Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another David Cameron 'Promise' on the EU!

Anyone who remembers the run up to the last election will recall David Cameron assuring the British public that if they elected him he would reappraise our relationship with the EU. Many people took that as a promise to hold a referendum and voted for him accordingly.  However, if you look back on his stance on the EU he has never promised to hold an In/Out referendum.  He constantly repeats that a referendum on the EU 'is not a priority'.

Our PM has a problem. He is leading a divided party. Many of his party are traditional Tories which means that they do not believe in 'change'. Most of them however are 'modernisers' who want to change the character and the nature of this once great country and they are winning. David Cameron knows that, if his 'conservatives' leave the Conservative party then the game is up because the country will finally wake up to the fact that he personally is not actually a 'Conservative'.

So every now and then he makes another pronouncement on our relationship with the EU. His latest, made in Brazil vaguely hints that if he is reelected as PM he will, once again, renenogiate some of the powers that he has allowed to slip into the hands of the unelected commissars of the EU.  The problem is that now we are onto him.  We don't believe him because he has pulled this spoof once too often.

So let me assure you that if David Cameron ever holds an in/out referendum on the EU I will eat my glasses.  The only party that will ever grant the public a proper referendum is UKIP. The reason is that the modernisers of all parties would lose and it is as simple as that.  Even the downtrodden, dumbed down, disinterested British public still know that inherently the EU is costing us far too much and will never look after the interests of the UK.  We are only tolerated because we pay in so much.

Finally I was not surprised that, even after years of education at Eton and Oxford, David Cameron did not know the meaning of Magna Carta. The people who educated him and have supported him on his rise to high office would not recognise the principles of the Magna Carta if it bit them on the bum. It is after all the foundation of democracy in this country and you know what they've done with that!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Spaniards are also on the Streets!

We have seen the Greeks rioting on the streets of Athens. Now we see crowds rioting on the streets of Spain. I cannot believe that our mainstream politicians continue to pour money into the toxic European Union  when they must know that failure is inevitable.  

Every mainstream politician in this country supports the European Union and yet we can see that it is a toxic brand. Today it is Greece and Spain but how long before the economies of Italy, Ireland, Portugal and even France are affected?

So then what is left? Well I guess it is the UK and Germany. Germany is the manufacturing capital of Europe with a very strong economy whilst we here in the UK cannot in some areas afford public toilets.  Try telling the Germans that they must close public toilets. 

So what is the conclusion? Do I need to spell it out yet again? Our only option...OUR ONLY to get behind the only party who has promised to remove this country from Europe. No that is wrong they are the only party who promise the people a referendum on an IN/OUT vote on our membership if the EU.  So most of us generally have no option than to vote UKIP!

If we do not get this referendum then make no mistake; we will eventually join the Greeks and the Spaniards because we will be starving. Our pension system will fail, our energy generation will fail so that we will eventually be brought down into some kind of Euro gutter. We will also continue to spend all our resources to keep an unelected cabal in power.

I know... put your hands over your ears, shut your eyes, gag your mouths because you are personally bomb proof! Just ask yourselves what would you do if suddenly you did not have your pensions?  Your pension money is being actively distributed anywhere else other than to you! You think that I am barmy! Think On!

Andrew Mitchell has illustrated the contempt that the Political Class has for the police, never mind the public and he is the Chief Whip! Andrew Mitchell is, according to reports, lying through his teeth and yet David Cameron is happy to keep him in position which probably sums up the Political Class. They care not a jot for the plebs!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Education Authorities

I am appalled by the actions of the education authorities in Sussex who knew that an illegal liaison was occurring between a 15 year old and her married Maths teacher and did not inform her parents. Who are these people who think that they can wreck the lives of a family and continue in authority?

What grounds did they have to protect this stupid teacher against the wishes of the girl's family? It would appear that their affair/friendship was well known within the confines of the school and yet nobody thought that perhaps this girl needed the protection of the authorities and her parents should be informed.

What the hell is going on? Why do our so called education authorities believe that a relationship of this nature should be kept in house. Look they may be in love...they may eventually survive the test of time is illegal...she is under age and her family are distraught.

My problems lie within the system. I have posted before that in my opinion sex education for teenies is too early. It just invokes curiosity. Consequently we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe which is exactly what was meant to happen. It also caused an eight year old to imagine sex between her grandparents!!

In the meantime we now know that there is no transparent system within the education system to stop a liaison between a teacher and a pupil. They totally failed this girl in Sussex and her family. They knew what was happening and now she is in the system. She could become a minor celebrity!

