Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our Police....!

Hardly had I blogged about our twisted police culture then this happened!! Now come on who is in charge of this? Who sanctions this as best use of police time? Who can possibly justify this nonsense particularly when our society is under such threat.

It is almost like a joke... how many police officers does it take to control a rogue dog? How much shift time can we waste on a useless project? How many officers can we deploy on a waste of time? Is this a quiz?

The answer quite obviously is that not only is the Chief Constable incompetent but also that so many of his senior officers should be top of the heap when the P45's drop on doormats. I have no sympathy for people who so shamelessly have abused their position. We should sack so many of the useless politically appointed zealots but I bet the Coalition cull will leave many of the in position.

The state of our Police Force is a national disgrace. They have been rendered useless and they have accepted their fate far too readily. Dixon of Dock Green must be spinning!

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