Wednesday, 30 April 2008


In the constituency where I live we are not holding local elections. It is not our turn. Despite this I will be holding my breath to see just what the electorate will do tomorrow. Generally I have never seen politicians held in such contempt but what is the answer? Will people take this opportunity to give Westminster in general a kicking and will this mean some real shocks in store.

I really hope that Boris Johnson beats Ken Livingstone in the fight for Lord Mayor of London because I have always believed that 'Red Ken' is a thoroughly bad lot. I don't think that Boris is himself a good candidate but it is definitely 'anybody but Ken'. Some political hacks are predicting a BNP candidate on the London Assembly. I think there is a good chance that there may be more than one! Nobody has suffered more from the mass immigration than the Eastenders and there are still more than a few of them around. Will they vote though - that is the question? We will soon know.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Oil Billionaires

The announcement today of the obscene profits gained by two of the oil giants in the first quarter of the year is almost a death knell for our country. Because our pitiful government cannot preside over a reliable public transport system we are ever reliant on our four wheels. In the towns and cities we do still have some semblance of public transport but elsewhere in the rural areas a vehicle is essential.

So now we have have petrol prices shooting through the roof and no attempt by this inept government to protect their electorate from the greed of the oil giants. I wonder why that could be? Not content with taxing us until the pips squeak they are gathering in unprecedented revenue from this increase in our fuel prices. The more the oil barons charge us the more the government profits.

So I ask myself - how much more can we take before our roads are only fit for the millionaires that NoLab have created. Our roads will soon resemble the roads we used to see in the 1980's in Moscow. That means only grinning idiots like Gordon Brown will be able to travel by car. You don't think so? WE are now paying an unbelieveable price for travelling independently. It is now £5 a gallon but how about £10 a gallon or £20 a gallon? When will it affect you? At what price will the government drive you to your bike?

Fuel is power folks and you will soon know it. I predict a time when only the ultra rich will be travelling independently. I just hope that I am wrong but I never see a politician who puts his constituents before himself. So the rich will get richer and you and me? Well that is up you my friends! What will drive you to protest on the streets? When will you realise that you are being totally stuffed by the politicians? It really doesn't matter who you vote for. You will get what the rich people want you to get because they can pay fot it. NoLab, Tory, LibDem - what is the difference? They are all in the same game. No matter who you vote for you will get more Europe, more Immigration, more Taxation, less Health, less Education, less Law and Order, less Justice because that keeps them in power and you wondering where your money went.

If you are reading this and you are English you will complacently say to yourself this man is a nutter and should be ignored because you are conditioned to ignore protest. The BNP protest and they are dismissed as the racist, extremist party who are beneath contempt. But what if they are not? What happens if they are right? That is the big question for today and something that I am sure I will return to.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

After Gordon Brown - what next?

It would appear that most political commentators are agreeing that Gordon Brown's time as PM is almost up. He is being attacked on all sides and it is hard to see how he can recover any semblance of authority. So where do we go from here? I have said before that I cannot see anybody on the Labour Front Benches who could replace him. There is a huge vacuum so perhaps they will decide to keep him in place and prop him up until the next election. Just think two more years of this!

A lot of people that I talk to think that the Tories will landslide the next election but I'm not so sure. Millions of voters in this country are entirely dependent on Labour policies to keep them in the manner in which they have become accustomed. Think of all the committees and quangoes which NoLab have formed and manipulated to ensure that we voters are kept in our place. Think of all the useless Local Government positions ensuring diversity, health and safety and the other politically correct mumbo jumbo which cost the taxpayer bundles of money. Think of all the benefit cheats who have prospered under NoLab. Think of all the illegal immigrants who might be sent home if NoLab are deposed. Think of all the criminals who may suffer if we built more prisons and made them genuine prisons unlike the palatial holiday camps they currently resemble. You know that adds up to a helluva lot of votes whichever way you look at it and it still doesn't include the 'I've always voted Labour because my dad did brigade'.