His career is dead but then he was only weak I hope that the education authorities now feel proud of themselves, When the father of Megan Stammers was crying live on television I just hope that the head person of her school was watching and I hope that the education authorities in Sussex realise their catastrophic error. 

Do you know I don't think that they care! I posted about this a few years ago and nothing has changed.  I say this without shame but our current education is actively encouraging a break down of moral standards. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Camp Bastion is Under Attack!

The popular perception of our mission in Afghanistan is that we are in control. The combined forces of the United States and Great Britain will always see off the rag tag bobtail peasant troops led by irregular tribal leaders. 

I remember back to the Vietnam War when there was no way that the American Forces could lose to the locals who only had a fraction of the fire power of the American forces and then suddenly the Vietcong were in Saigon and there was a state of panic. It was horrible to watch.

Our politicians and our mainstream media have suddenly become very quiet on our 'progress' in Afghanistan. We are led to believe that we still have a future in this country even though the hearses are queuing up at Brize Norton.

This evening SKY reported the destruction of five Harrier jets at Camp Bastion! What? Five prized fighters were destroyed on the ground by tribesmen armed with balloons and sticks? What is happening? We no longer have reports of our servicemen dying in futile attempts to impose an authority in the country. They are actually pinned down at Camp Bastion! 

The recent deaths have all been at our headquarters! We are losing people who are defending their HQ! Even I, an old soldier, recognises that when the enemy can penetrate your outer perimeter then the game is up. When will our arrogant and out of touch politicians realise that we are courting disaster in Afghanistan? What do they want General Custer?

Do we really want the images from Saigon where we saw locals clinging to helicopters as they left in panic?  It will happen. The game is up. I really hope that I am wrong but if this Eton educated government does not react soon then it could get a whole lot worse.
Get them out now Mr Cameron because if you don't then we could have a wholesale slaughter. It will be the final insult, the final downgrade of a national institution and the death of a country.

We are so desperate that we are even putting pregnant women on the front line. I don't apologise for that cheap remark because if you are reduced to putting women on the front line you should at least check that they are not pregnant! It is sloppy and unnecessary. It demeans the British Army and they have been placed under so much pressure. 

There appears to be so many people who are prepared to destroy the British Army which is the pillar of nationalism. That is the crux of the matter. The people who are pulling the strings are all  mainstream politicians who hate the British Army! They have good reason. The British Army has always been the bedrock of the nation. The Army is everything that we trusted. The ethos of our army is nationalism, loyalty, dependability, trust and comradeship.

If we destroy our army  then we destroy our country and we also destroy the cream of the crop. Of course that is the aim of the modernisers who occupy every important political position. David Cameron seemingly is prepared to take this risk.  That is not acceptable for the public. Our public is 100% behind the brave people manning the barricades at Camp Bastion (pregnant or not).  If the government let the army down and do not withdraw them in time then we should be on the streets!

I keep warning you!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell...Pleb!

andrew mitchell
I will never understand how people with wealth and privilege need to flaunt it. They have got it and generally it was not through their own efforts but something that was passed down to them by ancestors. In my time with the services I discovered that the people with the most class were often those highest up the social ladder.

So how could Andrew Mitchell who has often been described as a nasty little B'stard let himself and his family down by abusing police on the very week when the rank and file police had taken such a devastating hit! 

This silly little man seems to want to make a statement by riding a girl's bike with a shopping basket on the front. It is pure theatre!  They wouldn't let him through the big gate so he blew a gasket!

Clearly this oaf should not be a million miles from any government position and Chief Whip???? What has got into David Cameron? Once again his political nouse is found wanting. He is surrounding himself with people who will let him down...little men in big positions.

Mitchell denies he used the word 'pleb' but then he would wouldn't he? People witnessed the incident and let's face it he has form. His neighbours hate him and if anyone objected to Foreign Aid when he was in charge (his previous appointment) his language was scurrilous.

His nickname from his public school days, which he appears to revel in, is 'Thrasher' (the mind boggles).  These pub(l)ic schoolboys who have never had a proper job but believe that their inherent right is to f*** up the country need to be replaced. It is up to us to replace them. We can begin with Corby and vote UKIP!

Andrew Mitchell... I won't even give the silly man a label!

Saturday, 22 September 2012


I return to a recurring theme because in the time that I have been posting on this blog I have always believed that, apart from our membership of the EU, the education of the nation's children should be our priority. I applaud everything that Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has done because it would appear that he is acting like a Tory Minister which is rare in this Coalition. 

