Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Rebel Politicians

This is a quick post in response to an anonymous comment that recently appeared on my blog. Clearly, whoever he is, disagreed with my most recent post on the 'rebel' politicians, not in the most elegant manner, but this is a broad church. I therefore did a bit of research and came up with this blog!

I have never pretended that I know all the answers and I have no political knowledge or back up. I write this blog so in years to come my grandchildren can read back what Grandad said years before the event. I know right from wrong and I have witnessed a dreadful destruction of our democratic way of life by traiterous politicians.

So by way of retribution to anyone who thinks that I have misjudged the rebels let me just say one more time that the stance of this blog is unequivocal. I am not interested in renegotiating any of the terms within the EU. The UK must withdraw from the EU because that is the only way that we will regain our country.

I personally believe that in order to achieve that, someone, somewhere will be manning barricades. I don't want it but I believe that history will be repeated again and again and the Political Class never learns from it because they are always driven by greed provided by the bankers.

Once again I recommend that you revisit history! Read it and translate it into modern times. Look at the way that the finance of the world is being manipulated. Suddenly the most powerful financial influences for decades throughout the modern world are being systematically destroyed. The United States is selling government bonds to China? The Western European countries (except Germany and France) are all utterly broke, so broke that they are having to go cap in hand to... China?  The emerging economies are India, Brazil and ...China?

Please don't tell me that someone with grotesque influence is not hell bent on changing the demography of the world. It is happening!

Horse Racing

In my opinion the jockeys are seriously damaging horse racing. I have followed horse racing for over 40 years and the misuse of the whip has always been an issue. When people watch films of Lester Piggott beating the hell out of horse to win the 1977 Derby and then watch Jason Maguire flogging his horse across the line to win last year's Grand National then the sport has a problem.

The administrators have introduced new rules to guide the jockeys but they are ridulously stringent. They have been designed to correct the floggers of horses but the introduction of the new rules has been too soon and too rigid. There should have been a trial period. We the punters have not had an opportunity to decide who uses the whip and who is a proper rider. It does affect the betting.

Horse Racing is on a downward curve. The young are not interested because they cannot understand the study of form. If you cannot read simple English then what the hell how do you follow form? I visit my local bookie and very few are backing horses on form. They are watching computer images and playing machines and many of them are not even English.

If the authorities do not get a grip then the sport will suffer but the jockeys must cooperate. Some are acting like prima donnas. Much was made of the gesture by Richard Hughes to dramatically renounce his riding licence in protest of a ban but nobody has explained why he is still riding?

In this modern politically correct world a jockey cannot beat a horse unnecessarily but the punishment must fit the crime. These new rules should have been tried and tested and everyone educated as to what was acceptable and what was not. Most of us are still in the dark and if I lose interest then so will many others.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The murder of Joanna Yeates

In the past couple of days we have had two excellent reasons to bring back capital punishment. I agree with the family of Joanna Yeates that the death penalty would be a fitting end for people like her murderer.

Similarly there is little doubt that the child killer Robert Black is a serial killer who has brought untold misery to the families of the victims.

This is another example the the Political Class ignoring the wishes of the public . Why should killers like Tabak and Black be allowed to live out their lives in conditions which many of the elderly would deem as luxury?

Every time I see that smug Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, blocking attempts to reform the justice system I realise why our kids cannot play safely on our streets. Our kids will never enjoy their childhood while people like Clarke reward the killers and spit on the victims. David Cameron would do well to bin the evil old man.

The European Union

I have recently E-mailed my MP  about the three line whip that was imposed on her and almost everybody else at Westmonster. I have expressed my concern about the mounting public protest against the EU. I concentrated my efforts on the reported fact that the EU had not been audited for '14' years.

I challenged my MP that she supported a publically funded organisation which could not pass an audit and I described it as 'illegal'...she responded that the EU was not 'illegal' but 'not in compliance with the law'. I wonder how long an organisation can be not in 'compliance with the law' before it can be deemed 'illegal'?

I have since 'googled' the actuality and it does appear that the mainstream EU central body has had its accounts signed off. The problem however remains that money allocated to member states still disappears into a huge black hole. They can account for their own EU expenditure but unfortunately they have no control over the billions that they distribute to governments through various channels.You know the type of money which funds crackpot quangos! Nobody can account for this money which is a disgrace and definitely 'not in compliance with the law'.

The response from my MP was courteous and prompt but I expected her to question me! I wanted her to be knowledgeable and accurate but she tended to agree although not sufficiently to make her defy the PM. I believe that she is probably a decent MP but I want leadership. I want independent and aggressive leaders who will challenge the corruption that is endemic in much of the EU. Until we get a free vote on this issue we will never get answers.

The public inherently know the answer. The public are not wrong. The British public know that these cheap bunch of eurocrooks have hijacked (with the complicity of the banks) every western economy and that is why we have such a major problem. Their response appears to be to pin their hopes on the Chinese and then announce some jiggerypokery with 'smoke and mirrors'.

