Thursday, 19 November 2009

Catherine Ashton

Well I first told people about Catherine Ashton in June of last year. She was the person NoLab nominated to be 'our' representative in Europe after 'Mandy' returned home to prop up Gordon. I said then that she had slithered up the political pole without any person ever having voted for her.

Now she is probably our most influential politician and yet in accordance with the EU's democratic principle and NoLab's democratic principle she has NEVER faced the electorate. Her appointment is singularly the most undemocratic appointment in the history of western democracy. We complain about Afghanistan and Mohammed Karsai being appointed the President but his election has nothing on this charade.

We are being stitched up! Democracy is being lost in every pore of the EU. They care for nothing apart from power and somehow the British public have been so dumbed down that they cannot see what is happening to them.

Eventually we may get an election but don't expect it to be fair and honest. This government have probably already planned for the postal votes from the immigrant community to be 'doctored' so that they seriously contest many seats that they expected to lose. I seriously feel that we must all be on our toes.

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