Thursday, 31 March 2011

What do we do with Moussa Koussa?

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan Foreign Minister for very many years, has defected to the UK. His defection is a huge coup for the diplomatic services because without a doubt he will have in depth knowledge of, as they say in parliamentary circles, where the bodies are buried. He will know who was behind the Lockerbie bombing and Jim Swire the veteran campaigner on behalf of his daughter who was on the plane, has already requested access to him. He clearly does not believe the official version of who was to blame for the Lockerbie bombing.

That apart what do we do with him then? He has been one of Gaddafi's right hand men for many years and as such is guilty of association for so much wrong-doing. He is a bad man! Apparently no diplomatic immunity has been afforded to Mr Koussa but if I was him I would say nothing until offered diplomatic protection. He has placed himself in a really difficult position because his life is now in our hands. He must have a plan; we must have a plan but I suspect that someone, somewhere, who has nothing to do with Libya, will not welcome the defection of this man.

If Megrahi did not bring the plane down on Lockerbie then who did? Moussa Koussa will know the answer which is why that I doubt very much if Mr Swire will get anywhere near him!

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