Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I don't get it...!

This morning I saw Andrew Mitchell the Minister in charge of Foreign Aid defending the indefensible. He was advocating that throwing money at countries like Pakistan was a valid practice which would ensure our influence in the world because it helped needy kids in foreign countries. Immediately someone E-mailed in about the needy kids in this country and what he could do with some of the money being sent abroad.

I am sorry but when we in the UK are so strapped for cash we cannot afford a single sou to go abroad and I for one cannot understand why we continue to give money to others when it is so needed at home. Don't get me wrong I realise that rich 'democracies' have a duty to care for poorer countries but I am referring to 'rich' countries not countries that have been pillaged by socialists.

Then I hear David Cameron talking about imposing a no fly zone over Libya! Is he for real? Those days are over. We do not have the capability and he has ensured that. In order to fund the ridiculous Foreign Aid programme and our contributions to the EU our politicians have stripped the forces bare. This is a so called Conservative PM and as a result of the cuts we have aircraft carriers who won't be able to fly planes for the next ten years.

We have an army mired in the disaster of Afghanistan and a barely recognisable navy. He is laying off RAF pilots by the dozen and closing down almost everything that can be closed. Our service capability has been a strength of the country for decades but  ever since we joined the EU it has been reduced year upon year until it is now almost impotent.

Our politicians still posture as though we have an international platform. The crisis in North Africa will inevitably expose us because we cannot get involved. This is an arab problem and must be solved by the people. The arab population have suddenly come of age. They have realised their strength and they probably realise that their tribal rivalries have kept them back for decades.

I personally believe that the Battle for Tripoli will be hell on earth! It has to come because the Gaddafi family will use anything available to remain in power. I sincerely hope that I am wrong but the Gaddafis are so calm and so controlled. They must see that everything that they have created is crumbling but they are very confident that they will retain their power. That begs the question what do they have in reserve?

Perhaps they have a late plan to flee. I sure hope so because if they don't, if they really stay to fight then it will be really bloody. In the meantime we should stay out of it. I realise that oil is a major concern but petrol/diesel prices are rising so steeply in this country that frankly they wiill soon price everyone off the roads.

When the  people begin to try to sell their cars, when haulage companies go broke then our useless Political Class will realise the damage that they have done to this country. Ever since we joined the EU and lost our independence we have had problems but the Political Class try to cover it up. The truth is coming to us like it has come to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Belgium. The socialist plot is unravelling but how much pain will we face before we get rid of them?

In the UK read EU for Gaddafi!

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