Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lies, damned lies and the Met Police!

There have been repeated allegations that the Metropolitan Police arrested the protestors inside Fortnum and Mason last Saturday after guaranteeing them safe passage out of the store. The allegations go even further when they insist that a female police inspector negotiated with the protestors that they would be led to safety if they 'turned left' when they left the store.

She of the smiley face and honest demeanour even denied that a 'kettle' was awaiting them. Surely no policewoman in the UK could act in such a treacherous manner against her own citizens? Surely considering that the protest had been magnificently peaceful and nobody had been hurt there were no grounds for mass arrest. Surely this only happened in East Germany or Gaddafi's Libya?

Well if you don't believe that it could happen in this country you may be very interested in this clip!

Of course the consequences will be considerable because it proves once and for all that we cannot trust the police...any of them... even the most honest, smiley, chatty ladies are treacherous. Personally I believe that this clip is one of the most significant of the modern era. It does so much damage to the law enforcement authorities and clearly it completely changes the boundaries.

This has broken the trust bond between the law abiding and the police forever! It is now quite clear that if you protest against the government authorities then they will use any method to discourage you. The film demonstrates that the assurances from the lady inspector was just a cover for the strong arm stuff which ensued.

This clip will spread like wildfire! It illustrates that peaceful protests will get you knowhere. It is them and us and we didn't start it. I never thought that I would witness and even recount events like this in this country but now those who disagree with the Political Class know what they are up against!


Julian said...

I haven't commented in my own blog about the demo because it is difficult to know what really happened as I wasn't there. The mass media have portrayed the demonstrators who caused the trouble as rentamob loony socialists who imagine they are fighting a class war against the capitalists. But there are a lot of people so frustrated by the failure of the political class to punish those who caused the crisis who are beginning to feel that peaceful protest will get us nowhere.

Was it the peaceful protests that brought about the fall of Margaret Thatcher and the abandonment of the poll tax, or the riots that followed?

bryboy said...

Hello Julian, everything that I have seen and heard indicate that the occupiers of Fortnum and Mason (UK Uncut)were orderly and non militant. Nothing was damaged and nobody got hurt. They had nothing to do with the violence elsewhere. I am still surfing the net trying to discover who they are and what they stand for. More crucially are they just another socialist action group exploiting the weak? First investigation would suggest not but I am preparing another post on them when I know more.