He is trying to turn back the tide of mediocrity and criminality which has pervaded our education system. Year after year they have frankly 'fiddled' with the education grades whilst weakening the quality of the examinations. It is one of the worst scandals in the history of this island because it has deprived generations (probably three generations of their birthright) ...a decent education.

So what is he trying to do? He is actually trying to move education standards (in 2015) back to exam based results. No more course input from teachers or parents because the child will be placed under exam conditions. They will have to learn the skill of learning and remembering. It is what I would call really stressful! 

I agree with the whole package because it is the first test of life but I do have reservations. How can a generation of teachers weaned on a corrupt system which handed them results on a plate be qualified to teach children to pass an honest exam? Few of them in the state system have any experience of preparing children for an honest examination!

No wonder the teaching unions are yelping! They are facing a veritable nightmare. They have fought off all attempts to legitimise education in this country for decades and then suddenly they are being challenged. 

My hopes are that no longer will we see the images on the BBC featuring grinning kids celebrating their multiple 'A*' grades unless they are merited. I want to celebrate the 'A' level students who merit their 'A' grade. I want to be proud of my grandchildren if they achieve a decent, honest, 'C' grade.

If he pulls this off then Michael Gove will deserve a platform alongside Margaret Thatcher because what he is doing could be the beginning of a return to normality for the nation. Once the education system is honest then everything else will fall into place because the kids will appreciate their place in society.

For what... forty years... children have been cheated of their rightful heritage. They have been taught that cheating works. They have been taught that they don't have to put themselves out to achieve good grades. Of course those that deserved good grades suffered because they were compared to mediocrity and they knew it.

Well done Michael Gove but just where will you find the teachers to implement your ambition? Most of them will not even recognise what you want to achieve because they themselves never achieved it. Time to involve and pay a whole host of grandparents who understand your goal?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Why Can't We Change the System?

File:British Transport Police vehicles.jpg
I was appalled listening to the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester explaining that bail conditions were very strict and could not be altered. Why not? He seemed more concerned about protecting the idiotic system than he was about the deaths of his officers. He calls it the 'normal course of police work'. If I was in his shoes I would be hopping mad that this system almost insists that dangerous criminals are released back onto the streets even though all the evidence suggests that it is madness.

There is much hand wringing but nobody in authority seems capable of reversing the softly, softly approach that has made our society unprotected from villainy. It must change! Every time another law officer is killed the perpetrators are known to the law. Most of them had already been identified as dangerous and yet time after time they are allowed to wander amongst us unnoticed. 

We must fight back! We must toughen up the system. At the moment our police on the streets are so vulnerable. They have little support from the legal system and at this very moment I would bet that Dale Cregan is sat somewhere smugly accompanied by a well briefed lawyer being treated with civil respect.

I know that the line police officers are sick of catching thieves and then seeing the courts releasing them back into the community. The people at fault are the senior officers who are quite happy to sit back quietly accepting a system which place the rank and file at risk but do not threaten their pensions.

I now hear that if they want to continue to question Dale Cregan then they must have permission from a judge to extend the time limit up to 96 hours. If they cannot nail him inside that time then he is released! Don't tell me that Cregan's lawyer does not know that!
Who on earth thought this up and why are the senior officer's not protesting? It is ludicrous!

What will it take to introduce a legal system which is fair and not one skewed towards the criminal? Why can we not find one senior police officer to want to protect those in danger? Are the politicians really happy with our officers being killed in the line of duty? What has happened to common sense?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why Are We Surprised?

Why are we surprised that two, young, female police officers have been slaughtered by a maniac in the outskirts of Manchester? Why are all our leading, modernising, politicians now wringing their hands and protesting about a barbarity that they have caused. They are just as much to blame for the deaths of these two women as the perpetrator himself.

For the past 50 years the establishment has weakened the justice system to the point where there is no justice for victims in Britain.  Everything has been geared towards 'understanding' the criminal and 'rehabilitating' the criminal.

To hell with the victim, to hell with the general public, to hell with polite society let's just keep rewarding disgraceful behaviour until we get to the point that grenades are thrown at female officers in broad daylight in Britain! 

Let us just reappraise the situation! In most instances in this country the police respond to crime. They have long since been dissuaded from preventing it. They no longer have a connection with the public when they are on duty.

