Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Sleazy Class!

Reading the Sunday press today for a grandfather  who loves his grandaughters is extremely depressing. We seem to have totally lost our moral compass. I have dubbed some people the Political Class, others the Bonus Class and some the Criminal Class but ...there is yet another group made up of members of all of these three classes. I now call it the Sleazy Class.

President of the Sleazy Class must be Prince Andrew who seems to have lost all sense in his quest for sleaze. His former wife is not much better. What an example they are for my grandchildren. The Duke and Duchess of York have together combined to make the House of Windsor a laughing stock.

Then we have the Elite Socialists. So many have links with sleaze that it is difficult to sum it all up. Mandelson and Gadaffi, Blunkett with his married tart, Prescott with Tracey and the sexual chemistry in Westmonster continues unabated as a Tory female MP has widely been reported along the following lines! Now I know that we are all adults and she had a point to make but these people are supposed to be leaders. How many kids are today asking their parents what a 'blow job' is? OK she was being chic and contemporary and making a point but come on she is an MP!?

There is concern about the accessibility of porn on the Internet but currently we have a former Home Secretary (Jackie Smith) fronting porn shows on the telly! I mean where does it stop? I am not a quaker ( yer wot?) , I am not even a practising Christian but I do have standards and there has to be a moral compass. The standards of Tony Blair and his crew should never be taken as the norm but when the House of Windsor also gets involved then we become closer and closer to a totally failed society.

Behind it all the EU seems to corrupt everything. Almost everything that I hold dear is being destroyed and on my grandaughter's recent tenth birthday I really feel for her future (she is the eldest).

So tomorrow I go north and I don't have any idea what I am entering. What kind of protest will it be? Who will I meet? Will be a damp squib? Will the Stasi be waiting for me? How brave will I become? Will my wife divorce me?  How exciting can it get for a 68 year old!!!

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