Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Political Class...worldwide!

There have been rumours for very many years of a New World Order. Generally the people will not even think about this level of politics because quite frankly there is very little we can do about it. The New World Order is apparently made up of bankers (obviously), media moguls and politicians. There are hints about the Bilderberger Group, the Rome Group and sundry other groupings which apparently rule the world.

Now I can accept that there will always be international leaders. That is natural but we must ask ourselves are they forces for good or forces for evil. If they are forces for good then everyone is happy. Forces for good who control the world's finances are a really good asset...but what happens if they are a force for evil?

For example...who wanted the European Union? The PEOPLE of Europe did not want the EU and they are all unhappy. The people of the Middle East are also unhappy because that have the Israeli problem. The Israelis are also unhappy. In Africa everyone is unhappy! Look at the whole continent from South Africa to Libya and the whole continent is a mess! The Chinese people never appear to be happy and ditto the Russians.

So who is left? Well our good mates the Aussies (?), the Canadians, South America and lastly the Americans. The Australians are under pressure from socialism, there is pressure on the Canadians to join a North American Alliance (like the EU) and the Yanks will never realise it but they too will be delivered into the hands of the socialists (led by Obama).

The South Americans...well it is not important to the New World Order...yet! So who is left? Now we come to Japan a really powerhouse of an economy and such a crisis!
The Japanese are stoic, disciplined, organised and admirable. I recognise that their performance in World War II was less than decent (they were actually horrors) but since the Americans dumped a load of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they have played the game.

What pushed me onto this theme were the comments from the Japanese public suffering from their triple whammy. They are the most respectful people. They respect their nation, their emperor and their politicians and yet I detect a deep dissatisfaction which will erupt once the initial clear up of bodies ceases.

Everywhere the people are being kept down! We all know that we have been enslaved! What will we do about it? Is it not down to the people to free themselves of tyranny and in the UK should it not start with the Census!

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Anonymous said...

These will never be given up without a fight.
Chaos always created to achieve their goals. Shock and awe, then all thankful when peace descends.
Do you not think most of the things happening in the world today maybe orchestrated?.
Turn one against the other, then sit back and pick up the pieces.
People are now cottoning onto these shenanigans, but like you have said, caution must be taken.
Non of the oligarchy will ever be seen when the shit hits the fan. Thats just the way they work.
Politicians lying. Judges not prepared to stand by their oath. MSM reporting crap news.
Black brollies may have a small affect, but would'nt be my choice if things got nasty. It is a start though.

Be well