Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gordon Brown...finally disgraced forever!

This is Lance Corporal Liam Tasker who died in Afghanistan and his hearse passed through Wootton Bassett today. His fame is encapsulated by his partnership with his 'sniffer' dog who died suddenly, not long after the dog handler was killed in action.

Guido Fawkes reveals today that the customary tribute normally delivered by the MP representing the soldier's constituency was not delivered. The reason? Liam Tasker comes from Kirkcaldy and as everyone knows Gordon Brown is still sulking. He has effectively disenfranchised the people of Kirkcaldy ever since he was kicked out of Downing Street.

He must have known that this brave soldier came from Kirkcaldy. He must have known that it was his duty to attend at least for this one day. However this supremely, selfish and deluded man once again failed to do the decent thing. It is high time that IPSA stopped paying him until he decides whether he wants to be an MP or not. Once again he has demonstrated that he cares not a jot for anyone but himself.

I cannot believe that the citizens of Kirkcaldy are not deeply ashamed at the manner in which they wasted their votes. They showed him a loyalty that they must now know was completely misplaced. They should demand that he resigns!

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