Thursday, 31 March 2011

UK Uncut

I suspect that shock has set in after the treatment that some of these people suffered at the hands of the thugs who arrested them.  However, credit due, they are looking after each other and sometimes a horrible experience bonds people together. I suspect that this movement will grow thanks to the heavy handed approach by the riot control police.

There are hints that many of the regular coppers had some sympathy with  people who were non threatening and protesting in a proper democratic manner. I suspect that they have radicalised forever a group of young people and that their actions will fan the flames of protest. After all once you have been criminalised that is it. Once you have been bullied, humiliated and frightened then it does not work a second time. What I find despicable is the treatment meted out to a 15 year old girl which left her close to suicide. That is frankly inexcusable.

I suspect that numbers will double or even treble the next time that UK Uncut take to the streets. There is no doubt that this was a political intervention. They picked on an easy target as usual but people learn and the next time the target may be just as easy but somewhat larger and probably more organised. I also suspect that there will be a few legal challenges flying around. If not then we may as well accept that East Germany has well and truly arrived in Britain...and you know what happened there!?

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