Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Protest on Monday...PLEASE go and join it!

This is the front page of the Daily Express today! At last someone is really trying to get a national campaign to rid us of this socialist conspiracy. For the past three years I have consistently blogged that the EU is unhealthy for this country. They squander vast amounts of money and intrude into every avenue of British life.

Since we entered the EU every aspect of our lives has changed. If we get the vote (which we won't because we will have to physically march against it) we would have to change the following... we would have to firstly reform education, then the police, then the Civil Service, then the judiciary, then the NHS, then the border services, then the BBC...oh everything must return to pre EU standards.

It will be really difficult because the socialist authorities are so well entrenched and so well fed that they will fight an almost Gadaffi style retreat. We have a fight on our hands but inevitably we will win.

I am going to Birkenhead on Monday to a rally. I have no idea what I am entering into but I need to get involved in anything that will threaten the current Political Class. I am now officially 'old' but I want a better future for my beautiful grandchildren. The least I can do is travel a hundred miles to Hamilton Square, Birkenhead on Monday 07 March at 1pm. Please join me!!


NewsboyCap said...

Victor meldrew's brother,

I will be there, lets hope we can have some fun while making a nuisance of ourselves for TPTB.
I shall be wearing a cap much like your brothers if you care to say hello.
See you there.

bewick said...

I will be there is spirit but I live rather too far away. They need to arrange in all major cities simultaneously for any serious political effect.
Birkenhead is the back of beyond.

bryboy said...

I get the impression that Monday is a trial to gauge the level of support. If it is anyway near successful then it could be rolled out to major cities in the future. I am just curious to see who is doing what? Tks for your continued suppoprt Bewick, I always value your input. Hi Newsboycap I too will be wearing a blue cap and a North Face blue waterproof.