the Lords. He is very good at window dressing but nothing ever changes. So if you want to work all your life with the pensionable age continuing to rise then keep voting for them folks! They just love it!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Unions against the Rest of Us!

Gallery France's Unions Strike: France's trade-unions encourage their employees to strike

So here we go again! The Trade Unions who, in this modern world, largely exist on public money are once again trying to bring down the elected government. Once again these political dinosaurs have decided that the only government that they will tolerate is a Labour government. This despite the indisputable fact that the Labour party are unfit to govern and unless we take measures to curb their financial profligacy we will go bust like the Greeks.

Of course they know... and we know that if they carry out their plans to 'strike' us into the ground the only people that will suffer are the vulnerable...you know the public...in other words the Paying Class! People like the Camerons, Boris Johnson, Harriet Harman, Nick Clegg, the Milibands or the Blair/Browns will not fear any of this! The only target for these pitifully manipulated socialists will be the weak and vulnerable...the very people who rely on public services.

Keir Hardie would turn in his grave!

They did it in the seventies and eventually failed. They should fail again because the public should turn against these union dinosaurs. Unfortunately the people today are not as politically educated as we were in the seventies and we don't have a Maggie Thatcher within a hundred miles of Westmonster. Nobody today fights for the public so expect the worst!

David Cameron has to wise up! If he doesn't back the unions down then it will prove that he doesn't have the stomach to battle for the public. He has never been a conservative and his leadership is now under the microscope. He won't find the Unions as easy to destroy as Ed Miliband ! The problem is that he supports the EU. The EU is anti Britain and is robbing us blind. Our sole EU commissioner Cathy Ashton, who I will repeat has never had a vote cast for her, is a rabid socialist.

So what will Cameron do? His socialist mates have got him by the short and curlies and the pathetic charade which is PM's Question Time every Wednesday will soon be exposed. The government must be up for the fight which will happen this summer. I suspect that the only people who will suffer are us! After all when EU friends face EU friends who is bound to suffer. This Coalition has done so many U-turns, they have reneged on so many manifesto pledges that British politics has been destroyed.

How can they promise the electorate the earth and then water down every promise. Well now you know what the Political Class are all about! They will not defend you and I. There are fine words that they fed us... remember a 'British Bill of Rights' a 'Bonfire of Quangos' or 'Strong Government'! We are about to see 'strong government' but don't hold your breath.

When every party agrees with every other party we the public do not stand a cat in hell's chance of fairness or justice. But PLEASE don't vote BNP or UKIP or English Democrat because you just might get an opposition in Westmonster! We can't have that can we?

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I have posted 21 times on the subject of Libya because I believed from the onset that our involvement in matters which should not concern us was a reckless waste of time and money. There are many tyrants on the continent of Africa and most of them receive Foreign Aid from Britain which allows them to boost their personal fortune and build a military force to subjugate the people.

Now according to the mainstream media we only have 90 days funding left with which to ensure that Colonel Ghadaffi is removed. Apparently we have just spent £1 billion and achieved nothing! He is still in charge of half the country and seems to be far from defeated. It is clear that, unless his own people in Tripoli decided to get rid of him, then it would take a massive ground force to defeat him.

So what now? Do we quietly just crawl away and admit defeat? Do we waste further cash dropping bombs on him? Do we commit a ground force? When the 90 days are up and we are skint (again) will we then watch as his government troops retake Benghazi with all the venom that can muster?

It has the potential for a really sorry mess but what can you expect of politicians who have long since lost their moral compass. I still don't know why they decided on regime change in Libya but once you get involved you must win. Clearly the whole operation now appears to be intent on wasting British money on a large scale. Someone somewhere (the EU?) is trying to ruin the British as a nation and a lot of our politicians are giving them a helping hand.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Peter Davies-Mayor of Doncaster!

Peter Davies Mayor of Doncaster

This man is Peter Davies and he is the elected mayor of Doncaster. He is as far as I know the only elected politician in England who is not a member of the Westmonster parties. He is an English Democrat!

Shock! Horror! Is he really not a member of the establishment? Shock! Horror! How did that happen? Well the citizens of Doncaster were so sick of the NoLab sleaze that they took a punt! They decided to elect a guy outside of the Political Class as their mayor. Wow! Guess what? He saves the taxpayers money...against all trends he cut his personal salary to what is reasonable.

