Sunday, 27 March 2011 do we educate them?

I am becoming increasingly baffled by the BBC and the mainstream media.They all seem to support the socialist marches yesterday in London but condemn the 'anarchists' who attacked the 'symbols of capitalism' later in the day. One did not need to be a clairvoyant to predict that violence would be the eventual outcome when so many well intentioned people take to the streets. These socialist inspired marches always end in violence.

So what did all these people who travelled from far and wide actually achieve? I suspect that they achieved nothing because the rioters grabbed all the headlines. The people who marched with good intentions have once again been used by the political conspirators. The reason that they achieved nothing is that they are marching to support a rotten cause. They are marching to support people who have the eventual aim of bringing their lifestyle down. They have swallowed the myth that 'the nasty Tories are out to get them' when in actuality the people who feed them the propaganda are the villains of the piece.

Don't get me wrong I mistrust all the mainstream politicians. Not for a minute would I follow the 'Cameroons' blindly but, at the moment, they are all that we have got. Their stated aim is to 'repair' the economy which we need, so to attack them and blame them for the problems we have in the public sector is a nonsense. The real villain of the piece stood up and addressed the crowd. Everyone who has a brain knows that the socialists deliberately bloated the public sector and sold off the private sector. People were given non jobs to buy their loyalty and awarded benefits to buy their loyalty.

What I really find difficult to digest is that these young people with fire in their bellies are actually backing the wrong horse. If the anti EU lobby could harness this passion and use it to defend the country then we might really have a chance to reverse the loss of sovereignty. We just don't seem to be able to educate and enthuse the young to recognise that what the elite socialists have actually done is to ruin the country. Somehow we must harness their frustration and energy and turn it against the socialists who are the real enemy. The big question is how do we do it?

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