Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UK Uncut

They are licking their wounds. They now know what they are up against. Recently I did this guy an injustice so I am trying to repair the damage. It has also transpired that the female Chief Inspector who 'lied' to the Fortnum and Mason 'invaders'  may just have believed that she was telling the truth!

A witness overheard a conversation between a senior police officer and, what shall we call him... a riot control officer (you know the guys who dress like Hitler's brown shirts only their shirt is black) and it more or less confirms that the ordinary chief officer was overruled when he tried to release the people from Fortnum and Mason.

That begs the the ordinary bog standard copper being superceded by a political force. After all they knew that no damage had been done and nobody had been hurt. It was almost a classic peaceful demonstration (which of course cannot be tolerated) so on whose orders were the demonstrators kettled and arrested? What did it matter that a female officer had been branded a coward and a liar?

I have a will be surprised to learn. I believe that the EU people who are trying to subject the UK to a socialist future are trying to instigate an event whereby the people eventually attack our own police. Of course that cannot be allowed to happen so then they will deploy their bully boys... sorry armed bully boys. Already they allow any violence, any destruction or any display of aggression. However they come down hard on all the reasonable protests because it encourages an escalation of violence.

They actually want 'UK Uncut' to ally with 'Black Bloc' and form an unholy alliance from which they will manipulate a confrontation. The Fortnum and Mason action illustrated that the ordinary police officer is expendable. They will be pitched into the front line and sacrificed purely as an excuse to bring in the European armed force.

Just remember that we used to have a British Army which could be deployed in a civil emergency. This army has been deployed elsewhere... in fact it has been deployed elsewhere ever since the parliamentary Labour party came to power. They do not want any form of military power close to this country when push comes to shove.

This is a socialist conspiracy to get us to react so that we can give them an excuse to arrest us our children. The ordinary police officer will be sacrificed on the day to fulfill a political ideal. I know that I am a nutter ... but just watch... and if you are a copper then get ready!  If you are UK Uncut ... then full marks and good luck! You will need so much courage!      

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