He binned the council magazine! He wants a reduction in councillors and reckons that if 100 senators can run the United States them why does Doncaster need 63 councillors (and why does the UK need 650?!)

He has binned Twinning, rejected his chauffeur driven car and banned the sexual transgender/lesbian/gay movements in favour of children's services. Are the mainstream media trumpeting the achievements of this mayor who wants what is best for his public? You can bet your life they don't! Hell who wants a mayor who represents the public?

You must all learn the lesson. Stop being scared of voting for minority parties. If you want democracy then vote BNP, UKIP or English Democrats. Hell you can't get worse than you have got!  One man in Doncaster has shown you what life could really be like.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am passionate about my opposition to the 'Great Satan'...the European Union... so for heaven's sake oppose it! Vote against it! Vote for anyone who, like Peter Davies, will give you a better life. The lives of your children depend upon it. The Political Class have let everyone down. They are useless so why don't you support the minor parties?

You don't support them because the mainstream media control your thoughts. They dominate your brain. You are directed that it is only possible to vote Con/Lab/Lib because they are the only parties who can form a government. Look what we got? We escaped from the worst government ever in the history of this country and we inherited the Coalition who cannot agree about anything.

All these politicians are in thrall to the EU...that means that they have been corrupted. The EU as I will never cease to remind everyone is an unelected, unaudited scam that has been hoist on us by an unscrupulous Political Class hellbent on supporting a Banking Class that rules the world. Please read the history of the Rothschilds and then see how they operate. Compare that with how the EU operates today.

I salute Peter Davies who exposes the Political Class and my hat tip is to Michael and Jane who passed me the feed!

Foreign Aid - the Truth!

Saving Lives Mr Cameron?

President Museveni of Uganda

Today at PM's Question Time David Cameron once again defended his lunatic foreign aid policy claiming that it saved lives when most of the public believe that it keeps foreign despots in luxury. It was therefore no surprise to read a featured letter in the Daily Mail from Sam Akaki of the organisation 'Democratic Institutions for Poverty Reduction in Africa'.

Mr Akaki stripped bare the PM's claims by revealing that President Museveni of Uganda had diverted £30 million of British Aid to purchase a Gulfstream G550 private plane. He also detailed the monstrous behaviour of this tyrant towards his own people. The letter poignantly ended with an apology to the British people which reads as follows, 'I who was born in Uganda have decided to apologise to  present and future generations of British people who are making sacrifices so Museveni can live in luxury - because no British official will do so."

Does it not make you utterly sick of our Political Class? They are largely rotten to the core and care not a jot for the British public. They demonstrate it on a daily basis and will continue until people begin to march and threaten them.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Like ferrets in a sack....!

 Ed and David Miliband on stage in Manchester

Most people concede that Politics can and is a very dirty game. You will not get a more duplicitous crowd than those that walk the corridors of power in Westmonster. I will wager that there are more skeletons rattling around in those corridors than anywhere else on planet Earth.

Taking that into consideration can one imagine the atmosphere in the Miliband households?  Both brothers are career politicians who are so far removed from reality that they both come across as 'weird'. Their father had a dubious background and ensured that both his sons were introduced to the'gravy train' early in life. It culminated when the younger brother, with vast union support, pipped his elder brother to the 'coveted' role of leader of the Labour Party.

Now in political history there cannot be a more perilous position! The NoLab politicians are famed for their disloyalty, their internal plotting and their bullying. It is therefore no surprise that today's mainstream media is rife with reports that the Labour leadership is once again in meltdown over the poor performance of their leader.

Ed Miliband is a poor leader. He gets humiliated every week by David Cameron at PM's Question Time and whenever he speaks he concentrates on gobbledegook. He has a marvellous ability to speak for long periods in platitudes. He talks and talks but never says anything of consequence. Since he arrived on the top platform I have never heard him declare one concrete policy. He is the leader of the Labour Party which supposedly represents the working class (Ha!) and even in this period of false austerity (you know we cannot afford libraries and public toilets but it is OK to throw money at Pakistan and India and bomb Libya!) Ed Miliband cannot come up with a single concrete policy to assist the elderly, the vulnerable or the poor! He is a disgrace!