When they do catch a criminal that person enters a system which at every turn fails to recognise any crime he/she may have committed. Criminals in Britain must commit many many crimes before they are incarcerated. When they eventually receive a jail sentence it is  invariable slashed as part of a rehabilitation programme. Most are out on the street, unknown to the public, long before they have completed half their sentence.

We have seen some shocking examples of weak judges in this country. They appear to look for any reason to excuse the criminal and completely ignore the victim.  Criminals routinely walk out of court laughing at the law.

Despite this our prisons are full.  Many are full of people who should not even be in our country. There is a dangerous reluctance to deport foreign criminals in case we contravene their 'Human Rights' which has been used by every lawyer in the country! We can find any excuse to deport a patriot, even those who have served with the colours, but foreign criminals often escape scot free.

Then we have our prisons. Reportedly they are riddled with drugs which inmates can obtain freely while they are allowed unbridled use of luxury items. I often wonder just what the prison officers are doing? There are many reports which maintain that the inmates are running the prisons. Whatever else it appears that prison is not the deterrent it should be. Some prisoners probably live better on the inside than they do on the outside which cannot be right.

So there is nothing to deter a would be wrongdoer from committing a crime. No regular police presence, weak sentencing and soft prisons have combined to produce a criminal fraternity who care not a jot for the law. If the killer of the two police officers today knew that he was going to face a length of rope or a long spell on a mosquito infested Scottish island I don't think he would have lured them towards his guns and grenades.  He did it because frankly he just didn't care!

UPDATE:  Now we discover that the likely killer was already ON BAIL for MURDER! When will these people learn?

More Whitewash!

The decision yesterday by a police internal disciplinarycommittee to 'sack' PC Simon Harwood for his unprovoked attack on Ian Tomlinson back in 2009 during the G20 riots comes across as yet another police 'whitewash'. Using this process that they set up Harwood gets to keep his police pension because he has never had a criminal conviction.

Does this mean that he can now join yet another police force because he has done that before?  Following an earlier display of violence he was allowed to 'retire' on medical grounds before joining Surrey police. He then returned to the MET by transfer.  I just wonder what it is about Simon Harwood which makes him such an attractive candidate for the MET and why nobody wants to convict him?

Following on from Hillsborough one has to come to the conclusion that there is a cancer within our society which makes the police bomb proof.  Now I know that we cannot tar every policeman with the same brush. I know a few personally and they are by and large great characters a case like this, which is proven, then the assailant should walk away with nothing. In fact he should not be walking away.

We have got to make an example of them. They have a duty of care to the public so when one of them does something stupid then the public must witness them punished. This particularly applies to Hillsborough where none of the conspirators should escape. The names of the guilty are already in the public domain. Those alive have generally made a good living following their decisions to tamper with the witness statements. I hope that they, once again, don't escape what they deserve. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Afghanistan - we MUST get Out!

I have consistently repeated that our mission in Afghanistan was unwise. I am sure that somewhere it was politically motivated because it could never have been about our internal security. 

Anyone contemplating an invasion of Afghanistan only had to look at history to realise how difficult that would be. In my opinion that is one of the reasons that the British Army has been tied down in this impossible task and so many of the cream of the crop have lost their lives.

This loss of life continues even though it is quite clear that we are achieving nothing and will eventually have to retire from the country having achieved nothing. I am sickened every Wednesday when the PM and his opposite number read out the names of the dead and then immediately return to their political ping pong. Such a show of hypocrisy is demeaning.

We are achieving nothing and a succession of green on blue attacks illustrates that our troops cannot trust their so called 'allies' even in the safest of situations. It is a joke! Our politicians have been wrong  at every level of this ridiculous venture. The people who wanted our troops occupied abroad had their wish but they have cost us much.

In my opinion any further loss of life will be fruitless. Nobody can budget for attacks from a so called ally. They don't want us, they never have and any further involvement in this country cannot be justified. We should withdraw as soon as it is possible. Let them get on with it. They always have! 

Saturday, 15 September 2012


This is a post aimed at local people because it concerns my local bowls club.  The rest of you can just move on but this is one reason that I began this blog.  Sometimes it is a great medium to get over a point of view.

In my local club we have a problem. We have a couple who are dedicated bowlers and this year they have contributed well on the green. One of them actually holds two positions within the club because he volunteered when nobody else wanted the jobs. 

He has actually done one job quite well although he refuses to go the extra mile when it is necessary.  Sometimes if you want to put a team out you have to appeal to people to put the club before their personal life. 

