Saturday, 19 March 2011


All over the blogosphere people are asking questions about the validity of our intervention in Libya. I think that our lack of trust in our main stream politicians is causing us to question their judgement and their motives. An illustration of this can be found at One Foot in the Grave where my blogging brother eloquently echoes the doubts carried by so many of us.

This initiative is far too late but it is the cost that also concerns me. If we cannot afford to maintain a decent defence system then we bloody well can't afford to go to war! Somebody, somewhere is telling porkies. In many towns we can't afford public toilets for the elderly but we can afford to drop bombs on Libya. I have said this many times that if the public need something there is never sufficient money but if the politicians want something money is never a problem.

Why can't we keep our noses out? What after Libya? Bahrein? The Yemen? Syria? Morrocco? When you start cherry picking your causes then the world is your oyster. We have a world full of nasty dictators. Africa is littered with them and when you consider the money that we throw at them and then witness the starving kids we could do with bombing a few more countries. But then they don't all have oil coming out of the desert do they?

I am getting more and more disillusioned with David Cameron. He pretends to question the EU in public but his actions all demonstrate his support for this unaudited, unelected group of socialist commissars. They pretend to be united but are far from united when debt is concerned or when Germany is required to step up to the military mark.

There is little doubt that the world is in a state of flux and deceipt and rottenness appear to be endemic. Unfortunately the centre of the insanity appears strategically placed in Brussels. Until we can convince the British people that they must march to rid themselves of the rule from Brussels we will always have corrupt political system. The problem is that when we do we will probably face an armed European Police Force!

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Julian said...

I'm in complete agreement, as usual. A few people seem to have gone along with this on humanitarian grounds. But if that's the case, why didn't we do something about Mugabe, for instance? No oil - as you pointed out.

The humanitarian argument was also used to try to sell the Iraq war to people. Saddam was a bad man who had killed lots of Iraqis who opposed him. The trouble is, people seem to forget that by the time the war is over quite often a lot more people have died than were killed by the bad dictator.

The real reasons for going into Libya are the same ones they always are.