Monday, 28 March 2011

Oliver and Chloe

Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay - President of Edinburgh University Students Association
I have used the young man above as an example of all the Olivers and Chloes who regularly turn up at every political march and ruin the good intentions of the working class marchers who genuinely are in fear for their jobs.

Oliver and Chloe are the pseudonyms I have invented to represent all the rich kids who regularly descend on London in order to commit as much damage as they possibly can safe in the knowledge their parents will pick up the bill. Adam Ramsay has been featured by Old Holborn and I choose him as a really good example of the type of young person who typifies 'Oliver'.

They have a privileged lifestyle that is so cushioned from the reality known by most families that he can choose virtually whatever career path he wishes. So Oliver has chosen to disrupt lives, attack the police and smash up property. He will protest (as will Chloe) about student 'cuts' even though daddy could probably buy the bloody university, police brutality whilst pelting them with fire extinguishers, paint, acid and assorted roadside implements, and to safeguard something called the NHS, even though they will never go near it! The list is endless but then it is all a wizard prank to relieve the monotony of their bizarre lives.

They squeal, shout and swear knowing full well that daddy's money will shield them from the full consequence of their behaviour. That is why Adam Ramsay and his pals invaded Fortnum and Mason on Saturday with the intention of doing as much damage as possible. They don't respect or recognise authority. They don't care about the other marchers desperately worried about their future. They just want something to brag about in the pub. Nothing matters and nothing has consequences so anything goes!

Why is it that most of the elite socialists come from this privileged background? It is because they are never made to face the reality of the damage caused by their selfish arrogance. I would jail all of them because then even daddy's lawyer can't wash a term of 'porridge' off the jolly old CV!

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