Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why us?

I am watching the ITV news and they are openly trumpeting that BRITISH planes could be over Libya within hours. Why US? What has happened to a force from our beloved European Union? Why not planes from Portugal or Holland or Greece? It has just been announced that Germany has abstained from the vote on a no fly zone over Libya!

I cannot believe that! How can they abstain? They joined China and Russia in their abstention but whose side are they on? I thought that we in the EU were all in this together? I thought that we were all partners when it comes to military response?

Apparently we are all partners when it comes to POLICE response ... but when lives are at stake British lives are held as the cheapest currency. It is a nonsense to deploy the odd plane that we can find from our reduced capacity. The EU is blatantly sacrificing British lives to excuse their pathetic foreign policy...and who is is charge of the EU foreign policy... woops Baroness Cathy Ashton! No wonder that they are prepared once again to excuse the French and the Germans and sacrifice the British... Baroness Ashton like her mentor Gordon Brown has never been a friend of Britain.

So what can we draw from this? The European Union want to control us but don't want to support us. We are the only country who seem to have a military force capable of any presence. So only the British will risk lives! Now I don't want to preach the obvious but the only reason that we are in the European Union is that we pay vast sums of money which they dissipate and they get to kill our kids!

Our socialist politicians are very ready to discuss 'fairness'. They rabbit on about 'fairness' so let them come on here and discuss 'fairness' when only our boys get killed? Sorry but the only word that comes to hand is ... BASTARDS!   


Anonymous said...

Why, because the british love to support radical muslims, warming them, feeding them, metting them with open arms on the british soil, letting them to settle firmly in Londonabad. And anyone doubting anti-gaddafi "fredom fighters" are islamists should read this:

bryboy said...

Yes the plot always thickens! Tks for your interest!