Monday, 14 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion!

Well here I go again! Some time ago this blog got into the top ten Grandad blogs which I thought was quite nice but it also said that I was a bit hard core (not in so many words) but the implication was that I could upset people. I took that as a compliment but recently, even at my stage of life, I am on a journey that I never expected to take.

To understand my meaning you must know a little of my background. I am as honest and 'square' as it is possible. I served for 22 years in the British Army and retired as a Warrant Officer Class One. It gets even worse folks because I served with the Intelligence Corps! I actually worked at GCHQ for heaven's sake!

I have only ever had one wife for 42 years and we have lived in the same house for 26 years. My son was killed last year but my daughter is a committed Christian. I am this year President of my local bowls club. I am so boring and unspectacular that to join a rebellion is totally against my nature. I don't do rebellions! But I want a country fit for my grandchildren. I want them to have the freedom that I had. I want the corruption and the dishonesty in our society to cease.

For that to happen I must rebel. I must protest but I must also learn about why I am protesting so I am visiting the blogosphere. The eyes are being opened every day. I am actually a babe in arms! Today I stumbled across I am an Englishman! What a website! I cannot believe that this is the work of one person because it is so extensive but when the socialist calumny is all laid out in front of you it is hardly credible.

How could we, a modern so called democracy have allowed this to happen? Why were so many people were so easily corruptible? What happened to national pride? Why did so many people succumb to temptation? What has happened to our self respect? Why did we produce so many traitors in our society and why were most of them from a privileged background? What has happened to our aristocracy?

The questions keep coming but I believe that at long last we have a cornerstone. We have a long way to go but we have a flag (black brolly) stuck in the sand! Here we stand! I don't know what motivates Raymond St Clair and Roger Hayes but they are brave guys and need our support. We have a huge fight ahead of us and we must be brave and face the consequences. The enemy is entrenched. My grandparents fought the First World War, our parents fought the Second World War and this is my war.

After a lifetime of service to this country I may end up in prison. So be it!

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