I do still fear that Merkel and Sarcozy will defend the euro to the end and that means far more damage than most of us will find acceptable.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The European ever!

What a mess the Eurozone is! None of the southern European states appear to be solvent. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy seen incapable of good government. It is clear, even to an ignoramus like me that the European Union is bust. Germany alone is keeping it afloat so the only reason that it has not been dissolved is personal ambition.

Our mainstream politicians, who have all linked their careers to the useless EU, are now groping around hoping for a solution to their financial problems. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! Greece is bust and they must look after themselves. In my opinion so is Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland so what is left? Once again the socialist experiments have failed so why do they keep happening?

Who is behind this rottenness? Well of course it is quite clear that the banks are the villains. The banks lend the money to the politicians. This blog has for the past three years been pointing the finger in the direction of the history of the Rothschilds. They clearly are the villains and tonight just now Nick Leeson (remember him?) is on Newsnight declaring that when government finds a good regulator/auditor then they are immediately employed by the banks.

Our politicians should listen more to Nick Leeson. He fouled up once but he is clearly a very switched on guy.
Yesterday I went GoKarting for the first time in my life! It was an absolute blast! I am normally not a 'petrol head' but I have always been able to drive...almost anything, anywhere, which stems from my very early military career with the Royal Artillery. I was in a Missile Regiment and illegally got opportunities to drive vehicles like a 26 ton rocket launcher (with the missile casing mounted) when my speciality was Land Rover +Trailer!

So when my daughter organised this year's Father's Day present as a visit to the local Go Karting track I expected to take it in my stride. Wow! What a shock I got! These GoKarts fly around the track at between 45/50mph and we got 50 laps! The force on the arms and shoulders was unexpected and the competition ferocious. We flew around the indoor track, screeching round chicanes and hairpins.

I would recommend it to anyone BUT it really is not for the 'old'. I am also supposed to have a heart condition (for insurance purposes) even though I  got a clean bill of health from the specialist. Yesterday I proved that I do NOT have a heart condition of any kind because that was 'full on'.

If anyone has a 'daredevil' relative and they are short of a present then that was a very worthwhile experience. I would really like to know how I compared with people of a similar age. The marketing people should look at that angle.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Referendum Debate(continued)

This debate which is so close to my heart that I am almost bleeding is becoming passionate. It has become generational. The young turks are defending Cameron (ambition?) and the older disillusioned MPs are defending parliament.

It has been fascinating but the leading players have disappeared. Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Hague and every Cabinet Minister and Shadow Cabinet Minister have disappeared on this issue. The main players, the people who keep us in Europe, have excused themselves from scrutiny.  They are absent from the debate.

They know that the three line whip  is conclusive. A three line whip decides everything because if you deny it then you lose your political career. You will never progress to a ministerial position. This is the threat because whips blackmail their members.

Tonight 111 members defied the whips and voted for democracy. This is a huge lobby! They are a very powerful group. We lost the battle but then we must win the war. It is crucial to retain our independence and freedom. 

EU Referendum Debate

I have been following the debate leading up to the parliamentary vote on our membership of the EU caused by a petition bearing 100,000 signatures from members of the public. I have been staggered by the quality of the contributions from those branded as 'eurosceptic'.

Clearly some politicians still have consciences and are not intimidated by the party whips. They understand the cynicism of the general public and in many cases share it. Everything that we have believed about the EU being an undemocratic hindrance to UK growth has been advanced as the truth.

These independently spirited MPs have blasted away the EU myth. It is obvious that none of them will ever have ministerial career so they should do the right thing. They should resign the whip and form their own party. It would then include some of the most charismatic speakers in the House.

These are the real democrats, people who believe in our ancient parliamentary procedure and their conduct and passion has put the leaders of their parties, who have implemented a three line whip for tonight's vote, to shame.

If I was David Cameron I would be extremely worried. There are too many of them. They are not sheep and they understand the problem far too well. At last the real Conservatives have found a voice and it is a joy to behold. Such a shame that my own MP is not amongst them but then I never expected her to be there. Her ambition will always outweigh her beliefs and probably her ability.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

North Leicestershire ITEC

Way back in July I posted about the training organisation that I worked for in the ten years after I left the army. Yesterday evening a few of us met up again after almost twenty years. It was actually unbelievable because within minutes the years had rolled back and we were as we were.

The evening progressed and unfortunately I was 'under the weather'. I expected to last about an hour and make my excuses but suddenly everything took off and we had a great night. Heh nothing spectacular but it was comfortable, enjoyable and it made me think.

Why after 20 years do these people all feel almost like family? It took them minutes to adjust and then the banter began. Now remember we had only 15 people and their 'generations' spread over 10 years but they all trained under the same regime. They were taught discipline, respect, manners and above all team spirit. They were taught army values in a civilian environment.

