Saturday, 5 March 2011

A popular revolution in Europe....?

When I view the situation in North Africa and think about the reasons for their popular revolution it does make me wonder what would happen if the same situation arose in this country or indeed in any EU country? Colonel Gadaffi has considerable military and civilian forces quite prepared to lose their lives for their privileged lifestyle but what would happen here for instance in the UK...or indeed in any other country which has been hijacked by the EU? 

Currently this unelected and unaudited, illegal organisation is ruining the economy of every country apart from France and Germany (surprise or no surprise). Even the Germans are actually unhappy with their achievements under the EU so what drives it on? What drives it on are the bankers, the media chiefs and what is euphemistically called the New World Order.

So...when you see the cross between Dad's Army and Mad Max (courtesy of SKY news) confronting the Gadaffi army then are we not inspired?  They are driving themselves on because they have no alternative. But what alternative do we have in this country? For heaven's sake our kids cannot freely play in our streets? We do not have a police force capable of protecting the children!

So let us fast forward to a popular revolution. Look at Libya... they have a police force dedicated to the protection of the state like they had in East Germany and Rumania. So we know where they stand but then so do we because our police forces have long since abdicated their responsibilities to the public (and the police officers had better look at themselves). Remember the Stasi in East Germany and the secret police in Rumania? If there was a popular revolution in Europe could you believe that our coppers would be regarded like the Stasi? Well you had better believe it baby because that is exactly what they are!

So where does the British Army stand in all of this? I tell you what, there is no chance that the army would support the EU. No chance in hell would our army support the elite socialists and that is the very reason that they are losing their lives in Afghanistan and before that Iraq.

These elite socialists know that the spirit of the British Army is so strong that they threaten everything that the EU holds dear. They will never, ever fire on their own people... it is unthinkable... but if there was a popular revolution... if the people decided that enough was enough... then what role for the British Army?  And what fate for the police? Is that not an interesting question?


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons they are pressing ahead with an EU Task for....our lads may not fire onus,but others will.

bryboy said...

Yes I am afraid that I agree with you. It has all been planned. Get the British Army involved in a spurious war and then they are free to deal with any internal problems with their own European Force. Nice One! These politicians are unbelieveable.