I have also previously stated that I am still not sure that David Cameron would introduce the reforms that we need to get this country back to being an independent nation. He always makes me think that he is playing a clever game just like Blair did and I worry that when all the smoke clears we will be left with Tony Blair all over again only this time he is labelled Conservative. We will still be in Europe, we will still have the iniquitous Human Rights Act blighting our lives, mass immigration will be in full swing, political correctness will still prevail, police will contine to be absent from out streets and the army will still be losing valiant soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The politicians today seem to be unable to respond to the wishes of the majority. All we get are more of the same. Recently I sat up when one of the news programmes spoke about the revenue that the government would lose over the oil strike at Grangemouth because one of the pipelines would have to be closed down. It was mind boggling! We are a very rich nation in reality. The indigenous population should be living in comparative luxury. We should all have really good pensions and care homes for the elderly should be properly funded. After all we are all taxed to the hilt but the money always seems to disappear into projects which do not benefit the public.

Before I would trust the Tories I want to hear a lot more about their plans. I want some meat on the bones. The last ten years have been an unmitigated disaster unless you sold your soul to the devil. But I still remember the previous twenty years under the Tories and the scars have not healed yet.

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I am currently watching Newsnight and only one person has voiced the concerns of so many of us. They have three candidates debating their suitability for the office of the Lord Mayor of London. There is no representation from UKIP, the BNP the Greens or any other minority party. The only reason that they are there is that they can afford to be there. In a democratic country all parties would be given an equal opportunity to debate the issues of today.

It is quite obvious that the three candidates are completely unsuitable for the job but because they are 'politically expedient' to represent their parties they are now waffling on and surely nobody believes them.

Don't bother to vote folks! Ignore this whole charade and stay at home. They are useless and an insult to the electorate!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Government (again!)

In recent weeks I have been casually watching the government in action and I cannot believe what a bunch of useless muppets they actually are! There is not one who I would trust to walk my dog across the road and with regard to the PM words are now beginning to fail me.

As I have blogged before the economy is not my favourite topic and so I cannot write with authority on the 10p rate of tax which has got everyone steamed up. What I have seen however, is that Gordon Brown failed miserably to realize the extent of his failings and the strength of the opposition from within the party that he is supposed to be leading. He was strutting the big stage in America and he did not know that all hell was breaking lose back home. Once again I have to ask who is looking after this man? What are his aides doing? Who are these incompetents or is it that he just doesn't listen?

This abolishment of the 10p rate was done when he was proposing to announce an election. He either hoped that he would not be rumbled or he failed to realise the effect that this would have on the lowest paid workers. His main object was to woo a much larger section of the electorate and I think he miscalculated. That is the reason that he did not understand why everyone was so mad.

My worries are that Brown is under pressure week after week because he is making such a hash of the job. His own party are now beginning to worry that they will be wiped out on 1 May. Their own jobs will then be under threat. This is a party in meltdown and I cannot see anyone currently serving on the front bench, the back bench or any old park bench who can save them. There is no talent available and once Blair was rumbled as being a fake it left them all exposed.

We are so far away from a chance to remove them that I hate to think what this country will be like when the time comes. It could be too late for many of us ever to see our country in good health again.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The New Gestapo

Today we had the ridiculous story of a guy fined for overfilling his dustbin! I know that my more famous brother would once again sum this up with his catchphrase 'I don't believe it'! We pay Council Tax which should ensure that the Council takes away our rubbish. If our rubbish for one particular week exceeds the capacity of the bin which they have provided us then that is not our fault. We live in a 'throw away' society. Nobody has ever tried to restrict the amount of packaging which we have to deal with despite continual protests.

The problem of this particular action highlights a social evil which is creeping up on us; the rise of the Council Hitler. Have you noticed how your Council Tax is exploding upwards and yet you are getting less and less for your money. Where are the police when you need them? Look at the state of your roads! How many towns are now clogged up with traffic lights, mini roundabouts and ramps which seriously restrict traffic flow. Where are the flower beds of yesteryear?