They know that it was never an autocratic regime. Rules were set and were enforced but were maintained by the trainees. In those days all the lads wore ties and all the girls dressed decently... nobody wanted to argue because we all loved it. We were a family.

So now last night I met products of a production line that I (I hate to say this) put into action. I instigated a plan to assist the decent kids who were not university material...the kids who were not academic but needed an opportunity...the decent majority who just needed someone to bat for them.

Now here is the clincher that the politicians are useless. This scheme was sensationally successful in gaining employment for their trainees. It was closed down at the end of the nineties along with all the other county council training schemes. At one stage a local prominent Labour councillor called Mike Jones presented the prizes on a presentation evening (I have it on video) and it was blatantly obvious that this was a success story. When it was closed down he never raised a finger to save it!

 I was involved with these people for 10 the end of the evening a guy who had been rejected for Information Technology by his school pulled me to one side and bought me a double Glenfiddich! His earnings are in the stratosphere "mortgage paid...Porsche in the garage".

As regular readers of this blog (if any) will remember I lost my beloved Iain (son) last year to an RTA but when one of the most successful of my trainees even links me as a 'parent' he will never know how proud I was. It is the ultimate accolade of any 'supervisor' and fictionally I would adopt him tomorrow (but I do like Glenfiddich!!).

EU Referendum

It is now becoming clearer to the public at large what I have been blogging for the past three years. Our three mainstream political parties are as one on the most important aspect of our political future.

They are absolutely determined that we will continue to be ruled by the unelected European commissioners and judges and nothing will dissuade them to allow the public a vote on this issue. I wonder why?

If the EU is so good for us, if our economy would be devastated without EU support or if Europe could not manage without British membership then why do they not go the whole hog and adopt the Euro?  Why are we not full members 'leading the way' with France and Germany?

Someone is pulling their strings and most of us know it. This has been a huge con trick perpetrated by the Political Class on the Paying Class. We have paid billions over the years into the EU coffers and we have no idea how it is being spent. There is no accountability and no audit so the money just disappears in a huge black hole. This is the organisation which they all support regardless of party.

Listen to all the principle players rabbitting on about it 'not being the right time', 'changing it from within' or 'the ruination of the economy'. It is all rubbish! They are bricking it that their little plot has been rumbled. They know that the British public inherently dislike EU involvement in our lifestyle. They also know that if they gave us a sniff of a chance we would be out of the mess in a jiffy!

It will happen one day and it will feel like D Day all over again. Tomorrow is just a skirmish. They will win but it does prove that if we ever want a referendum we....the public....will have to force it! We must ask questions of our MPs, put them on the spot and force them to explain why they just fall into line once they enter Westmonster.

I have already asked my local MP why she supported a socialist organisation (the EU) even though she stood as a Conservative. I received the usual pre-prepared letter which was, in my opinion, arrant nonsense. I have now asked her why she supports a political alliance funded by public money which cannot be audited? No doubt I will receive back another turgid excuse but I will bang on about this for ever because is is illegal damn it!

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Politicians's Promise!

Do you know that the trouble with modern society is that when these abysmal politicians want your vote they will actually say anything. They will lie and double lie. They will promise you the earth and they actually have no intention of fulfilling their promises.

However, in the modern era they are filmed and their lies come back to haunt them. So when they appear with their convincing sincerity in 2009 and you listen to them today it kinda makes you lose faith.

It happened with Tony Blair. When he first arrived on the scene with his 'sincerity' act almost everyone thought he was wonderful. We were soon betrayed by the false sincerity and today nobody believes a word that he says. 

Fast forward to David Cameron who is also a wonderful orator! Everyone worships his delivery but if we can find one example when he is tripped up by his own charisma then would not his credibility take an incredible nose dive? He is the one mainstream politician who is preventing the public a referendum on the EU.

So Captain Ranty looked back into history and found this Youtube example of the duplicity of the leader of the Coalition. Now if you  remember Nick Clegg also 'promised' a referendum on the EU then you will recognise that both Coalition leaders promised us a referendum on the EU. The EU is the cross on which all the lying politicians will eventually flounder.

You see the EU is an enormous lie. It is a corruption. It cannot even face an audit, never mind pass one. The commissioners are all incompetent socialists who have just spent money in order to pacify their greedy, ignorant supporters. That is the reason that the euro is in such turmoil.

Every country has overspent in order to maintain popularity. The major Rothschild banks just lent them more and more and they spent it. Now we have the amazing prospect that every socialist government in countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and yes even the UK lost their moral financial compass and spent like kids in a sweetie shop. 

Now they are trying to find a way out of the mess and frankly they have not got one.   I don't even believe that Germany can cover this debt! So what happens now? Well I can only speculate because while the politicians refuse to bow to the inevitable it is inevitable that we the people will continue to pay through the nose.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Economic War??

