Monday, 14 March 2011

Libya...what now?

Did I not predict that Gadaffi would probably win? So why will he win? We are overcommitted in Afghanistan and the EU have no stomach for military intervention because they are socialists and they are doing to us what Gadaffi did to his people. The Libyans were as unhappy as we are.

So what did they do? They rose up at protested and they will be crushed. The same thing is rumbling here. The police and the judiciary are in league. They unreservedly support the state so anyone that the police arrest is automatically guilty. There is no legal trial anymore and the punishments for crimes against the state are immense.

If you kill someone, if you rape someone, if you are totally out of control like say the Preddie brothers then you get every advantage. Protest against the state then watch your back because you could get five years (scroll down to Malcolm Massey)!

We are as imprisoned as the Libyans. The difference is that they have courage. If you want to change our society then get onto the streets!


Anonymous said...

Looks like at least half of the Lybians are quite happy to support Gaddafi. Yet another failed coup posing as revolution.

Anonymous said...

If Gaddafi has got the support of half of the libyan people he is doing much better than Clegg/Cameron.

bryboy said...

I certainly agree with the last comment. However fear is a contributing factor I think. In this country you don't need much support at all to win a seat in Westmonster. Turnouts are nosediving and yet the electoral farce continues. Tks for your interest folks.