Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I have used this blog to post my views on the Libyan crisis mainly because I don't trust any politician who supports the unaudited EU. I have never been able to credit how any individual knowing what is happening in Brussels can support it because it is inherently dishonest. So when the Daily Mail arrived this morning and the front page trumpeted a row between No 10 Downing Street and our top General about what to do with Colonel Gaddafi I nearly choked!

How can we send troops into action when the PM and the military hierarchy have not actually decided the rules of the endgame? The fog of war is always unpredictable so it is even more important when learning from the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan to state the aim and stick to it.

Personally I think that we have done what we could. We have saved the people of the city of Benghazi from certain annihilation by wiping out the Libyan government's overwhelming superiority. By now we should also have evened out the air supremacy and that should be our lot! Now it is almost a fair fight. We have shown our commitment to fair play and to the people but we cannot win the war for them. They must do that themselves.

Unfortunately it will not be enough for those who, ever since Bosnia, have found a role for the British military every time some tinpot dictator has rattled a sabre. We have done the right thing so far but if we continue to interfere then it will escalate. It always does. I am even concerned that, according to the MSM, the SAS are already in Tripoli because that is the thin edge of the wedge. I do not trust the Political Class!


Captain Ranty said...


We intervened when needed, and now we need to step back and let the two sides resolve the matter.

I wanted the no-fly zone for exactly the same reasons you state in your piece: to even up the fight.

We have done that now.


bryboy said...

Tks CR I always respect your opinion. I don't always totally agree but you are doing a great job exposing the corrupt judiciary and educating the rest of us on our rights.

Anonymous said...

Saved from "certain annihilation"? Come on! Where's any proof of Gaddafi troops "annihilating" anyone? Nothing except the hollow words! Nothing except a few burned cars on yet another arab city square after yet another "heavy fighting". This intervention only prolongs the war and leads to much more lives lost instead of saving them. Besides even now, when Gaddafi troops retreated, there are reports of numerous firefights in Benghazi every night. Surely the picture is much more complicated than "bloodthirsty colonel vs his own people".

bryboy said...

Well anonymous Gadaffi did announce a ceasefire and then sent a huge armoured convoy hellbent to enter Benghazi. I doubt if they were not on a peace mission! There is plenty of evidence to support the theory that the Gadaffi regime is pretty ruthless. You could be right about the complex make up of the rebels though. Tks for your interest.