Friday, 18 March 2011

Why can't we abstain?

I note that once again the Germans, the Indians, the Russians, the Chinese and the Brazilians opted out of a decision on Libya. Now I can understand why and how most of them duck out of their global responsibilities because frankly we have never been able to rely on the Russians and the Chinese. The of the few happy races of the world but with their own internal problems also want to prosper without responsibility and the Brazilians are just emerging... but Germany!

We are supposed to be in a European Union. Surely that means that we hold hands together in tough times. It would appear that we are only united when our money is required. The decision of Germany once again to chicken out of any form of collective responsibilty is tantamount to disloyalty (at best).

Once again our guys are in the front line where the Germans, the Dutch, the Belgians and all the others cower behind the sacrifice of our guys. I know that this time the French are involved but only because there is a plot to align our troops with a European army. There is no other reason why we are attacking Libya in unison. This is the first step towards a European Army. Cameron and the so called Tories have robbed our defence system of every capability. No more Nimrods, no more aircraft carriers and no more pilots!

Everything has been sacrificed at the altar of the EU. So now we no longer have a capability to act on our own? Now we must coooperate with the French on a no fly zone over Libya while the Germans abstain? Do they really think that we are stupid? Colonel Gadaffi has given these corrupt socialists an opportunity to advance their cause ... and they have taken it...after so many days of indecision!

They never miss a trick!

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