Vince Cable has just said live on ITV News that we are waging an Economic War! He did not say who the enemy was but hinted that it was the energy companies and the banks.  Is it not time that our politicians started to represent the electorate?

We are a very rich country and yet our politicians cannot apportion our taxes in a fair and friendly way. For example we bung billions of pounds towards the African despots, who then buy up the fashionable areas of Paris, but here at home we cannot afford a toilet facility at Dovedale? 

The people of Greece know how to riot! They were persuaded when  they entered the EU that all their problems would be over and the EU would look after them for evermore. They have recently had a reality check. Now they are on the streets because they recognise that their socialist government has spent money that they could not afford.

They are consequently now skint... and now look at Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy. All of these countries have spent money that they did not have purely to follow their socialist dogma. Every EU economy has gone bust (apart from France and Germany) because the socialists just borrow money from the banks (run by the Rothschilds).

Vince Cable is correct...we do have an economic war. The problem is that most of our politicians seem to just fall into line whenever the major problems arrive on the doorstep. We are a rich country. The only reason that we do not have any money for the public is that the Political Class, the Bonus Class and the Bankers Class fritter away our taxes. They have an alternative agenda.  

We just must convince David Cameron that so much unaudited money is not healthy to anyone's economy. By the by I will never understand why the Eurosceptics in Westmonster NEVER  question the lack of an EU audit. Nobody ever mentions it!  We can operate outside of the EU and we should do so. Can you imagine if we washed our hands of the EU? No more EU Human Rights, no more red tape, no more quangos and someone who stands up in Parliament and is accountable.

Finally I see that one of the very few men in the world who was not in hock to the banks was today dispensed with...job done then boys. Business as usual and now you can lend the new government of Libya lots of dosh to rebuild the country. Come to think of it where did they get all those weapons...?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The murder of Joanna Yeates

Joanna Yeates
I really feel for the family of Joanna Yeates as her murderer wriggles in the witness box. The lawyers are now involved so he can traduce her character but the evidence is clear!

He says that she was lonely and invited him in to her flat. This girl was in a committed relationship and if she had been lonely she could have stayed in the pub with her mates.

He says he misread the signals. Professional, modern, girls like Joanna know precisely how to look after themselves. They are aware of how to position themselves in every situation. Hell since they were kids they have been on the lookout for predators because the law does not protect them so they must protect themselves.

He says he tried to kiss her! Yeah right! He stopped her from screaming by placing his hand over her mouth for about 20 seconds! Yer Wot! She was a fit young girl who had 43 separate injuries when her body was found.  She fought for her life!

Finally this callous, brutal, Dutchman stuck her in his boot and casually went shopping. Is this not the clincher? He had just committed the most foul murder and he went shopping? This is clearly a very strong case for capital punishment. Why expend hard earned cash on a guy who should be topped at the first opportunity?

Dale Farm

Well it has taken ten years but at last the police have begun to evict the gypsies from their illegal camp at Dale Farm, Basildon, Essex. What I do not understand is the sympathetic tolerance which the mainstream media applies to these people.

The bottom line is that they built an illegal camp on green belt land. I couldn't do it so neither can they! Somehow however, these people have been able to fight eviction for ten years? It is an astonishing trail of legal wrangling and of course somebody has made a packet out of it.

I think however, that it goes further...they are called 'travellers' but don't want to travel. Everywhere they settle, even for a few days, the local area is trashed. They always manage to generate amazing amounts of foul smelling rubbish. Their children and animals are invariably feral and crime statistics rocket!

Generally speaking the British people are fairly tolerant but anyone encountering these instantly recognizable charabancs fears the worst. The gypsies are 'takers' they never give anyone anything and just 'take' what they need. I would happily see all of them back on the boat to Ireland and then we will only have to sort out their Rumanian counterparts currently featured on BBC trafficking children so that they can beg on the streets of London. Lovely people!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another Police Apology!

Casey Brittle, 21, repeatedly called Nottinghamshire Police before she was murdered by Sanchez Williams in front of her two-year-old daughter.
Casey Brittle
Yet another police apology following yet another botched operation. When will someone like this girl's MP decide that enough is enough. There is no law on these low level estates/areas. The police are just not interested in protecting the very people who need their assistance.

This has gone on for far too long and it is high time that their rules of conduct were changed. Of course that is not what the Political Class want...if they dumb down the Education system, pervert the Justice system, overextend the Benefit system and ignore any subsequent public outcry then they are the only winners! Simple innit!

In the meantime they roll out the short straw senior copper with his piece of paper where 'don't forget to apologise' is underlined! Disgraceful is too nice a word for them!

