Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Police apologise again...!

Once again a senior police officer stands in front of a TV camera and apologises for the ineptitude of his force. This happens time after time and clearly there is a malaise in our police force where diversity is more important than competence. This is the case of Delroy Grant who over a period of 17 years preyed on the elderly.

I read that the police had him in custody at one time and let him go. I just wonder how much of this had to do with his skin colour? Just how deep is the reverse racism in the police force? How many old ladies would have been saved the brutality and indignity of their attack if 'old fashioned police methods' had been employed.

I also believe that it is an insult to the victims that the incompetent prats who bungled their investigation were punished with 'words of advice'.  Just what do you have to do in the British police force to be sacked! The consequences of their actions were so grave that they could not be excused. I despair....!

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