Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The British Police

I watched PM's Question Time today and raised my eyebrows when David Cameron said that we had a 'world class police force'! I just wondered how many members of the public would agree with him?

Before I proceed let me first say that when my son was killed last year in a tragic road traffic accident the police that we met were very good. The two policewomen who broke the news to us could not have kinder. In Scotland the two police (one male and one female) allotted to the case were professional and sensitive. We really appreciated their concern. My son's ex housemate is a policeman and he is always considered one of the family.

So what are my concerns with modern policing? I think that political correctness, Health and Safety regulations and the socialist diversity issues are making policing on the streets almost impossible. Their job, if done properly, is risky. They face danger and that danger cannot be dissipated by legislation. People are people and the police must try and enforce the law. That means they have to have every available back up. They cannot cherry pick their arrests, they cannot decide when and where they patrol and above all they must be even handed and fair.

So today I stumbled across The Ranting Penguin blog and he had addressed the problem. He has randomly collected press reports on the police to highlight their ineptitude. Some of the cases highlighted were ridiculous and this is my concern. Who is directing these loons? Why are they not being disciplined for lack of common sense?

I often visit the Ranting Penguin but if you don't like colourful language you will have to take my word for it. There are far too many cases of lack of judgement for comfort. Too many cases of cowardice, too many cases of bullying and too many cases of prejudice against the indigenous population.

Our police are far too often ....not a world class force!

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