Frankly your local councillors are actually responsible for very little. Most of us are ruled by central government and they in turn only implement the doctrines of Europe. This however is costing us more and more so where is the money going? I blogged last week that the salaries of our Local Government Officers are going through the roof! Nine officers in Leicestershire alone are receiving in excess of one hundred grand! How can anyone justify these excesses? These people do not contribute anything to our lives apart from keeping some kind of order but boy are they making the most of it?

We should be very careful that we are not releasing a new kind of Gestapo on the community. I have worked with some of these people and believe you me they take themselves very seriously. Little men with a lot of power are always a threat so just remember do not overfill your bin and do not use the wrong bin. The problem of rubbish could turn you into a felon and we are all in the firing line. This government loves nothing else than turning the law abiding into criminals and ignoring the real felons; the crooks who are walking away with your council tax!

The British Army

I served with the British Army for a full career of 22 years and then added 5 more years with the TA. During that time I never regretted it once. I served with some wonderful friends many of whom I am still in contact with and I was fortunate to have an absorbing job. I spent most of my time working in the old West Germany mainly because the army gave me the opportunity to learn Russian and German. I did however serve two tours on active service in Northern Ireland when it was quite stressful. My army pension now plays a big part in maintaining my standard of living.

The reason that I am blogging this is to underline my credentials for what I am about to discuss. My son is in his mid thirties and a few days ago he informed me that he was going to join the TA. This as he explains is 'unfinished business' because years ago he passed through the Parachute Regiment fitness training and then foolishly through it all away. He has therefore never fulfilled his military ambitions.

Now you would think that I would be pleased for him but unfortunately I cannot share his enthusiasm because of the current plight of our forces and the disgraceful actions of our politicians. Tony Blair, for whatever reason, committed our overstretched service personnel to two unwinnable wars. We had no grounds to attack Iraq and all of Blair's lies have now been exposed. If any other leader had done what Blair did I am sure that they would have been indicted as a war criminal. Our presence in Afghanistan is also phoney and we are now engaged in a war where the enemy has got unlimited manpower, the American backed Afghan leader has very dubious credentials and nobody has ever won a war in that country at any rate.

Our soldiers are doing a magnificent job. Despite the horrendous conditions they are inflicting major casualties on the enemy but they are also shipping them. Slowly but surely the cream of the crop are being picked off. Not all are dying, no some have 'just' lost limbs or lost their minds but still the adventurous lads come forward and join up.

When Blair committed us to these wars he committed other acts of treachery. He closed the essential Military hospitals where soldiers can recover their minds and bodies in the company of their mates. This military support network cannot be replaced by anything civilian because it is the respect for one's mates which knits it all together. Soldiers are trained to notice when a mate is 'down' and to react accordingly. Many of the modern nurses are so obsessed with themselves that they don't even notice the patients. Blair also neglected to provide the soldiers with sufficient body armour or vehicle armour which has caused unnecessary deaths and I am sure the soldiers would tell you much more than I could about lack of support, particularly where helicopters are concerned. You notice I have mentioned Blair but never forget that Gordon Brown was by his side at all times and must share the blame.

So now my son wants to join up! I know that this crowd of warmongers are so strapped for personnel that they will welcome him. He is a born soldier and they won't be able to believe their luck. He will make an excellent officer, his men will respect him and I know that he will go out of his way to prove himself even though he doesn't need to. My problem is that I would hate to lose him or any part of him fighting wars which don't need to be fought. When I served we fought for Queen and country. When my generation went to the Falklands we knew the reasons and respected them. I cannot for the life of me respect any of the actions of this government. To my mind they have no respect for our servicemen and women and they prove it time and time again. Poor Housing, slow compensation and a total lack of support. People like Gordon Brown have spent a life time cutting back the forces until there is little left but the few that are left are proving that we can still breed young heroes.

