Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The young, the monarch and the law?

Having spent a good part of the past few days trying to discover just how many of the young are awakening  to discover that they cannot trust and rely on government I am much heartened. There is no doubt a growing realisation amongst the young that what they got taught by the trendy left wingers in school was actually nonsense. They are beginning to realise that it is their own future that they must fight for. It doesn't matter if they call themselves 'Black Bloc' or UK Uncut' or anything else because once they decide that they want a better future they will also discover what they are up against.

When UK Uncut got themselves kettled and arrested by trusting a female officer of the law I suspect that she unleashed a tidal wave of disgust. Nothing could be better for recruitment to a controversial cause.

So what happens when they get to court? Well Captain Ranty has some advice for them! The good Captain is doing his level best to educate all of us that our legal system, our monarchy and our government is actually based on smoke and mirrors. Everything that he believed in, that we held dear and that we trusted was blown to bits when we joined the EU. I should have prefaced that you must take a deep breath before you read about the state of the monarchy.

I think that the people involved in UK Uncut, the people who believe in themselves so much that they are prepared to give up their time and liberty, should make the good Captain a mandatory read. It is not sufficient just to challenge the police you must also know your law (or lack of it). I think that the people are on the move but I have always articulated that the young must get involved.

Basically the people who have corrupted our society became greedy. They overstepped the mark and now the blogosphere is alive with revolution. If the young are to have a country worth living in they should educate themselves in the values that matter.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link and the kind words.

Lately I have been wondering just how different my life would have been if I knew back then what I know now.

I fully agree that we need to (re) educate the younglings. They are just heading into the world as we are heading out.

Apart from being an Awkward Sod from this day, until my last day, I am not going to set the world on fire.

But there is still time for the youth to make change happen.

Be well,


bryboy said...

Me and you both friend. The whole point of my blog is to continue to promote and expose government fraud. I want a better life for my grandkids. They cannot play in the streets like I did but surely there is a better life ahead for them than being enslaved by an amoral class system. I don't have your connections but you may yet set the world on fire. The tinder box is in every dining room. We are a deeply unhappy nation and one day....