UPDATE: I have just been watching the pathetic attempts of the senior plod put up by the police on BBC East Midlands to explain how they allowed a savage to kill the mother of his child despite eleven attempts by the girl to get help! I have never heard such utter gobbledeegook. His officers are now watching DVD's to help them recognise domestic violence! He spoke about 'risk assessments' and 'managing effectively' and gave the impression that he had digested the whole political correctness manuel but frankly would not know how to react to save a life! More will die while people like this are in charge!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Education again!

Of all the problems that face our benighted country I still believe that our disastrous education system needs the most attention. Since the closure of the excellent grammar schools almost every route to the top has been closed to the council estate kids. It is ironic that the grammar schools were destroyed by the socialists you know the very people who purport to represent the working class (Ha!).

Today I stumbled across an article by Milo Yiannopoulos who I must admit was unknown to me. His Greek surrounding name belies his mastery of the English language and he has penned a superb account of the problems that have beset our education and the reasons for them. He lays the blame for the demise squarely where it should lie.

He also wants right wing journalists to shout LOUDER and start to confront the loony lefties who have been proven diastrously wrong on every account of public service. He wants the right wing politicians to stand up and represent the public! The public majority want an end to mass immigration, they want the death penalty for heinous crimes and they most definitely want an end to the 'Brussels nonsense.

Why do we not get a debate on these issues? We don't because the socialist bullies tell us that we can't have one. The left wing bullies just shout louder than everyone else. They have almost closed right wing opinion down. People are scared to say that they oppose the socialist point of view because of the abuse they must suffer for expressing an alternative opinion. If you don't believe me just watch John Prescott in action when he is told that he is wrong.

Mr Yiannoupolos is correct. We must begin to fight back and should we not begin the fight by backing Nigel Farage who consistently confronts all and sundry on the issue of the EU. He may be a one trick pony but it is the first trick that we have to trump in order to progress.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Royal Wootton Bassett

This is a really nice sentiment and it is entirely appropriate that the people of this small Wiltshire town, that in effect publicised the slaughter of our troops in Afghanistan and exposed the politicians, should be honoured.

It took the local British Legion to honour the lads who had died and in doing so they at last gave those who had sacrificed themselves for their country a fitting homecoming. This was an entirely spontaneous demonstration and NOTHING to do with our politicians. So I ask the question...why has it been discontinued? Our lads and lasses are still at war. They are still dying on the front line. The Wootton Bassett 'experience' gave the families closure... a fitting tribute so why has it been discontinued?

OK the title 'Royal' Wootton Bassett is an honour but then why have they changed the route? If I had a relative killed in action then I would want the RWB tribute. It is a memorable occasion. Are our disgusting politicians who began this spurious war still unable to countenance their disgrace? We should never have gone to Afghanistan and history proves it. It is an alien society which has nothing to do with us and we will never change them.

This was all about neutralising the British Army and taking them out of any future equation. The socialists (and that includes David Cameron and most of his Cabinet) still know that the army will always be Queen and Country before Government! That is the reason that the army is being dispersed year after year.

No other government department has faced such severe cuts. No other government department can waste so much money and still leave their staff so ill equipped to fight a war. I suppose the recent   demise of Dr Liam Fox illustrates the spin and the dishonesty of the defence lobby. The lads on the front line do not deserve such politicians swanning around the world in five star hotels creaming off resources. Fox and his nefarious friends are incorrigible and that is the bottom line.

No wonder they changed the route to Wootton Bassett and then thought that conferring the title 'Royal' to this admirable town would confuse us all. They are actually ashamed of their actions. They hated the publicity of so many killed in action so they dreamt up the honour 'Royal' to persuade the public that they were doing the right thing. Westmonster politicians never do the 'right' thing and the Liam Fox scandal proves it!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The 'Occupy' Movement

The 'occupy' movement began when I visited Florida with the family a few weeks ago. I heard about in on Fox news but there has been precious little publicity this side of 'the pond'.

It is driven by the modern social media outlets like 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' that are difficult to monitor. Apparently today the 'occupy the Stock Exchange' campaign drew a moderate crowd  but reports describe an 'occupy' plan in Rome as turning violent.

This is the point because the young need a rallying flag. It is their future that the politicians, the bankers and the lawyers are wrecking. They are the people with the energy and motivation to fight for their futures. I know that their education has been pathetically dumbed down particularly with regard to history, general knowledge and current affairs but it is impossible to dumb down a whole generation.

The 'occupy Wall Street' initiative has now lasted many weeks and they are not going away. Hundreds have been arrested but I think that they are seizing this one opportunity to bond together. I do hope that the 'Stock Exchange' occupation becomes an embarrassing nuisance because it is the only way to shake the 'Political' and 'Bonus' classes out of their complacency.

One day the UK must get back to normal. For that to happen the people must regain control of the banking and legal systems. The EU farce is bound to collapse and then the quangos will fall and the mainstream politicians will all be discredited. It will happen but these Euro/Quangocrats will impose maximum damage before they lose their grip. Already the forecasts are that to save the euro the EU must find two trillion euros to shore it up! Two bloody trillion!!?