Bowls etiquette is also essential. If you lose you must be gracious. We are all competitive animals but you MUST always shake the hand of your opponent and offer to buy them a drink. That is bowls etiquette and if you don't understand that then find another pastime.

A summer in bowls can also be expensive. Nobody, particular a pensioner, wants to waste money but buying raffle tickets (you know a pound for a strip of five) is a responsibility because it supports the club. If you stand in front of the club as captain and then refuse to part with a pound then your priorities are all wrong.

We are all competing to attract players. Sometimes however, the reputation of the club is more important than the ability of some players. The people that I am talking about have already left two clubs in this area. Perhaps we should complete their hat trick?

I just wonder if there is one person who knows the situation who would disagree? I welcome comments.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge and those Pictures

I am amazed that people with the high profile of the Royals are so naive that they allow themselves to be compromised by an enterprising photographer. They know their responsibilities, they known that they are hounded by the paparazzi and yet they still risk ridicule.

Why did Kate feel the need to go topless in a place that could not be completely protected? They know the power of the long range lens and yet they still expose themselves to the popular press.

Are they really that stupid? I mean we are barely days away from Prince Harry being snapped naked by someone who surely should not have been within miles of him! These Royals have immense security. The bill for their security is astronomical and yet clearly they have little regard for their own privacy.

I have no sympathy. They all know the risks. They clearly refuse to recognise that they cannot strip off in front of cameras or anywhere public. They have sufficient wealth and influence to be able to strip off and run naked anywhere in the world.

So the big question they do it deliberately to generate publicity? Two members of the young Royal Family are compromised in a very short time. They have security paid for by the public. They seem to have little regard for common sense. 

Sorry but I am beginning that the House of Windsor  believes that the way forward is tawdry. They are wrong!     

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hillsborough the Aftermath.

It is becoming a popular concept to blame the police for everything that happened at Hillsborough on that fateful day. I don't think that is fair. The emergency services on the day failed the injured and dying but they did not cause the disaster.

The police apparently tampered with evidence and that is a serious charge which must be addressed. The Ambulance Service also, for whatever reason, failed to respond adequately and they must face charges of incompetency but they did not cause the disaster.

I was an avid football fan in the seventies, eighties and nineties and I faced danger on many occasions. I was at Highbury when Manchester United visited and 60,000 fans were crammed together on the terraces. I was at Derby when Newcastle visited and away fans pissed down my wife's leg and we were so packed together I could not even turn around.

I was at Birmingham when late fans pushed us to the front so violently that I had to scoop a little girl off her stool and hold her as we were propelled forward onto crash barriers. At Coventry I saw a friend smashed to the ground by a charging police horse trying to separate warring fans.

So...PLEASE do not tell me that the Liverpool fans had nothing to do with this disaster. I have been alongside them and many of them are well... frankly... scum! The problem is that the innocents, the people who were crushed, were the decent fans who had arrived early. The people who caused the problem were the latecomers, many of them straight out of the pub, who dived into the ground when the police opened a gate to accommodate them. 

The police on the day were inadequate. The Football Association were to blame because they allowed an outdated stadium to host an FA Cup Semi Final. It all contributed but I know Nottingham Forest fans who were all in place for the start of the game. They arrived on time and in good order.

The cover up was a disgrace but the fault still lies with the Liverpool fans who cared not a jot for the families and the kids who had arrived hours earlier and just wanted a good view. The people who caused this disaster were the late Liverpool fans who tried to impose themselves on the game. The police gave them the opportunity by being weak but they did not cause the deaths. Sorry folks but that is the truth! 

The rest is history!

UPDATE: Scousers still will not accept that their people had a hand  in this. It is always the fault of everyone else! They blame everyone except the people who charged into the ground late and crushed the people at the front. It is always someone else's fault.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hillsborough may be the Gateway to Uncovering a Deep Rooted Cancer in our Society!

The extent of the lies, the cover up and the depravity of the police with regard to the Hillsborough disaster is shocking everyone! We have all known for many years that the police have been corrupted and are no longer 'Dixon of Dock Green' but the extent of their misconduct is clearly unbelievable.

This could run and run because so many policemen must have known that there had been a cover up. So many must have realised that their personal account of the events on that day had been doctored. Why did they not come forward?

What kind of culture exists within the police force that criminal activity is actually accepted? What kind of hold have some senior officers on the force that honesty cannot be contemplated? You see most of us know that this corruption, this very rottenness exists! We are not stupid because there are far too many examples of police corruption and far too many examples of cover ups.

