Monday, 2 November 2009

The latest death in Afghanistan

It is incredible! Yet another useless death just to keep this lying government in power. The people who deal with the IED's have so much courage that they shame our politicians. They are in Afghanistan for no other reason than we are keeping our army out of our country while the politicians continue to plunder it.

We are fighting a war which throughout history has never been won. One cannot win hearts and minds of a country in the hands of warlords. One cannot select just one of these warlords and support him because he says the right things. It is ridiculous.

What in the name of heaven are our troops dying for? If this irresponsible government had defended our borders then we should have never had a problem. We are an island for heaven's sake it is the easiest border any country can have and yet this hapless government decided that they could not defend it. Please believe is intentional!

Gordon Brown has intentionally and without conscience caused the death of every one of our soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan. Tony Blair did the same in Iraq. The NoLab plan demanded the neutralisation of the army so this contrived war in Afghanistan intended to prop up a puppet government which has cost the lives of so many brave soldiers continues.

There is absolutely no utter reason for our troops to be deployed in Afghanistan. There was never a threat to us! The only threat came from the NoLab policy of encouraging every disaffected Muslim in the world to slide quietly into the country. Everything is being contrived but too many people rely on this government for their income so we will always have to fight for our security and our freedom.

Most of them are so selfish that they do not give a tuppenny damn about the deaths of our soldiers. To be honest they despise the people who are giving their lives for the country which is proven by the state of so many married quarters. Their mantra is to hell with the deaths in Afghanistan, my precious salary comes first and because I am earning so much and I am worth so little then it is a fair swop!!

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