Personally I believe that this only proves the extent of the damage that this banking inspired socialist conspiracy will inflict on the young. They must find a flag to rally around. The 'occupy' movement seems to have made its mark and the more bright young people who discover that their fancy degrees buy them nothing but disappointment the better. These are the very people who need to challenge the authorities. They need to get involved and embarrass people like David Cameron and then guess what...the most corrupt Olympics ever held is less than a year away! It could become a battleground!

Thursday, 13 October 2011



The mainstream media are having a field day with the recent reports on the care for the elderly in the NHS. Of course these reports have been ongoing for a decade or more and as yet nobody has found a solution. Every now and then the inhuman treatment of the elderly is raised as an issue to keep people on their toes. Why can't any political party, any health professional, any quango queen or any union official cut through the red tape to establish a code of ethics/conduct/practice which would ensure the safety of our elderly?

Look at the papers today! In one newspaper (The Daily Mail) we have column inches from Dominique Jackson, Julia Manning, the Revd Peter Mullen, and Anna Smith. All approach the subject from different angles but the message is the same. The NHS stinks!

The Daily Express weighs in here.  The Daily Telegraph here and even The Sun has found a slot for the abuse of the NHS oops sorry I meant this link.

So the politicians are well aware of the problem but what have they done about it? When I was recently in Florida we had three party political conferences. All three of our EU supporting parties had an opportunity to address the scandal of the NHS. Now I don't know what happened but did anyone actually mention that we had a problem with the NHS? Did a single politician even hint that they thought we had a problem with care for the elderly? 

When will they address a problem which one day will concern any one of us? Probably not because there is too much at stake for so many of the politicians. The NHS is just one of the modern day scandals aimed at enslaving the people. It will only be solved if they are swept away but that will take time and effort. That should be the goal of us all!

Lawful Rebellion

Way back last March a few hundred of us descended on Birkenhead to 'arrest' a judge and publicise Lawful Rebellion and the British Constitution Party. Since then things have gone pretty quiet in that direction and there is always plenty to blog about elsewhere.

Recently however, Captain Ranty has been confronting all and sundry proving that what we know as the law today is in fact not actually legal. I do not pretend to understand all the aspects of his 'Lawful Rebellion' but somehow he and a few others have rumbled that we, the public, are being conned rotten by the politicians, the lawyers, the police and worst of all the Queen!

Everything that we held dear is in fact a mirage. The few that have the courage to challenge the myth with their real version of the law seem to be winning. Well at the moment they are winning because I suspect that the authorities do not want the publicity. I know from personal experience that if you promise to meet them in court and they know that you mean it then the charges get dropped!

I don't know if Captain Ranty has family attachments. I know that my family would probably go ballistic if I went on a one man crusade to challenge the law so I appreciate his courage because what he is doing is for all of us.

His blog is really worth a visit because it will open your eyes! Scroll back to his confrontation with the police and then read forward to how he treats Debt Collection agencies (and read the comments). Then just have a look around you!

The public are being kept in the dark. Thousands of people in authority must be aware that this monumental fraud betrays our nation particularly with regard to the Queen. I still find it difficult to realise that she has been complicit in it. What did she have to gain and who was in a position to force her to renege on her Coronation vows? If anyone can submit an alternative opinion I would be pleased to hear it.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The European Bailouts!

I return yet again to the huge threat of the bailout of Greece and the threat to the euro. Today in the Daily Mail Norman Lamont, the former chancellor, is expounding a theory that our EU leaders are proposing a scam to rescue their dreams.

I fear that this debt mountain is rising ever higher and that further efforts to solve the crisis are futile. What I cannot understand is that, in the face of incontrovertible evidence that the European Union and its currency has failed, why do our mainstream politicians not face fact?

Why can none of them admit that they were wrong? Why can they not admit that to hand over our sovereignty to foreign unelected powers was in effect an act of treason? When are they going to explain to the British public that all the quangos are funded by Europe and they have been a total waste of money?

It is no wonder that Merkel and Sarkozy are desperate to find a way out of the mess because if they don't then the whole pack of cards collapses and the scam is over. I cannot understand why they are all scrabbling around the Liam Fox 'affair' when a much deeper crisis is on our door step. Similarly we have just had three party political conferences and the major topic was swept under the carpet.
Far too many reputations are on the line!

Monday, 10 October 2011

What is happening to our young people?

Need a lift? A teenage boy carries his drunk friend over his shoulder when she is incapable of walking, while another couple start kissing by a shop window

Now I am no prude, 25 years of army service normally means that one developes a pretty grounded sense of fun and sexual awareness. There can not be a serviceman who who was not aware of the streets of depravity and the 'windows' of opportunity that existed in Amsterdam and most large German cities.