I cannot and would not want to interfere with his plans but I just wish that he would focus on using his considerable talents on something other than propping up this despicable government.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Olympic Games

I have a really bad feeling about the impending 2012 Olympic Games. I am a very keen sports fan and I have always enjoyed the Olympic Games because it is the ultimate in sporting challenges. We have seen some wonderful Olympic Games in recent years but when we were awarded the games in 2012 I must admit that a little shudder went through me.

Why would that be I hear you ask? Well we seem incapable in recent years of running anything successfully. Look at Heathrow, look at the railways then take a serious look at the gridlock which frequently jams the capital and the Home Counties. I cannot for the life of me see how we will accommodate the rest of the world in an area which cannot function normally at any rate.

One of our national weaknesses in modern times is a lack of organisation and poor administration. Nobody seems to be able to run anything anymore and yet we are told that we will have all the facilities ready in time for 2012. Yeah right! I pray that I will be wrong but well Tessa Jowell is in charge...

Already the costs are spiralling and really it is no wonder. The original estimates of about £3.5 billion apparently did not include VAT and the costs of security so it immediately rose to over £9 billion. In addition the costs of buying land and compensating owners has already risen to £30.4 billion over estimates! What!!?

How and who is paying for all this? Well don't worry folks because it is all coming out of a 'contingency fund'. Don't ask me who is contributing to this 'contingency fund' but I will hazard a guess that you and I will be close to the front of the queue and we won't even know it!

Just to get your juices really flowing a guy called Don Touhig who just happens to be a Labour MP and sits on the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has said that the multi billion increase in the budget for the Olympic Games was likely to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the 'most catastrophic financial mismanagement in the history of the world'.

OK folks, got the picture, Tessa is in charge and the whole thing has gone pear shaped with four years to go! I tell you what if I was a small businessman I would wait for an Olympic contract to come up, put in a ridiculously low bid and then wait and become a millionaire!

I think we will have fun with this one...unless you are a taxpayer of course!

The Bowls Season

Our bowls season began today and some thirty or more bowlers gathered at a windswept green in Wymeswold, Leicestershire. The only reason that I recording this game is that I have rarely bowled in such cold weather. Granted this green is particularly exposed to the elements but all the same I am sure that we were all pleased when the proceedings ceased. Surely this cold country will warm up soon? I jolly well hope so because I don't want too many other days like this one!
PS and we lost!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Inflation Rates

On the 9th and 10th of January I cricised the PM for appearing one Sunday morning on the Andrew Marr show and bragging about the low rate of inflation which he had engineered. I said then that his figures were ridiculous and that inflation was rising far faster than it has for years. It didn't take some government statistic to tell me that because I just had to listen to my wife.

Way back then I ventured that the real rate was probably above ten per cent and today the Daily Mail confirmed that it is even higher. If the Retail Price Index is false then once again the people that are affected the most are the poor and the pensioner. Take this along with the abolition of the 10p rate of income tax which means that the lowest paid will be worse off and it is obvious that NoLab do not give a flying fig for voters they have traditionally boasted that they represent.

I hope everyone remembers at the local elections on 1 May. These are the only elections you will see for some considerable time.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Gordon Brown or the BNP!

I have been absent for a few days now although I have been reading a lot of BLOGS. My problem has been that there is so much bad news recently that it is very difficult to know what to write about. Everything is dominated by bad news. House prices are collapsing, food and fuel is rising, British Airways can't run an airport, Muslims want to blow us out of the sky, our soldiers are constantly being killed and all the criminals are being granted Human Rights despite committing horrendous crimes. Our hospitals are being 'deep cleaned' but MRSA and C DIFF continue to prosper, Council tax goes up so that council officials are now being paid a fortune but the service we get is deplorable. On and on it goes and there is never any good news.

At the heart of it all is our Prime Minister. He is now being attacked on all sides and frankly, unless he really has got a hide like a rhinocerous it must be obvious even to him that he is completely out of his depth. He even looks as if he doesn't believe himself and he is beginning to look seedy and shifty. Everything he touches collapses beneath his feet and Guido Fawkes has been running a hilarious campaign likening the PM to a 'Jonah' figure of catastrophe. The PM recently held a meeting with President Sarkozy of France at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and ever since then the Gunners have been knocked out of everything!

