Friday, 4 March 2011

When is an election declared null en void?

The result of the Barnsley by election is being trumpeted by the BBC and the mainstream media as a Labour victory. Once again the people who rely on the state for their jobs have united behind the socialist candidate. Most of the media however omit one very important fact...only 36.5% of the electorate bothered to vote! 
Now what does this say about the state of our politics? OK the previous Labour candidate representing Barnsley is now in prison and the Lib Dems reneged on their national election policies by joining the Tories in power. In Barnsley it is almost akin to child rape to vote Tory so frankly we are beginning to run out of credible alternatives.

It would appear that the Labour party, once again, is happy to accept that they won this seat even though only about 20% of the electorate actually voted for them. It is ridiculous! Clearly the people of Barnsley don't really merit an MP. There surely has to be a limit to the depths to which the Political Class will stoop to maintain their corrupt grip on power.

Should we make voting compulsory? I don't like that idea but neither do I like the idea that none of the parties portray honesty. Only the BNP actually have an open agenda on the policies that the vast majority of the public actually want and they are tainted by other issues.  In addition they are continually being smeared by the MSM so that they are currently unelectable.

So the final word has to be that unless more than say 50% of the public vote then the election is declared null en void and that constituency forfeits its right to representation in parliament. It might force people to take an interest in politics but it does make me wonder just how many constituencies would actually forfeit their electoral rights? That could be a subject for further study because I just have a strange feeling that our Political Class are existing on a lie. The people are so disengaged from politics that none of them are wanted!


bewick said...

As a graduate in comparative politics (after serious science) I don't quite agree.
FPTP has problems but so do AV, PR, and STV. All have been tried and abandoned across the world.

Compulsory voting, as in Oz, would be my choice. Except of course that up to 20% of the electorate (5.5m?) are claiming benefits and the non genuine of those would vote for the party which guaranteed to maintain their lazy lifestyle. ( I see it in my small village every day. People over 40 who have never worked in their lives driving around in new vehicles provided at my expense with a fake "disability").
The Reverend Jonathan Mayhew during the Boston Tea Party declared "no tax without representation". Quite right.
Maybe it is time to reverse that to "no representation without tax". Otherwise the working, tax paying electorate will become slaves to the parasites.

bewick said...

To add (because blogger lost my original)

NONE of the main parties actually listen to the majority view. Such as the EU,immigration, restoration of educational standards, capital punishment etc etc.

Education? Well current parents,"educated" in the 1970/80s would not like their little darlings to face the intellectual rigours of proper education because they would FAIL. That really wouldn't do now would it.

They seem to prefer that inadequate people become doctors (did u watch "junior doctors?) lawyers etc. without apparently realising that reduction of educational standards will affect their own old age.

So what choice do we have?

BNP. Main plank is immigration and associated issues. Even immigrants have sympathy with that view. Other policies? Well mainly marxist/communist even though the party is always called, wrongly, "far right". Tebbit understands.

UKIP. Similarly called "far right". Their main plank is "out of the EU". A policy with which the majority of the electorate agrees. Other policies? Who knows.

Both of the above may have time limited advantages since they would enact the policies with which the majority of the electorate agree.

I quoted the Rev Mayhew in my earlier post. History though gives other clues as to what might happen.

I honestly believe that the whole of Europe, and the UK in particular is close to popular revolution. Has happened before. UK troops have been used to kill - Peterloo massacre Manchester 1819. Could that happen now? Unlikely that the few uncommitted troops would do that so a revolution would succeed.

Just saying

bryboy said...

You always make me think Bewick because I suspect that you have a level of 'expertise','education' that I lack. This blog is purely to air my dissatisfaction with the political scene which exists. Personally I will not stop until my grandchildren can play on the streets safely like I did! It is as simple as that. Everything that I hold dear has been attacked by politicians who as you say are ignoring the public. I blogged that the last election should have been a referendum on the EU because it was as close as we were ever going to get.

bewick said...

Maybe, maybe not Bryboy. I share your dissatisfaction and it is high time the main parties took notice.

As to the "sham" of elections. I agree but has always been so.
The size of electoral constituencies has become somewhat out of kilter and currently favours the Labour Party. Cameron is at least doing something about that.
In truth ALL the main parties must be waking up after the Barnsley election where UKIP came second. A poor second admittedly but they beat the Libs and Cons.

I doubt we'll ever get back to the "safe" environment of our childhood totally but no harm in trying.