However there is a movement amongst our young professionals in particular which is pointing the British youth in the direction of Caligula! The problem is that most of our young people know nothing about the Roman Empire and their eventual demise. Looking at some of the photos appearing in the press and also witnessing some of the the behaviour of our ignorant young university graduates I wonder what evil power has gripped hold of them?

Some time ago I read a letter from the mother of a university student (a lad) depicting the effect that the Student's Union had on the Freshers. In the very first week they organised piss ups for almost all of the vulnerable. The strong will always ignore the temptation but they are targetting the weak, those lacking in confidence and those that need a guiding hand.

They are intent on breaking down all barriers. Anything goes and the police are complicit. They should be making arrests but when the debauchery is at its height there is not a copper in sight. How can these young people find it cool to lose their utter dignity, their self respect and their moral compass? What do their parents think?

We are ignoring a major threat to the youth of the country. Anyone can ignore the conventional rules of society (and most of us did at one time or other) but not in this mass total disregard for decency!

You see in my total madness I actually believe that someone is directing an absolute breakdown of decency in the country. It has been planned and is being orchestrated. Step by step our kids are being led down a path to the abyss. They have lost all self respect because it is so easy to say 'What the hell, I was pissed', someone, somewhere has got to reverse the trend.

We have leaders like David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg (all supporters of the EU) so just tell me which one of them has shown concern about the behaviour of the young people in Cardiff and elsewhere?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dr Liam Fox!

Heh does anyone understand what he has done wrong? The Defence Minister who to me has always appeared a bit weird and clearly has access to so many of the secrets of government. You know like why do we have so many Generals and Admirals and so few tanks and ships? You know little problems that baffle the proletariat but are easily acceptable by let's say...well the Generals and the Admirals!

So apparently Liam Fox has a mate...a good mate because he was 'best man' at Liam Fox's that rules out man on man problems... (I suppose... but then man on man appears to be almost a requirement for political recognition unless it is the other way round).

So what has he done? Apparently the mate concocted a business card which was a bit of a fib...yer wot? How many concocted business cards have forced the Defence Secretary to apologise to the public looking as if he is sucking a lemon? No there is something really nasty attached to this and the Cameron people are keeping shtum. This would appear to be dynamite because the NoLab Shadow Cabinet are almost orgasmic!

No doubt it will break before long as it always does. I always wonder why these politicians are so utterly sleazy but then of course it is par for the course. They are all on a knife edge before they are uncovered. I think we should keep a league table or should I say, a sleaze table, which would be a really fun aspect of a blog. Let me work on that one.

Police brass...again!

I could not believe this story about the top police brass called in to carry out 'an international crime fighting mission' in Grand Cayman. What a ridiculous indictment on the culture of the top police brass. How come that every time they have 'an international crime fighting mission' then it is in the Caribbean?  Look at them! Now I do realise that in every job people need 'down time' but when we were in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties we were never all off duty at the same time.

These top officers have demeaned the police service. They have been made to look ridiculous by their complacency and arrogance. If they really were competent police officers then surely they had seen the press presence? What a trio of wallies! Back home within the force they will never live this down.

They went on 'a jolly' at public expense but had the idiocy to announce beforehand that it was 'not a jolly'! What planet are these people on? The very minute that the Chief Constable of Merseyside announced that he was swanning off to the Caribbean with a couple of police mates they were a target. The minute that he announced this trip the entire press corps must have been alerted that a coup was on the cards!

I cannot believe that they allowed themselves to be photographed... but then what else can you expect from people who are cushioned by their allegiance to the Political and Bonus Classes.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Printing money...again!

A few years ago I read that Zimbabwe had ruined their economy by printing money. It is called 'quantitative easing' but that is just a posh name for downgrading the value of a country's money. Today the Bank of England decided to print another £75 billion to pour into the economy in order to 'steady the ship'.

OK I am not a high finance expert. I am a very low finance expert because I don't owe a sou to anyone now that my mortgage has been paid. I recognise the value of being able to afford what you want. When my wife and I first got married we had second hand everything. If it was cheap it was ours and because of that we balanced the books. When I came out of the services I was offered double the value of my mortgage but my inate caution told me to take what I could afford in the worst of circumstances. As a consequence we are solvent.

Today the politicians and bankers have created a second or even third generation who believe that when they spend money they do not actually have in the bank then it is irrelevant. It doesn't matter because they will face the consequences sometime in the future. This attitude has almost become a British culture.

Today on the flight back from Orlando I read that we had far more Generals and Brigadiers than battle tanks. Our total battle tank army could probably be commanded by a half decent Warrant Officer so why have we got so many parasitic brass. Similarly in the navy the Admirals outnumber the ships so what do they do? They are the people who have allowed the politicians to shrink the services so why do we have that number of high maintenance top officers?

