Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Leicestershire Police...totally useless!!

Vulnerable adult failed by system

This is Joanne Butler who repeatedly dialled 999 pleading for police assistance. They refused to respond (as usual) and she was murdered. This case is once again throwing the useless Leicestershire constabulary into the spotlight because it is not the first time that they have been seen wanting when common sense and courage are required.

It was our county force which ignored Fiona Pilkington to such an extent that the bullies in her local area pushed her to set fire to herself and her daughter! As usual they apologised and promised that from now on they would learn lessons and improve services. Have you noticed how all these socialist conspired authorities always apologise and never resign?

Once again the socialists have proven that they do not stand for the deprived or the disadvantaged. The current police force exist only to enforce European Union policies. The actually have the same agenda as the 'Hitler Brown Shirts'. They are now solely focussed on keeping the EU and the Political Class in power. We used to view the police as our friends...they no longer fit that not help them or trust them.

I cannot believe that I am actually blogging this but the Joanne Butler case hard on top of the Fiona Pilkington case does not need explanation.

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