Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The confusion continues and we have only been in the air above Tripoli for three days. Apparently nobody is currently in charge and according to our Armed Forces Minister, Nick Harvey, the war could last thirty years! Well like I said we are good at getting involved in unwinnable wars and this one could fit the bill perfectly for the EU.

The Americans don't want to lead this one and apparently David Cameron wants NATO to take the lead role. Now remember when it came to an agreement on saving Benghazi the Germans abstained; after all who cares if a million people in Benghazi were about to be butchered. Now they and Turkey (yes Turkey) have also vetoed a move for NATO to lead this effort against Gadaffi. Why? I suspect it has something to do with the EU involvement in NATO. You see if NATO gets involved then Germany are also involved whether they like it or not!

So now we have a situation where the Americans won't accept leadership and NATO won't accept leadership so who will get the job? Qatar? Italy? Spain? Do you know I strongly suspect that when this war is prolonged all our allies will gradually melt away into the background and lo and behold the final will be a match between Libya and Britain!

I sincerely hope that my analysis on this scenario is wildly off the mark. It would be ruinous to get involved in yet another lengthy military campaign of any sort but unfortunately that is exactly why I think that we have already been sucked in! If Cameron has any loyalty left to the UK he should insist that NATO including Germany should now decide precisely what the exit strategy will be and announce it. If there is no exit strategy we are playing a very dangerous game.

Currently the Matthew Wright Show on Channel Five is wondering why the public have little stomach for this latest military gamble. I suggest the answer is that we have lost trust in our EU supporting politicians!

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hopefully it wont last thirty years. either gadafi cracks under pressure or these stupid rebs kill each other,1518,752580,00.html