I was always told that to succeed you must surround yourself with people of proven ability. Ed hasn't learned that lesson. The Labour front bench is filled with failure. They are all tainted by the Blair/Brown years of false harmony. They will never learn and the public can see it. Ed Miliband will eventually be stabbed in the back but then what? The Labour party thrives on deceit and lies. They will never rid themselves of their inclination to plot and therefore they will never be fit to govern again.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The 'Pilgrim' Scandal

The Taxpayer's Alliance are exposing a scandal which is ever growing in the public sector. It is the employment of people who although on the staff and paid out of public funds work full time as union officials.

The most famous is Nurse Jane Pilgrim who berated Health Minister Andrew Lansley for his recent proposals when he attempted much needed reforms in the NHS. She is a nurse by trade but works full time as a Trade Union official and WE pay her salary. This is happening everywhere in the public sector and is costing us millions in tax revenue.

I am positive that at the last election many of the voters who voted Conservative did so in the conviction that this type of socialist nonsense would be dismantled by any Tory government. Trade Unions should pay their officials out of the union fees collected from their members. I would go further and insist that their nefarious activities would be conducted in their own time.

In my experience modern Trade Union officials are usually arrogant bullies used to intimidate the work force and harrass management. They have agendas which are tailored towards confrontation and do nothing to enhance productivity. It is high time that the government curb this activity, pull the rug out from under the feet of the Nurse Pilgrims and use public money for public services.

It is, of course, extrememly difficult to confront the Unions and at the same time support the European Union. No wonder the Coalition does so many U-turns. They know what they should be doing but are unable to do it because the wreckers are still in charge of the asylum.

Edukashun! Edukashun! Edukashun!

The education of children is one of the most vital aspects of any thriving democracy. That is probably the reason that our education system has been under attack from a variety of socialist authorities for nigh on 40 years.

It has resulted in a nation of people with little or no general knowledge, poor handwriting, an inability to do mental arithmetic and a poor knowledge of their own language. In my latter days of employment within the Civil Service I witnessed departmental heads who could barely construct a sentence. The general standard is so weak that they have abandoned all entry or promotion exams and most annual reports come down to box ticking.

It therefore came as no surprise to me that our children have eventually had exam questions which could not be answered! You see proof reading is an art that has all but
vanished.  They have dumbed down the questions, manipulated the grades to such an extent that the young are just being mass educated. Many come out of university with the mandatory degree, heavily in debt and no skills worthy of employment.

If anyone attempts to improve standards then up jump the teaching unions spitting bile and fury so nothing ever changes. When are we going to get a politician with some integrity who has the guts to represent the children of this country? No doubt we will soon be facing the annual marking scandal and all the usual excuses for incompetence will once again be trotted out!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dr David Kelly...draw a line under it?

Today Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General who has spent almost a year reviewing the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly in 2003, has refused to grant an inquiry into his death.

A group of doctors got together and using their medical knowledge declared that it was impossible for David Kelly to have committed suicide using the method outlined by an enquiry conducted by Lord Hutton. He then swiftly buried all the evidence for 70 years so that none of it could be examined in subsequent enquiries.

Now the Coalition have compounded the suspicions surrounding the death by refusing further investigation. It almost confirms the internet rumours that Dr Kelly was 'bumped off' by agents who work for corporate bodies because he was a nuisance. It is however, clear that neither the NoLab government under Messrs Brown and Blair or the Coalition under David Cameron dares to carry out an investigation that would dispel the rumours.

Therer is a hideous smell emanating from No 10 Downing Street and I doubt if it will go away.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Olympic Tickets!

I cannot believe just how badly this has been handled! Before OUR Olympic Games begin Seb Coe and his mates have ruined it for the British public. They could not resist the opportunity to reward all their mates in the New World Order and because of that you and I have been put in our place.

Ther British are having to visit foreign websites to get a fair deal (how the hell did they get the tickets?). OUR Olympics have already been ruined by a greedy and corrupt Political Class. They have done the deals and secured promises of corruption in the future. In their world everyone owes someone and the Olympic Games are of course the most prestigious event in the calendar.

Seb Coe (a peerage for an Olympic victory?) has taken full advantage of this opportunity because he appears to be devious and supports an apparently corrupt process. Why not first come first served? Why not an open website where the quick off the mark could gain an open handed opportunity to gain access to the blue riband event? Why not a national lottery live on the telly?

That gives me an idea! The European lottery gets huge coverage abroad but very little at home. Seb Coe talks about a second round of ticket bids. Why not a national lottery for those tickets? Of course that way he would lose his profit margin and his control of the ticket allocation and heaven forbid a member of the public would enter the Olympic Stadium on a major event without his permission!