Suddenly they have been caught red handed with their mucky mitts in the cookie jar! So now we know what is accepted let us slowly rewind to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Station. What happened there? Why did all the CCTV tapes suddenly malfunction?

I tell you what Hillsborough could be the start of something that is so huge, so sinister that it could reach parts that Heineken could not reach. I have a feeling that in the higher reaches of our political society bottoms are beginning to tweak. Hillsborough is the beginning...none of us know where it will end...fear is in the air!!


PS My apologies to a certain female Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force...however she was actually in charge of the Stockwell fiasco and then got promoted. Have another glass of wine dear...this has got a long way to run before it gets to you!

Hillsborough...What Now?

I watched the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 from the safety of my living room sofa but it has remained with me all these years and I am not remotely connected with it.  Everybody with an iota of common sense knew from day one that this was a failure of officialdom.  Crowds only react to direction and clearly when only one ambulance penetrated the stadium someone had fouled up badly.

What I find almost unbelievable is the extent of the cover up.  According to the independent panel who have been examining the evidence the cover up must have been huge. Police, Ambulance Service, Unions, Government and Judiciary were all involved and this makes it imperative that ALL concerned are rounded up and prosecuted.

I have often posted about the endemic corruption which exists in this country much of it emanating from Common Purpose and it is no coincidence that many of the Yorkshire Police senior officers have a Common Purpose background.

In this case 'apologies' are not sufficient. We now want prosecutions and it must begin with every senior officer in every service who colluded in this cover up.  It could be ground breaking because many of those involved have since been promoted to very high positions.  I hope that some people are now running very scared because what they did was unforgivable and inconceivable.

There are some very rotten apples in this basket. I suspect that the CPS will be very reluctant to follow this through but it is SO high profile they may have no choice. The truth is out. There is nowhere to run. Friends in high places cannot protect them now.

My final thought.  This collusion is so callous. It is so depraved and disgusting that I am surprised that it has taken so long to uncover it. It means that there are many, many people involved who knew what was happening. These same people are still in situ and if they feel that it was OK to keep silent about this then the next question is what else have they covered up?  Believe me Hillsborough is the tip of the iceberg but at least we have located the iceberg!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 there a battle going on?

Anyone who has remotely followed my scribblings over the past five years know that I have been appalled that the Education establishment have been allowed to tamper with the grading system for year after year. These educationalists have actually corrupted British education so that nobody can trust the exam grades.

Students have achieved 'A' grades and yet when tested in a practical setting where they have been asked to demonstrate knowledge and skill they have failed. I saw this directly when I joined an IT training organisation and set simple entry tests.

It gave me a practical insight into the fraud being perpetrated on the British children. The system was rewarding mediocrity and penalising intelligence. Teachers were being granted far too much influence on the grading of the kids that they themselves were teaching.  Consequently everyone was happy because all the kids were getting inflated grades. 

I discovered this when my own rebellious late son arrived under my care after he left the boy's service of the army. He left school with not a single graded GCSE because he was disinterested. When I put him through my own practical tests I was astonished when he gained marks that placed him 3rd out of an intake of 60! The tests were based on practical  knowledge of English, Arithmetic and General Knowledge.  Twenty years later he gained a 2/1 degree in Law at Edinburgh Napier University.

British education is in the hands of people who appear to have a vested interest in bringing it down. These people have created a convoluted grading system which only they can understand. It is patently unfair to the clever kids.

Suddenly it is making headlines. Somebody is challenging the system. It has taken 40 years but suddenly the exam grades are being put under scrutiny. After all if you must replace the 'A' grade with an 'A*' grade then how many stars will you eventually have to manufacture? 

I have no trust in our politicians but someone is challenging the system. Why now? What is happening? Has the damage been done so that now they want to repair the system? I suspect that a battle has been joined. The Teachers Unions will resist every challenge to their authority. They do not want our children to be educated properly. They have a toxic agenda aimed at maintaining mediocrity. They have dumbed down everything so that exams taken by me at 11 years of age cannot be even contemplated by 16 years old today.

I don't know why but suddenly the politicians think that the system needs an overhaul (and how).  I wish them the best of luck because the teaching unions are  some of the most articulate, intelligent and poisonous of all our trade unions. After all they have the most to lose. When you are really trying to destroy a nation you begin with education. Tony Bliar knew that!

Andy Murray - Well I Did Tell You!

