Monday, 28 March 2011

UK Uncut

Earlier today I posted on the young posh kids who had been publicised in the MSM for rioting on Saturday bringing down the curtain on the great union march. I then read that it was an organisation called UK Uncut who had occupied Fortnum and Mason so I went in search of more posh kids to expose.

My first port of call is always YouTube because that is where you find the clips that the politicians don't want you to find. I found two clips from Newsnight one featuring a Dan Galvin from December 2010 and a second featuring a Tony Smith on 31 Jan 2011. Both of them conducted themselves very well. They were sensible and articulate, knowledgeable and committed.

I then viewed demonstrations outside of Topshop and Boots which appeared to be treated harshly by the police but then anyone protesting know that the police just love an opportunity to cut up rough. UK Uncut are protesting about the multinationals who are not paying their taxes in full. They appear to be non-violent and the spirit is very much like it was in Birkenhead. We had black brollies but the youngsters like to dress up.

The more I read the more I liked what I heard but it wasn't until I visited this Twitter Page for another leading member of UK UNcut that I became convinced that this group have a real purpose. They seem to care about each other and they were annoyed that their protest had been hijacked by the loons on the streets. Since then I found another blog Liberal Conspiracy that features the occupation of Fortnum and Mason and once again it seemed to be inconvenient but nobody was wrecking anything.

I am really interested in UK Uncut because I believe that they could have a real voice in the future. On the surface they are what this country needs but I do have a word of advice from an old man. Stick to your principles; don't get involved with the Political Class and in particular be very wary about the Labour Party.

PLEASE remember that you are right about  the bankers and the multinationals but they are all in league with the politicians. Keep your independence and show the rest of us what the youth of today can really do. I hope that my instincts are right about you guys. I still believe that amongst the loons we have Olivers and Chloes but perhaps Adam Ramsay isn't one of them!

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