I love the Olympics! I believe that to win the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of  achievement. I really hate the random way that ticket allocation has been conducted in this country. This Political Class cannot be honest! It is not in their psyche. They have and are ripping us all off but then what is new. It will get worse. Tales will emerge and those tales will illustrate that the sale of the Olympic tickets for the 2012 Olympics have tainted out games forever! Thanks Seb!

The Criminal Justice System

A  democratic country thrives on a fair criminal justice system and I often think that the United Kingdom is in meltdown partly due to demolition of our criminal justice system. Every layer of our justice system has been wrecked so that today we can no longer trust many of the judges, the police or the prison service. It is our own fault because we have accepted 'the mission creep' so called reforms without batting an eyelid.

Most thinking people have now accepted that our judges and politicians inhabit a different planet from the Paying Class. Their often heard pronouncements bare no relevance to life on planet earth. The sentences meted out to career criminals are so weak that they are pointless. They are allowing the Criminal Class to laugh at our criminal justice system.

Most of us have also realised that the police have largely abandoned the streets to the criminal and the unsocial. Local parks are in the hands of foul-mouthed gangs of kids. The roads have been abandoned so that many of the incomers are driving round uninsured. The town centres have been abandoned so that in the evenings many of them are no-go areas because of the drunken behaviour of the young.

The prisons are a very unfunny joke. Most of them resemble holiday camps. One hears tales that these prisons are havens for the drug addicted! How the hell are they getting drugs in? Don't people get searched anymore? Aren't people watched by prison staff? The impression is left that the prisoners are running the prison service.

Nothing ever changes, it does not appear to matter which political party is in power the criminal justice system simply gets watered down even further. It must stop because if it doesn't then we may as well not bother with punishing the offenders. Just let anarchy rule the streets because we are only one step away from it now and it has been created deliberately.

Just for the record when my grandkids read this blog in years to come, I want sentences to fit the crime. I want proper, severe, prisons which scare the wits out of the criminal (preferably a mozzie ridden island in the Western Isles). I want the police back onto the streets hounding the young gangs  and the town centre drunks. I want to bring back fear to the criminal where the police don't call them 'mate' and yes...I would welcome the return of the death penalty.

I also welcome the government's U-Turn on the disgraceful proposals submitted by Ken Clarke to further weaken the sentencing policy. I just wish that they would stop U-turning and start governing. A real Tory would have reversed much of the NoLab nonsense months ago but this is not a real Conservative government and the LibDems are slowing up the reforming process.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The European Union

German bean sprouts in E coli test 6/6/11
Cucumber and tomatoes....I don't think so!

It doesn't matter how anyone cuts the cake it is obvious that the officials from the European Union are clearly incompetent and power crazy. The latest food scare illustrates this more clearly than anything I could concoct.

A monumental food scare in Germany was originally blamed on cucumbers and tomatoes from Spain. This has caused real distress to the Spanish farmers because it has since been proven to be untrue. The real cause of this really serious outbreak of food poisoning apparently emanated from beansprouts grown in the Hamburg area! So who blamed the Spanish farmers and caused the destruction of so much food?

I have given up on the British. We deserve all that we get but I suspect the more volatile southern European countires are getting very brassed off with the corruption and lies which condemn them to a life of penury. Countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain must seethe when they hear themselves described as 'PIGS'! They will never get their self respect back until they free themselves of the EU yoke. They have been occupied every bit as much as we were occupied. I am not surprised that their people are taking to the streets.

Olympic Tickets ....proof of corruption!

This ticket scam continues to erupt as the eminently unfairness of the Olympic ticket allocation unfolds. Many thousands of the British public who continue to have faith in The Political Class (Ha!) are just beginning to realise that they have been ripped off! The Olympic Games, which should be a celebration of everything British, are beginning to resemble a shabby betrayal of the public.

Today it emerges that those FIFA officials, who have already been discredited, will have the best seats at the Olympics and will rub shoulders with City fat cats and big money corporate sponsors. This is exactly the scenario that I outlined a few days ago. In the rotten, corrupt, world created and inhabited by our Political Class the newly built Olympic Stadium would never be large enough for the armies of Common Purpose recruited scoundrels clamouring to be seen on one of the biggest stages of the world.

