Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My MP and the European Union

Today I sent an E-Mail to my MP and I have never done this before. She was elected at the last election as a Conservative MP and of course most of us expected that she was actually a Conservative. I then discovered that she that voted to deny the public a vote on the EU!

Who does she think she is? Does she not recognise that the EU commissioners are unelected, self appointed socialists who only want to bring the Soviet Union to this country? Does she not understand that any organisation which cannot pass an audit is illegal? Has she never heard of the Magna Carta? What kind of Conservative is she?

At the last election she deposed a really decent MP, Andy Reed, who cared for his constituents but got caught up in the 'Gordon Brown National Issue'!  At least we all knew that he was a socialist and got the opportunity to vote against socialism. Now it appears that Nicky Morgan who stood as a Conservative candidate actually supports the EU which makes her a socialist!

So the electorate in Loughborough actually got a choice between an honest socialist and a dishonest socialist. What kind of choice is that? If we want out of the EU we should have voted BNP but then the MSM (of course) will tell you what a horrible crowd they are ! However what is more horrible than an MP who stood on one platform when she actually represented her opponents' policies! Yipes the Political Class are unbelieveable!

Nicky Morgan is a fraud...she no more represeents the Tories than Andy Reed did! At least he was a decent guy.. he once did me and my family a favour and although that will never colour my judgement I want to support him.

What have these Tories got to lose? We are only after a democratic vote on the EU! Why deny the public their democratic rights? What have they got to lose? What are they trying to cover up? We all know the answer and so does Nicky Morgan.


Anonymous said...

Andy Reed was a great MP. The folk of my home town did themselves a great disfavour.

Still, I wasn't suprised at their ignorance.

As I used to say to my father. "Thank God there is an airport a train station and a motorway, because there's bugger all else".

When it came to his constituents he couldn't be faulted.


bryboy said...

Tks for your interest Simon. Andy Reed was a good constituency MP but unfortunately he suffered from being associated with the Blair/Brown leadership scandals. I am personally shocked that anyone standing as a Tory can deny the people a vote on the EU!