Monday, 7 March 2011

Just where does the sleaze end?

For the past few days the mainstream media have been exposing us to high class sleaze beyond parallel. Now I am afraid that I don't always believe the MSM because they are controlled by the very people who are attempting to corrupt the world. Everything that we have ever held dear is under threat.

Every day our politicians foul up! We know they are useless but why are they so useless? I will tell you why. The Civil Service has been corrupted so that all the experience, the career people who steered us through difficult times were binned under Tony Blair probably because he wanted patsies that he could control. Common Purpose, that organisation never exposed in the MSM, has been placing their slaves in high places for high salaries.

Of course they are useless! They cannot advise because they have no experience just a slavish loyalty to the EU bought by money. In all walks of life we see the Political Class, the Bonus Class, the Criminal Class creaming off huge amounts of money but denying their real purpose  which is of course is to subject the UK to slavery.

It is of no coincidence that all the economies of the western world are being ruined almost simultaneously. It has to be a plot. We all know that inflation in this country is rocketing...we also know that our so called inflation rates are a joke. Then we see the bonuses of certain bankers and our useless politicians doing nothing to even contain fuel prices.

Today we had 600 people on the streets of Birkenhead. They were attacked by the police with dogs. If you really want a change then you must get onto the streets. It is the only way.

Prince Andrew has proven that when even the House of Windsor can be corrupted then we are on our own. You see the pictures of royalty staggering out of nightclubs at all hours of the night and you know that they have all the privilege and none of the responsibility.

This sleaze can only be changed by the people. If you want these utter cretins to continue their privileged lifestyle at the expense of your parents dying in agony and destitution then walk away. If you want your kids to be housebound because our police prefer to beat up pensioners then walk away.  If you want the bankers to continue to rob you blind and then pocket your money then walk away.

If you really believe in honesty, morals, fairness and democracy then you had better do what the black brollies did today in Birkenhead. Challenge the corruption, challenge the police, challenge the judiciary and challenge the politicians... but more than anything court the army! These guys have been really short changed in Afghanistan. They have buried colleagues and mates and they will return pissed off!

The army is the key to this confrontation. They still believe in their country. They believe in God, Queen and Country. Hell they are dying for their country in droves. That is precisely the reason that they are fighting in a useless war which does nothing else but protect the opium crop. The guys know it. When they return and they will. I suspect that they will possibly join the people's movement.

Then the police may not be able to bully as they do now! The battle lines will be drawn. 

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