Gordon decides to disappear to America for a few days and his visit coincides with the visit of the Pope! It is ridiculous - who is looking after this man? He even lost his way going to a dinner at Windsor Castle! Everything he does is a disaster which reflects very badly on his choice of aides. This brings me to another point. If NoLab panic and try to get rid of him who can succeed him? Yeah I know there is no heir apparent! This speaks volumes for the state of this sad gits political party. Almost all of their senior politicians have been found wanting during the last ten years and so we are left with people like David Milliband. He speaks and acts as if someone has pre-programmed him. There is no fire, no passion and no commitment so he is not ready to lead our nation. Are we really then going to stumble around leaderless for the next two years so that our PM can swan around pretending to be in charge?

And do you know the worst bit? I cannot get enthusiastic about David Cameron either. He does however have a much stronger shadow cabinet. I still don't know if it is worth voting and if I do which party wants what I want. The answer is clear - the party that wants what I want no matter how uncomfortable I feel about it is the BNP. Take away the racial connotations and their manifesto is almost identical to what I want. I also don't believe that their membership is entirely made up of rampant racists. After all not all NoLab members are trade unionists. Not all Tories are toffs from Eton and Oxford. Every party has quite a broad church of membership.

Now I think rightly or wrongly that I am pretty much Mr Average. When I talk to my family and friends we generally all want the same thing. The main parties cannot or will not provide it. We are ignored, lied to and vilified by main stream politicians. Perhaps it is time to take a chance. It could be a bumpy ride but we need direct and determined leadership and it is not coming from our PM. With local elections due on 1 May I wonder just how many people are thinking along the same lines as myself?

The PM addresses the UN in New York complaining that Robert Mugabe is being undemocratic! That coming from a man who ducks elections, refuses promised referendums and denies his MPs free votes on moral issues!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Customer Service

Today my wife and I went into our local branch of Abbey National to sort out our finances. We had too much money doing too little.

We were first introduced to Jayesh who listened to us and explained the various accounts which should help us maximise our potential. I have banked with NatWest for over fifty years and yet nobody has ever taken an interest in me as an individual.

Having gained our interest Jayesh handed us over to a young lady called Paulina. It was her job to sort out the details and she guided us through the various processes which would take me, after 50 years from the NatWest, to Abbey National. Now Paulina spoke fluent English (obviously) but I detected transatlantic tones and I suddenly discovered that this treasure was Mexican. She was brilliant! She combined the friendliness and the inbred service training which is standard across the water and charmed us throughout the whole process which could have been a drag.

If I was Abbey National I would get hold of this young lady and get her to teach their entire staff the art of customer service! They should at least have a person permanently on their reception desk.

Thank you Paulina (and Jayesh)! My wife and I thought that you were a star(and my wife can be REALLY difficult)! I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your day watching the wrestling!!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Severn and Trent Water Authority

I read with interest that the Severn and Trent Water Authority which regulates my water supply has been fined a record breaking 38 million pounds for malpractice. I understand that part of this malpractice was to over charge customers.

As yet I have not been granted a rebate for being overcharged. Nobody has informed me how much I've been overcharged. Now I am wondering what happens to the fine imposed on S & T. It is quite clear that the customers should be recompensed but will Gordon Brown and his cohorts do the decent thing or will they just trouser the lot and waste it like they normally do?

Answers on a postcard....

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Death Penalty

I have been following the case involving the young Muslim males who allegedly plotted to bomb and bring down a number of civil flights between Britain and America. The written and physical evidence seems to be irrefutable and it also appears that our security services have got their hands on some 'big' players in the terror world.