I despair of the British! We continually allow these people to extract the urine! In all walks of life we are being trodden on. We are so complacent and trusting and yet our very country which our fathers and grandfathers fought for has been so easily taken from us without a shot being fired. It has become so difficult to comment on our modern society because almost every edition of every newspaper exposes corruption!

It is now everywhere and there is little doubt that we have lost the war on morality.  I cannot think of one mainstream politician who has the guts to challenge the EU supporting Political Class. Everyone has been neutered and silenced so that the British now talk in whispers. Whenever we feel obliged to comment on the excesses of the Political Class we must beware of our company. If we rage about the numbers of foreign faces on our streets we are branded racist. I am beginning to find it difficult to maintain this blog because I am repeating myself.

I am almost ashamed to be British. We will have athletes who have trained for years to represent their country and on that world platform it is unlikely that their parents will be able to watch them. The Olympic Games will eventually demonstrate the power of the Political Class but it will also demonstrate to the public how betrayed we have been. It will be the final proof that our kids are being shortchanged on every aspect of their young lives. They are the ones who must march to regain their country that my generation has sadly neglected.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Olympic Tickets!

Seb Coe

Well now you all know! If you do not have the finances to dedicate thousands of pounds to the Lord Coe benefit fund then you will not receive a ticket. If you are a miserable member of the public then you have no chance of gracing a really big event.

If however you are a major company like say, the Thomas Cook travel agency, who have hotels to fill then, well would you believe it, they have thousands of tickets to sell you as long as you sleep in their accommodation!

This is a vast scandal! It is probably the worst example of the Political Class screwing the electorate that we have ever seen! Seb Coe was a great runner but he has also been a cunning politician and I believe he has devised a system which will make him rich belong belief! Once again the public have been conned! Once again the Political Class and the Bonus Class and the Criminal Class have ganged together to shaft the Paying Class!

They disgrace the British bid for the Olympics! They have brought the United Kingdom into disrepute and they have let down the British public for profit. The allocation of Olympic tickets is a shambles so someone is making a very fat profit. Seb Coe may have been a great runner but his legacy will be that of a profiteering scoundrel...what would his father think of him now? 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chris Huhne

Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP

If ever a politician could be called 'dead man walking' it is Chris Huhne. He is being attacked on all sides and he is being particularly threatened by the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics, an organisation closely associated with the arch blogger Guido Fawkes! When Guido gets you in his cross sights then you had better review your future!

He has particularly upset his former wife by leaving her for a lady of dubious principles and he will, I think. inevitably pay the penalty. If you have relied upon your wife to cover up your indiscretions then rule number one is that you don't leave her for a bisexual mistress (allegedly).

Chris Huhne has attached his coat tails to the climate change lobby which almost on a daily basis is being discredited. Every thinking person now realises that the climate change philosophy was directed by the European Union and was deeply flawed. Not even the EU can predict climate! The New World Order attempted to direct billions towards climate change and they will fail. Please remember that Ed Miliband was also one of their most committed disciples but then he would be wouldn't he? 

So now we have Chris Huhne exposed on all fronts. He is disloyal, ill advised and apparently corrupt. He won't resign because once you lose membership of the Political Class then you may as well not exist! You know like you and me!

Olympic Tickets...scope for scandal!

I am a huge sports fan and every four years the epitome of sporting endeavour arrives with a blaze of publicity. The Olympic Games has always been the highlight of the sporting calendar. To win an Olympic gold medal just has to be the pinnacle of any sportspersons achievement. This year we host the Olympic Games and in years gone by I would have queued for weeks for a ticket to be in the Olympic Stadium.

This year I have ignored the process simply because it is an insult to sports fans. The complex, unreliable and utterly corroded application process just has to be driven by greed. How ordinary people can grant access to their bank accounts to strangers who cannot guarantee how much they will withdraw and what you will get for your money is ridiculous.

Yesterday I posted about endemic corruption and frankly this illustrates the problem. Nobody could have come up with a more disingenuous system if they tried. So why have they done it? Well when it come to prestige the Olympic Games is the tops. Every corporate authority, every government and every tinpot dictator will be out to grease palms for an Olympic ticket. The scope for corruption is beyond belief! So the general public have been put on hold until the deals have been done.

I just wonder how many ordinary members of the British public will witness for example the final of the 100 metres? My guess is that nobody who is a 'nobody' will gain access to the major popular events. Those tickets will be long gone. Once again the gullible British public will pay for everything and gain nothing.