Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Pension Problem

I am really quite fortunate because I worked during a period when the pension system in this country was defined and guaranteed. Of course I am now retired and my preplanning is keeping my family solvent. I have never been someone who is awash with cash but I sympathise with those who are nearing the end of their working lives and now must suffer because of the greed of the Political Class and the Bonus Class.

Now my blogging brother 'One Foot in the Grave' who I have actually never met has posted what I consider a really immense post on the subject. He has summed up the problem so well that it is so difficult to praise him too much! David Cameron should really visit this blog because Julian sums up what we all feel. Why are we suffering for the indiscretions of the bankers and the socialists?

Why can't we find a party who will rid us of these criminals? The reason is that the three main political parties in the UK are all in thrall of the EU. David Cameron and Ed Miliband may face each other every Wednesday across the despatch box but they are actually sleeping with each other. It is a sham! David Cameron 'flashmanned' away a request  by David Bone on Wednesday at PM'S Question Time by declaring that we will change the EU from within.

What an utter load of bollocks! He is part of the illegal EU system... fully paid up and bought. He is in the Ken Clarke school of rather pink Tories. They have hijacked the Tory party in the same way that Blair hijacked the Labour party and Clegg has hijacked the Liberals. They are all socialist Europhiles and actually, according to the people who are in 'Lawful Rebellion', traitors to this country according to Article 61 of the Magna Carta. 

We the Paying Class should never be held responsible for the excesses of the Political Class, the Bonus Class or the Criminal Class. It will not change until you get off your arses, get on the streets and threaten them! You should not be losing money in order to pay the bankers millions in bonuses. It will not change until you march!

The people who got off their backsides and protested in Birkenhead on Monday have paved the way. We pensioners have nothing else to do and we could at least try and protest for our grandchildren.

Just remember what we could do with the money that we squander pandering to the EU and throwing Foreign Aid at people who don't need it, don't really want it and will just waste it anyway with their many wives shopping in Paris!

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Julian said...

Quite right, brother! This nonsense that we can change the EU from within has been uttered by politicians going back as far as Margaret Thatcher, who did at least put up a good fight, but who ultimately believed we would be better off out and was then knifed in the back by her colleagues before she could cause more trouble.