Over the past few years I have blogged about Andy Murray on 5 occasions. In June 2009 I wrote this because I was convinced that his time would come. Last night at about 2.30am British time my prediction over 3 years ago came true when he won his first major in New York.

Personally I believe that this could just be the start for him. He destroyed Roger Federer to win the Olympic Gold Medal and now he has defeated Novak Djokovic.  His confidence must now be sky high and in tennis confidence is a key factor.  He is destined for so much more.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

MP's Expenses

(Photo: Flickr User eddiedangerous)
You would have thought that, after some of them were jailed, the members of the House of Commons would have some prudence where their expenses were concerned. You would think that they would have some contrition, some awareness of public opinion and some respect for the public purse. 

Well, if you thought that then you were wrong. The arrogance and the culture of Westmonster means that they have helped themselves to even more of our money. Even the Guardian, whose views I often find 'interesting' has highlighted their profligacy.

Do you remember how scandalised we were when their greed was discovered and exposed by the Daily Telegraph? Now they have upped their game and are claiming even more! How can 650 MPs claim almost £90 million pounds in expenses? It is grand larceny!

In my opinion it is even more obscene because most of them are not representing their constituents. Their only game is self interest. How can a British MP support a foreign power like the unelected commissioners of the EU? On and on it goes and our Political Class know that they are bombproof because the British public are utterly conditioned to vote for the three main parties (who are actually only one party). Blair corrupted Labour, Clegg corrupted the LibDems and Cameron has corrupted the Tories.

So, once again, can I suggest to anyone who drifts this way that voting for minority parties is not a wasted vote.  We must seriously get rid of these wasters. The whole system has been corrupted because we are getting socialists standing under the label of 'Conservative'. That means that the local constituency parties have been infiltrated. My own MP (Nicky Morgan) is a prime example.

She votes every time for the Cameron brand. She has been bought and paid for and every bone in her body is corporatocracy. She epitomises the type of MP who constantly rejects the British public for her own personal gain. Her predecessor Andy Reed suffered for his association with the Gordon Brown brand. 

Nobody told the Loughborough public that Nicky Morgan was also a socialist. Nobody mentioned that she would vote at every opportunity for the European Union, for a lack of justice, for an Afghan War, for a discredited Education system... oh I could go on and on and on. 

People of Loughborough we have been deceived. Like the rest of the country we have an MP who sucks on the teet of the public purse. They are all at it and we pay to the tune of £90m quid a year!! Please think about your vote and vote for people who want to represent you and not the Political Class!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Suddenly a lurch towards the Public!

Everybody knows that we the public have been ripped off for years where fuel and food prices are concerned. Suddenly the government have decided to investigate the price fixing of the fuel companies. In comparison to any other European countries the Brits are always ripped off. We are the soft touch and the oil companies are taking advantage.

The problem is that our politicians who should be representing the public are in the main bought and paid for because they have done deals with their paymasters. It does not matter whether they have accepted money from Murdoch, Tescos, BP, Esso or any other of the multi nationals because it would now appear that every MP has been bought up.

Politics has become an industry. The colossal amounts involved would corrupt a saint so we have to accept that with the odd exception our politicians are tainted. They all have an owner. They are only accepted if they are corruptible. That actually means that the local selection committees have also been corrupted. They are only accepting people who will comply with the orders of the multinationals (New World Order). 

Make no mistake there is very little democratic principle left in the United Kingdom. Our politicians scoff at democracy. The only reason that they address any of our concerns is because they may lose a vote or two. They care not a jot for you and I but the Tories are under pressure. They may lose control. The useless Labour plebs are actually beginning to gain an advantage in the polls without actually articulating a policy!

That is modern politics. If they keep this up one or two of our useless judges may come under the spotlight. We might even have a justice policy which favours the victim! I am amazed that the Leicestershire couple who defended their home with a shotgun have been released! Tony Martin was not released he was jailed! What is the difference?

After all you have a very attractive wife and four strapping burglars are breaking into your home! What would you do? Of course you would let them do what they want because you don't want to be arrested for well what... 'over exuberance'. In fact you actually do what the guy did... you shoot the bastards! He actually shot them in the legs (well they survived) when I would have blown their heads off and smiled as I was sentenced.

Then we have the peach of a judge... Bowers who actually thinks it takes courage to burgle so he won't jail the criminal? No wonder Cameron is panicking! He is in charge of a lunatic asylum created by his political opposition which he has failed to change.