I then began to think just how does anyone punish such wickedness? What do you do with people who are so warped and twisted that they have lost all sense of reason? How can a country deal with people who have been given sanctuary and yet who reward this compassion by indiscriminately blowing people up. Let's face it people from all faiths would have been on these planes not just Christians.

This is clearly an act of treason and as such should be followed up by the death penalty. Why not? The evidence appears to be cut and dried so if they are found guilty what else can we do with them? We could not possibly allow such dangerous men back into society. We probably could not deport them on the grounds of some human right or other and even if we did what would stop them returning? What is the point of keeping them alive at vast expense to the public purse?

If we executed them then that at least might just deter some other nutters from treading the same path. Yes, I know it runs the risk of turning them into martyrs in the eyes of like-minded extremists but personally I think we should send out the message that we won't put up with this kind of madness. It will be interesting to see what the eventual outcome will be and who will come up with the inevitable compromise which will place our citizens in further danger.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Olympic Torch!

Well that was a real event wasn't it? The much publicised Olympic torch relay was totally hijacked by protestors and once again our much vaunted democracy was shown for what it is - a total sham! The Olympic torch was accompanied through the 'free' streets of London by a falanx of Chinese security guards and coppers who 'protected' the torch from public gaze. For God's sake don't let the public near the flame.

I have never seen so many security people ensuring the progress of a symbol of political corruption and so many brave people trying to prevent it. I am ashamed of my country because we now represent a corrupt dictatorship which resembles the old politburo once associated with East Germany!

I tell you what boys and girls we English have a lot to learn about protestation. We have lost our guts! We ignore the obvious because we don't not want to face facts. I hope that the sons and daughters of our aristocracy and royalty are not too doped and drugged to realise that their inheritance is under threat. We have allowed a new breed of activist on our streets and this is just the beginning. Man the barricades chaps because it could be a rocky ride!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Terminal Five!

The troubles continue and as usual our country is shamed by irresponsible management! The problems with the baggage handlers at Heathrow have continued ad nauseum for some considerable time. Now I am not an international traveller of note but I have done my little bit. My wife and I only lost our baggage once and that was in Seattle. Our flight was late in from Birmingham to Chicago and we sprinted across the airport (via their internal railway)and dived onto our connecting flight to Seattle just in time. Unfortunately our luggage did not catch up with us!

Now we were departing the very next morning for the Rockies so of course panic set in but the American baggage handling system was so professional that we were assured that our baggage was en route and would be delivered to our hotel before we left... and it was!

I have also used other airports but there never seems to be the same problems that face customers of Heathrow. It was entirely predictable that on their first day the baggage handling staff at Heathrow would be unable to cope. I am convinced that this is a scam. I personally believe that the operation at Heathrow is riddled with people who by design desire disaster.

To demonstrate the state of their desire to destroy the system was it not a coincidence that the very bag that Naomi Campbell needed in America did not get on the plane? Now I hold no brief at all for Ms Campbell who probably epitomises everything that I despise about modern culture BUT she probably knew that she had been targetted by the baggage mafia. The one item she needed in America had been 'lost'! Quelle coincidence! No bloody wonder that she got arrested as a consequence. I mean she is a well known nutter but that would have done my head in.

The management at Heathrow seriously need to review their recruiting policy with respect to baggage handlers because they hold the clue to success. If you cannot rely on your baggage handlers (and they can't) then your airline will fail. In the modern age of management it has probably never occurred to them that the boys at the bottom could possibly stuff the guys at the top!

MPs Expenses

This is old hat I know but I am amazed that the main stream media have not howled with outrage now that details have emerged (after a very long wait) of what our leading politicians actually classify as 'expenses'. When I was a government official it was quite clear that you were only allowed to claim expenses if you were out of pocket as a result of expense occurred pursuing your duties. Even then you had to prove that every penny was justified and every claim was scrutinised.

It takes a lot to shock me but when I saw that Tony Blair had claimed back his TV license as an expense, that Gordon Brown had cleaned his house at government expense that John Prescott was buying his food at the taxpayer's expense and that even a rich man like David Cameron would pay his mortgage courtesy of the taxpayer then words fail me. This is theft from the public purse and nothing can justify it.