This is always the problem. We have created a culture which protects a number of people who earn huge salaries but never ever contribute to the economy (some would call them quangos). These are the same people who harangue the welfare contributions to the sub underclass from the council estates because they claim benefits. BOTH are a burden on our society. When you have been educated at the best schools, supported throughout by a society which will favour you because you speak nicely, your friends speak nicely, your family speak nicely then is it not time that you challenge yourself?

The unfairness in our society is that we have politicians, bankers, unions and countless faceless powers (ie the EU) who do not want to change this ludicrous imbalance. We have hordes of well spoken toffs and hordes of cockney speaking union bosses but very few people who are actually batting for the working class. Sorry folks but this is my socialist background seeping through.

We should not be printing money we should be protecting what we earn. We should have political parties that understand budgetry. All of our leading politicians have been born with a privileged background or have bullied their way through the unions. Where is Keir Hardie when we need him?

(By the way if you have never heard of Keir Hardie then this blog is not for you) BUT...just google him and then reread my post. Believe me Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman are not Socialists... they just hijacked the party which was meant to represent you and me!

In the meantime...I am off to bed jetlagged!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The European Union

Anyone who has regularly drifted past this blog will know that I am an inplacable enemy of the EU conceptI am not against a free trade link between European countries but the original concept of a 'Common Market' has long since been corrupted by evil politicians for their own ends. I have constantly criticised the apparent inability of anyone to audit this financial hotch potch considering the huge sums of money imposed on member states. This is public money and yet all our leading politicians refuse to yield to demands for open accountability.

The problem with Greece is building! It is clear that no matter what amounts they pour into the abyss the Greeks cannot change their lifestyle to meet their debts. Most of us know that the euro is doomed but the politicians cannot bear to admit that their venture has been a socialist inspired disaster. Most of the major players have never had a vote cast for them.

The article that I have referred to attracted some interesting comments. A broad brush resumee of those comments illustrates that the British thinking public have not been fooled. We know that these politicians have been following a flawed financial plan which relied on massive public funding and no accountability. ALL of our leading politicians have supported the EU so ALL of them will one day have to answer to the public.

The problem is that unless it happens very soon the money for our services, our pensions and our future may have disappeared down the same black hole that has already claimed the futures of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and probably Spain and Italy.

In the United States the public have begun to fight back. The jails are full in New York but it won't stop them. The politicians cannot control the social networking sites that are building the momentum. When it happens I believe that our world will change very, very quickly.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The choice is yours folks!

The protests in the United States are becoming serious. Hundreds have been arrested in New York and the protests are spreading! It has the potential to be become a serious embarassment to the Obama government if not a downright threat. This is a massive country and it would appear that a popular movement against the bankers, the speculators and the politicians who have brought about a collapse of the economy is under way.

Typically however, the bankers continue to 'rob' the public and only today the CITI bank have proposed the introduction of a flat 15 dollar a month charge on debit cards. The only way that one can avoid this charge is predictably to be rich, well rich enough to maintain 6000 dollars in your current account.

I always believe that what happens in the USA soon spreads across 'the pond' so what will we see first? A popular movement of the people or the introduction of a monthly charge on your debit account?
As a popular game show once said 'The choice is yours folks'!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The BBC and England

HEAR! HEAR! Well said Littlejohn.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The European Union

I don't know what to make of this report! Surely the majority of the MPs are in favour of the European Union? None of the new MPs would have been adopted by their local constituencies if they had been deemed 'eurosceptic'. Once that has been established a vote in Westmonster about a referendum on the EU is irrevelant so why do it?

I read that only a massive contribution from Germany of £211 billion, engineered by Angela Merkel, will delay the demise of the euro. Most of the experts seem to believe that the euro is doomed so why continue with this useless exercise. I cannot believe the German public are not rioting but then I suppose we have the same disease.

Next week is the Conservative Party Conference. I suspect that it will be an opportunity to see if there are any true blue Tories left. We have yet another ridiculous edict emanating from the EU threatening our welfare bill. It is high time that someone forcibly said 'No' and where better to start than at a Conservative Party Conference!

The EU is finished! It was a stupid socialist idea from the onset. The only question that remains is how much money will be squandered trying to save it? I would like to bet that it will be epic!

Protests in the USA!

Just in case the mainstream media is not actually reporting the world news I thought that you might be interested in this...? There have been extensive protests in many cities in the United States against the non tax paying activities of the corporate bodies (doesn't that ring a bell?).

The crux of the anger surrounds the bailing out of the banks with public money and the subsequent lack of response from the banks with regard to job creation (doesn't that ring a bell?). The American news programmes keep mentioning the problems in Europe but behind it all is a fear that the United States is also going broke.

When you see the crowds at the Disney theme parks and the adjacent more independent fun sites it is very difficult to believe that there is a problem anywhere! The world seems to congregate in Orlando. The Floridians are celebrating the onset of 'fall' which means the storms disappear and the temperature drops to a manageable 85 degrees! How do they cope when they travel abroad?