Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Libya...what now?

The Political Class are great at pontificating but really bad at action. We have a dictator in Libya committing genocide against his own people and the western politicians are just wringing their hands. Of course the Arab world don't get involved, to them it is a tribal problem and the strongest will win. That unfortunately is the bottom line. It really is not our concern. The people have rebelled, everyone knows what is right and what should happen but it is not our concern.

They knew what would happen if they rebelled. Nobody asked them to do it and they knew how ruthless Gadaffi is...he has kept them down for over forty years. I also note that after the publicity in countries like Bahrein, the Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria nothing has really kicked off. 

So now it will be a civil war which means that the oil supplies will be disrupted but that is small beer compared to the loss of life. I feel for the people but they hold the east of Libya and they must concentrate on that. They have effectively cut Libya in half and exposed Gaddafi for what he is. Perhaps the United Nations, the EU and everyone else (except of course Mugabe) will now shun Libyan oil, the Gaddafi family and refuse to allow them to exploit their people.

I am convinced that Gaddafi will survive in one form or other but in the end he is ruined and in the end the people that die will really have achieved something. It is tough but then our own fight has just begun. Their fight against tyranny demonstrates what is required when people fight government. We must take this as an example. When you confront government then everything is at stake. Government play very hard ball because everything they hold dear (wealth, health and family) is at stake and they hold all the aces.

Sometimes someone can trump an ace and it happened on Monday in Birkenhead. It will be interesting what the next move will be. I suspect that we will have to turn up to find out! I was a total bystander on Monday but then you don't show the opposition your trump card. My bet is that the charges against 'Rusty' will be quietly dropped but then that will not be quietly accepted! I just wish that I was better informed.

In the meantime I watch Libya with trepidation!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, so very careful military actions like an assault on strategically important city with just 3 tanks and 150 soldiers qualifies as "genocide"? How do you call then what happened to Fallujah not so long ago, where western paladins of democracy killed droves of innocents (not to mention the "protesters")?