It is final proof that our politicians have fallen so far below an acceptable standard of behaviour that they are unworthy of anybody's vote. I now believe that we should treat this lot with contempt and abstain from taking part in the next election. If the British public ignored the next election it would reverberate around the world! It would be a passive revolt stating that none of them are worthy of even a few minutes of our time!

Dream on I hear you say! OK but has anyone else a better idea?

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Council Officials

A lot has been blogged about the snout in the trough MPs and their expenses in particular have attracted attention. Most of us however, are much more concerned about the rise in our Council Tax. I live in Leicestershire which by most statistics would qualify as a 'cinderella' county. That means that by southern standards it is pretty cheap to live here. When I left the army one of the reasons that I settled in Leicestershire was the cost of housing.

Fast forward twenty five years and housing in Leicestershire is still comparatively cheap and it is obvious why. We are at least a hundred miles from the coast and there is really nothing really attractive about Leicestershire. Actually that is incorrect because there are many really nice parts of Leicestershire but I must admit they pale in comparison with some of the other parts of our country.

I was therefore staggered when a request from a 'Freedom of Information' group revealed that nine officials from Leicestershire County Council were earning in excess of £100,000 per annum and the Chairman is earning in excess of £150,000 per annum. That is utterly ridiculous!

I worked for this local authority for ten years and I have recently seen their performance affecting the appearance of my local town so much that it now appears almost squalid. We have a world renowned university which means that 15000 students descend on us every year and scatter rubbish (Shopping trolleys, traffic signs, fast food rappers etc etc) all over the town. This rubbish remains on the ground for all to see and yet the local authority trumpets the university but refuses to clean up the town or clear the brooks or make the traffic flow.

Personally I believe that no local government official is worth £100,000 per annum. They are not worth more than MPs. One of these guys got a pay rise in excess of ten per cent last year! We as council tax payers are being ripped off in Leicestershire. This is real snout in the trough stuff. In Leicestershire the cost of living is nothing like it is down south but the Council officials are paid as if they live in Surrey!

Just think nine people are costing us a million pounds a year even before we think about anything else. I could not believe it until I visited the web sites advertising county council jobs. An 'Asset Manager' will cost us £50000 as will an "Employee Service Centre Manager". Further down the line an "Information Management Officer" or a "Team Leader Energy Officer" will cost us £30000 and wait for it an "AD for Access and Personalising Services" will cost us £72000!!

This is our money guys! We are paying for this! These people are ripping us off and nobody seems to care. Get interested in local politics folks because we are being
cheated out of our Council Tax!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


So after all these years we are now told, despite all the previous assurances, that immigration does not really help the economy. Well isn't that a surprise? Immigrants have poured into this country from all over the world for something like thirty years. They have been handed houses and our money and they have clogged up the hospitals, the schools and the roads. They have flaunted our laws and filled up our prisons and all the time we indigenous white people have had to hold our tongues and listened to the preposterous pronouncements of our politicians that this was all for our own good.

Now someone has had the good grace to admit that they were wrong so where does that leave us? Those that can afford it have quit the country. The brains, the courage, the enterprise are leaving daily for somewhere else.

More importantly people like my grandchildren, who know no difference, now face an uncertain future in their own country. We must support them. Why should they have to compete with people who are so desperate for a new life that they will do anything to succeed?

There has to be a balance which should favour our own. After all this is the only country that we have. This is our home. Why should we not give our own children an advantage. Already they are at a disadvantage from our education system which seems only to produce examination specialists who have little knowledge of reality.

We are letting our children down. We must not let them become dependent on state benefits. Too many already believe that free money is their right. They should earn it. Farmers say that they could not manage without the foreign labour. There is the beginning - get the council estate kids out into the country to pick the fruit, learn about the countryside and earn a living. It is only a small measure but it could be a huge move if handled in the right manner.