You see when you owe your platform to an owner and not to the public then it is difficult to do the decent thing. Cameron is in a hole. He cosied up to the Murdoch Empire and he also has other academic loyalties that means he is not free to do the right thing. He owes too much to so many people and he is our Prime Minister!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

At Last a Resuffle but will it Mean Anything?

When the PM decided to reshuffle his cabinet I wondered what it would mean in real terms. Would he promote any real Conservatives or would he just reshuffle the ' modernisers'? Well we soon got the message.

Ken Clarke had to go from 'Justice' but he is in effect the Prime Minister so he got a job where he could implement New World Order (Bilderberger) policies everywhere. Ken Clarke does not bat for Britain. He never has and never will. Now he has a job where he can drift everywhere ensuring that the EU policies are implemented.

Elsewhere Jeremy Hunt has now got the NHS! This is his reward for slavishly supporting the Murdoch Empire. They have former Murdoch senior employees facing court proceedings and yet our PM promotes one of their most enthusiastic supporters.  The public do not want these men. They don't want political puppets they want MPs representing their constituencies and MPs who back Britain.

Nothing has changed. All those promoted are paid up members of the 'modernising' clique. They all have the same objective and that is to turn us into some kind of police state. We are gradually drifting into a self induced coma where we refuse to recognise the threat to our society. 

Everything has been dumbed down. Largely the great British public  can only talk about music, football and gossip! The knowledge of the average Brit is minimal. Our whole culture has been dumbed down to an extent that the British people cannot recognise their own culture! Those that care end up in the European Courts defending a right to wear a Christian cross at work!

So here we go again. A highly touted Cabinet reshuffle where birds of a feather played musical chairs without the music. Nothing will change of that you can be assured. These people all work for people who do not bat for Britain. Talking of that where is Nick Boles (former Winchester, Oxford and Harvard)? He was not invited to Bilderberger for nothing so he must have a role to play somewhere.

UPDATE: I see that according to Guido Nick Boles has got Planning 'where he will sell the government's plans to build in the shires'. I just knew that we wouldn't like it!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Great American Giveaway!

Something of an absolute sensation is breaking in the United States! It would appear that, at the behest of some independent politicians, the Federal Reserve Bank was placed under audit for the first time in over 100 years.  The results indicate that in a period between December 2007 and June 2010 the American bankers 'loaned' out 16 trillion dollars (that is 16,000,000,000,000.00) to banks all over the world at 0% interest. 

Now I know that it has nothing to with us this side of the pond but actually in this case it does have something to do with us. You see Barclays got $868,000,000,000, The Royal Bank of Scotland got $541,000,000,000 and the Bank of Scotland $ These are the banks who of course cannot lend to small businesses because the climate is too tough.

I will not pretend to understand banking or international finance but where is this money coming from? Are they printing it, because if they are printing dollars and we are printing pounds what will eventually happen to the world's economy and what are the recipient banks actually doing with it?

I look forward to Ed Miliband in the first PM's Question Time asking 'Dave' on behalf of the public for an explanation of why there has been this major cover up on the economy? The irresponsibility of the banks and the collusion from the Bank of England indicates that our politicians have got to act quickly.  Clearly bankers cannot be trusted but do you know won't happen, the politicians will ignore it so that one day we will all wake up with nothing!


Teaching unions say that phonics should not be the only way that children are taught to readI find it astonishing the National Association of Head Teachers is threatening to begin legal proceedings against the examining bodies over the marking system! For years they have tolerated the rigging and juggling of results and suddenly they find it unfair. 

When I was at school we sat examinations. We studied for those exams and if we didn't work hard enough we failed or were awarded poor marks. Course work (which enables parents an input) had not been invented and all our papers were handwritten. If we needed research we went to the library. None of us had a calculator or a computor and nobody could download the perfect answer from the Internet!

For the past forty years the education system has been shamelessly corrupted. Consequently standards have dipped alarmingly to a point where nobody can trust the examining boards. The grades have been manipulated as the exams suddenly got easier. Anybody who knew anything realised that the system was shambolic and that the only people being let down were the students.

Now in a hypocritical outburst the NAHT are accusing the examining authorities of changing the goalposts! These exam boards have been 'changing' the goalposts' to suit their own malign purposes for decades so why the indignation now? It is far too late now to protest about a system that they have supported for so many years.

Until we return to old fashioned ideals and old fashioned exams then those who have an interest in dumbing down education will continue to prosper. It is more of a problem that most of these people are intelligent and articulate; you know the very people who profited from a good education that they are denying to so many others.