Thursday, 24 March 2011

My MP and the European Union

On Tuesday I posted that I had contacted my MP because she had openly declared that she supported the position of David Cameron to deny the public a vote on the EU. Commendably she has replied almost within 48 hours by snail mail even though she didn't know my address!

The letter explains her stance on the EU and her support for the government's position but it does not address the points that I put to her. It does not address why someone who stands as a Conservative MP should support an organisation which is actually an extension of Moscow. It does not explain how an organisation which cannot pass an audit still commands public funds. We are ploughing huge amounts into the EU and yet the establishment, the Political Class, continually ignore the Common Law in this country and refuse to address the fact that the EU is illegal both in law and actuality.

That apart I see the Portuguese economy has followed that of Eire and Greece and the rumours are that, even a major economy like Spain, will follow. Don't ever tell me that this was not preordained! Someone, somewhere is playing silly devils. I hear that even the German electorate are getting brassed of with Angela Merkel for two reasons. She will not support the NATO effort in Libya and she continues to write German cheques to prop up the ailing Euro.

The EU will one day collapse, if it has not already done so, because the people do not want it! Our politicians do us no service by pouring millions of pounds of taxpayers money into this illegal conglomerate. I am sorry but what has happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya will also happen in the UK because we are in the same boat. Democracy is the will of the people. Democracy is what the people decree. When people like my MP Nicky Morgan deny democracy then I am afraid she is akin to any of the world's dictators.

Why deny us of a vote on the EU? What are they afraid of? Are they really scared that the public will vote against their political conspiracy? Can they really support an organisation, funded by the public purse but unable to pass an audit? What is different about the EU? Why does the Coalition shove huge sums at the EU and not question why they cannot pass an audit?

It is all very well to intervene in North Africa and the Middle East but should we not continue to question why our three main political parties all support an illegal organisation. Every publicly funded authority requires an audit...apart from strangely the European Union! In my book that is the bottom line!!


Blaize Burdon said...

"Are they really scared that the public will vote against their political conspiracy?"


It's their career they care about, not us, never. We are way down the list of their priorities - a small annoyance at most. This must change, and they sure as **** ain't gonna change it!

William said...

Ask you super sleuth mp about this!

No point asking mine I tried with the Census bollocks and he simply toed the Coagulation party line even though he is a Labour man.

They truly are all the same and all need rounding up, putting in a field (or a compound in the Libyan desert) and get our fliers to bomb the bastards.

Sorry butchered Kenny there but you get my drift.

bewick said...

At least you have an answer. My Tory MP has failed to reply to me to tell me why he hasn't signed the peoples' pledge.
He is new but has managed to vote at least 3 times in support of Europe.
I've reminded him of this and pointed out that people don't agree and HE is supposed to be representing US and not an unelected European cabal. Then of course he likes swanning around on photo shoots. He can kiss goodbye to my vote next time - if there is a next time.