Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another blow to our pride!

Yesterday a British judge spat on the public by fining a Muslim, living on benefits, a paltry £50 for burning replica poppies on Remembrance Day. The action was a calculated insult to the British people and he should have been immediately deported and any benefits stopped. Typically however, the judge compounded the error by considering the action  to be so minor that it merited such a meagre fine.  It has caused outrage.

This is one of the many reasons that the rank and file of the British electorate, the people who pay for everything, are seething with pent up frustration.  That judge knew exactly what he was doing by imposing that fine. He was deliberately sticking two fingers up to the public. These judges are abusing their power. They are part of a judiciary which appears to be hell bent on destroying the fabric of the country.

I read recently that the government were spending, in this so called age of austerity, 5.5 million pounds installing SKY television in our prisons! These prisons must now resemble luxury hotels and are little deterrent to the habitual criminal. The nonsense continues unabated day after day. It is a quite frankly deliberate but until we the public march as we did yesterday then it will happen again and again until there will be nothing left for our grandkids to inherit.

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